Repurpose Salad Tongs Into DIY Christmas Trees

Repurposed Salad Tongs DIY Christmas Trees

Sometimes I use something almost every day and I think nothing of it.

Then I’ll see that same thing in a thrift store 25 cent kitchen gadget bin at Christmas time and an idea pops into my head and I think, noooo… that’s crazy.

But I buy the thing anyway.

Then I buy another one, and another one, because that crazy idea is still percolating in the back of my brain.

And after a while I convince myself that it’s not so crazy after all.

Am I crazy? For sure. lol.

Is this project crazy? I’ll let you be the judge. 🙂

So here are my repurposed salad tongs made into DIY Christmas trees.

I do love to repurpose things into trees every Christmas season, like this cute little Tart Tin Tree, and this funky Repurposed Hand Saw Tree.


Three metal salad tongs to be repurposed as Christmas trees

Here are the salad tongs that I’m using for these trees… in three different sizes.

These are the cheapie lightweight metal ones.

In the next step you’ll see why heavier ones won’t work  for this project.


bending one end of metal salad tongs into Christmas tree shape

The cheapie salad tongs are super easy to bend, first the one end.

Before bending you can remove the holder thingy that keeps the tongs closed. It won’t be needed and it’ll just get in the way.


view of both ends of metal salad tongs bent into Christmas tree shape

Then the other end.

It’s starting to look like something now.


Three sets of metal salad tongs bent into tree shapes for repurposed salad tong trees

Then you just glue the bent sections together one on top of the other in a tree shape that you like.

You can go super skinny or wider, whatever appeals to you.


Decorating Salad Tongs DIY Christmas Trees

glued on small tart tin for diy salad tong tree

Before I started decorating my salad tong trees I glued my tart tin at the top so I could gauge where I wanted to start my garland.

For this tree I’m using a three-section pink bead and metal chain necklace.


wrapping and gluing necklace around salad tongs for diy Christmas tree

I started at the top at an angle that looked good to me.

This really is just a wing it kind of thing. Whatever looks good to you will work fine.


wrapping and gluing thrifted necklace around salad tong for diy Christmas tree 1 4

Add glue to the sides as you make your way down the tree.

This way you don’t see any glue on the front.


wrapping and gluing beaded necklace around salad tong for diy Christmas tree

The nice thing about this is that you also see the necklace on the back and you get a double effect.


metal salad tongs wrapped with beaded necklace for repurposed Christmas tree

Keep making your way down until you’re done.

TIP: it’s a good idea to do a dry fit first to  make sure whatever you choose is long enough to make it all the way down.


Repurposed salad tongs into Christmas tree with pink beaded necklace, tart, tin, jello mold, and light reflector.

To finish off my salad tong tree I glued a vintage plastic light reflector inside the tart tin topper.

Then the whole tree got glued onto a vintage jello mold as the trunk.


Repurposed salad tongs into Christmas tree with faux blue rhinestone bracelet, tart, tin, jello mold, and light reflector.

This salad tong tree was decorated with pieces of two faux blue rhinestone bracelets, and a different plastic light reflector was glued inside the tart tin.

I didn’t have enough bracelet to go around the back as well so I just glued the garland on the front.


Repurposed salad tongs into Christmas tree with faux pearl necklace, tart, tin, jello mold, and light reflector

For this diy Christmas tree I used two faux pearl necklaces, and another different light reflector inside the tart tin tree topper.


Supplies used for Repurposed Salad Tong Trees

– metal salad tongs
– thrifted necklaces, bracelets
– tart tins & plastic light reflectors
– Hot Glue gun
– Hot glue sticks

DIY Christmas trees made out of repurposed salad tongs

I used the same pink bead from a broken thrifted bracelet that I took apart inside each light reflector.

So even though each salad tong tree is very different, the tree toppers sort of pull the three together.


Repurposed salad tongs into diy Christmas trees

So, I have to say that my salad tong trees aren’t looking so crazy to me now that they’ve become a reality.

They looked a little crazier when they were sitting inside my brain. lol.

These are so easy to make, and you can use anything around these diy Christmas trees; twine, rope, lace, ribbon, beading.

Whatever you have or whatever you can think of.

The possibilities are endless!

So, what do you think? Crazy or not?


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Repurposed Salad Tongs DIY Christmas Trees


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Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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  1. Yup! Definitely crazy but oh so cute! Every time you post another craft I am more amazed by your imagination! I think they turned out fantastic!

  2. I love them! I love anything that is unique!

  3. My goodness! I love these! I have some red and white and green and white baker’s twine that would be grand as garland. It’s way too thin as is but a nice crocheted strand or even braided would work. ooo what else do I have?! You sparked my brain this morning! Thanks!

  4. So original. I’ve never seen anything like this. Love them and now I want to make one. Your craft ideas are like reading a good mystery book. You start with just enough information to peak my curiosity. Before I read anymore I try to figure out where you are going with this. By the end of the story I am amazed and love the end result. Thanks again for another wonderful idea.

  5. So simple but ooooo so cute…

  6. Oh my gosh Tuula, I never in a million years would think to turn salad tongs into Christmas trees! They are ADORABLE and pretty. Love the way your mind works! Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂

  7. Karolyn Love says:

    Tuula, these are sooooo cute! My family loves homemade things like these and I’m gonna start collecting for next Christmas! You are just so clever and give me and your followers great ideas!! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks very much Karolyn! I’m thrilled that you’re going to give these a try. Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Oh my word!! These are just crazy cute! I’m gonna have to do one. You’ve got my brain sparking, too! Amazing. A pair of tongs. Who knew? Well, YOU of course!! Thanks! Dona

  9. Oh my goodness, you come up with the most unique ideas! I love these!

  10. Patricia B says:

    Hey Tuula,
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Thanks for sharing, what amazing inspiration!!

  11. ColleenB.~ Tx. says:

    Such a clever idea and Oh, so cute.
    Dang. I accidently deleted my password email 🙁

    1. Thanks Colleen! The password is at the bottom of every email so look for it on the next one. 🙂

  12. What’s crazy is how your mind would begin to think of this!!!! You are blessed with an incredibly brilliant mind! Pure genius! Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year! ;*j

  13. Adorably CUTE! Love the whole set of three, wonderful display on a mantel or table. Sweet!

  14. Super cute and creative Christmas trees. I love up-cycled projects and this one is fantastic. I would have never thought to use those tongs in an up-cycled project. Happy New Year, Kippi

  15. This is just too clever Tuula! I need to get inside your brain b/c I never would have thought of this in a million years!

    1. Thanks Florence! I’m always looking for cool things to repurpose into Christmas trees, and these salad tongs were perfect.

  16. this is the craziest coolest idea ive ever seen i love it