Repurposed Chafing Dish Lid into DIY Wind Chimes

Repurposed Chafing Dish Lid

Making diy wind chimes has always been one of my favorite things to do. They can be made out of so many repurposed things.

I recently realized that it’s been a few years since I created one, so I went into my stashes to see what I could find to put one together.

Aluminum chafing dish lid and measuring spoons

For this wind chime I’m using an aluminum chafing dish lid, a pretty purple/pink beaded necklace, and some metal measuring spoons.

When making a wind chime I always look for the main piece first, which in this case is the aluminum lid.

Then I went to my thrifted necklace window valance, which is always changing because I use them in projects.

I wanted to find something that would compliment the silver of the lid, but also offer some contrast.

I had a few options, but the purple necklace won out.

Etched floral pattern on aluminum chafing dish lid

Check out the etched flowers on the lid. So pretty!

hammer, pliers, black sharpie, split rings, and nail supplies

Here’s what I needed to put my wind chime together. You’ll find my supplies list near the end of this post.

I always have pliers on hand, even though I don’t always need them.

Preparing the repurposed chafing dish lid

measuring and marking spots for holes in lid with a black marker

The first thing to figure out is where to hang your spoon chimes.

To do that evenly space the measuring spoons in a way that looks good to you, and then with the Sharpie mark on the lid where you want the holes to be.

hammering holes into aluminum lid with hammer and nail

Because this lid is aluminum and the edge isn’t very thick I was able to nail my holes into the edge rather easily.

The trick here is to let the nail do the work. Trying to force it through by hitting it too hard will just bend the nail.

It’s better to hit lightly and need a few more taps.

If your lid edge is too thick you might have to use a drill and a metal bit.

sanding underside of holes with a rasp to smooth them out

After getting all my holes into the lid I filed the backs down with a rasp. This is to get rid of any jagged bits, and whether you drill or nail there will be some.

Assembling the DIY lid wind chime

attaching split rings into holes in aluminum lid and measuring spoons

Now it’s time to start putting this thing together by attaching the split rings to the measuring spoons and also through the holes in the lid.

purple and pink beaded necklace used in diy wind chime

I love using thrifted necklaces and chains for my wind chime projects, and I found this purply/pink one for just a dollar.

attaching necklace pieces onto measuring spoons with split rings

I divided the necklace into nine pieces, seven for the spoon chimes, and two to hang the whole chime, which you’ll see farther down.

I’m using stainless steel measuring spoons, but you could also use vintage aluminum ones like I did in my vintage sifter wind chime.

Aluminum is not quite as tinkly sounding as stainless steel, but it still sounds pretty.

attaching necklace and measuring spoon chimes onto aluminum lid with split rings

I varied the lengths of the necklace pieces for interest, and attached them to the split rings in the chafing dish lid.

I love the combo of the purply pinks with the silver.

Hanging my repurposed chafing dish wind chime

DIY wind chimes from repurposed chafing dish lid and measuring spoons

Here’s my repurposed chafing dish like wind chime hanging in my back yard on a very wind day.

It’s been windy for quite a few days in a row so I had to take pics when I could.

Repurposed chafing dish lid wind chimes

The lid is so pretty.

You can close up the flower as well to make it look more like a rose bud, but I like it open.

Supplies needed for this project

  • aluminum chafing dish lid
  • beaded chain necklace
  • stainless steel measuring spoons
  • half inch metal split rings
  • key ring
  • chandelier crystal
  • hammer
  • 1 1/2 inch finishing nail
  • rasp
  • black Sharpie

Repurposed chafing dish lid into diy wind chimes

I got lucky and a bit of a calmer moment came along so I could snap a better pic.

To finish off my wind chime, and to add a little bling, (because who doesn’t love a little bling?) I added a glass chandelier crystal at the top.

This was a pretty easy wind chime to create because no power tools were needed. And the great thing about using measuring spoons as the chimes is that they come with the holes.

This project has reminded me how much I love creating wind chimes, and I have a few more ideas that I’ll be sharing in the future. I have a lot of wind chime stash kind of stuff right here at home that I can use.

If you take a look around your home or in your stashes maybe you do too.

Please pin to your favorite board.

DIY Repruposed Chafing Dish Lid Wind Chime with repurposed necklace and stainless steel measuring spoons

If you enjoyed this project you can find more wind chime projects here.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Rebecca Payne says:

    I love this idea. Thank you for sharing.

  2. So pretty and innovative!! Are you missing your thrift store trips? I think all of ours are closed right now. A friend said they are still taking donations, so we should have plenty to choose from once they do re-open!

    Thanks Tuula!!

    1. Thanks Kristy! I am missing my thrift stores for sure, but this is making me use things that I’ve had for years and I’m enjoying that.

  3. Jean E Miller says:

    Tuula – This is just so inspiring. I love your ideas, please keep them coming. Unfortunately, our Salvo with not reopen after this virus scare. Now, where can we go ?? BOOHOO

    1. Thanks Jean! That’s too bad about your Salvo not reopening. I’m not sure what will happen with them here yet. We’ll have to wait and see.

  4. this is so great and so pretty!!!!
    you are si talented!!
    thank you and stay well

  5. Jessie R Schaumburg says:

    This chafing dish lid wind chime is really pretty, and really creative!

  6. I’ve been thinking of making a wind chime. You have definitely “pushed my button”. I have a lot of knives, forks and spoons including measuring spoons. I’m sure I have something to use as the top. Now to find my stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s awesome Rita! Sounds like you have everything you need. I’m sure your wind chime will be fabulous!

  7. mary bernard says:

    I love that! So pretty!!!

  8. Debra Hubbs says:

    Love this, so pretty!

  9. Patricia B says:

    Hey Tuula,
    I love your wind chimes! I need to start making some. I have many items I believe will work. As always, thank you for the inspiration!

  10. Really cute and quick! The best part is no power tools because using them is not one of my super powers lol! Chimes are a great thing to make these days with all the wind we have been getting, thanks for the inspiration Tuula!

    1. Thanks Pam! Yes, it is nice sometimes to not have to get out my power tools. It’s been super windy here too, so the chimes are definitely chiming.

  11. Pinned! I’m so excited to get started on some of these! I moved out of my daughter’s (who didn’t care for my “crafts” to my grandson’s (who is good with whatever I do)!! We are working on getting the patio in order…….aka: cleaned off……then I’ll really get to hang chimes out there!!!! Keep those ideas coming!!! Dona

    1. Sounds like fun Dona! I hope to be enjoying chimes outside soon too, when it finally warms up.