Repurposed Garden Hose Wreath: Quick & Easy

Repurposed Garden Hose Wreath

It’s easy to create a fun upcycled garden hose wreath with an old expandable fabric hose and a few decorative touches.

fabric garden hose wreath decorated with pink tulips and floral trowel

Gardening season gets closer and closer with every passing day, and I’m so looking forward to it this year.

Spring has officially sprung, and I love to create a new wreath each season to welcome it.

And this repurposed garden hose wreath is fun, easy, and quick. Done in less than 30 minutes.

expandable garden hose and grapevine wreath form

We had two of these 25 foot green fabric expandable hoses from way back, and I created this Repurposed Garden Hose Tree last Christmas when one of them sprang a leak.

I told myself then, that if and when the second hose sprang a leak I would use it to create a wreath, and here we are today.

Wrapping the hose around the grapevine wreath

wrapping expandable garden hose around grapevine wreath form

Creating this garden hose wreath really couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is wrap the hose around the grapevine wreath.

The only trick is to not pull too tight because you really want to keep that lovely wrinkled texture.

grapevine wreath form covered with fabric garden hose

I wasn’t sure if I was going to remove the connectors or not, so I kept them on until I was done wrapping.

But in the end I decided they had to go.

Securing the ends of the fabric hose

sewing fabric and inner rubber hose together

These expandable fabric hoses have fabric on the outside and rubber hose on the inside, so when you remove the connectors you have to stop the rubber hose from sliding way into the fabric. If that happens you’ll lose that fabulous wrinkled texture.

This is easy to prevent by sewing the rubber hose and the fabric together.

sewed ends of expandable rubber garden hose

This is what it looks like when you’ve sewn both ends.

grapevine wreath form covered with fabric garden hose and connectors removed

I glued the both ends of the hose to the grapevine wreath with my low temp glue gun. Then it was all about primping the hose here and there to get a look that I loved. I only glued the ends and nowhere else.

Adding floral touches to the garden hose wreath

floral dollar store trowel and tulips and babys breath

I found a lovely metal trowel at the dollar store, and I had some faux tulips and baby’s breath in my crafting stash.

floral trowel decorated with pink tulips and babys breath

Using my glue gun I added a some tulips and baby’s breath to the trowel, and finished it off with a simple raffia bow.

Attaching the floral trowel to the garden hose wreath

Easy repurposed garden hose wreath decorated with pink tulips and floral trowel

To attach my floral garden trowel to the garden hose wreath I used some invisible nylon thread. I looped it though some holes in the handle of the trowel, and around the spoon part of the trowel behind the tulips. Then I wrapped it around the wreath and tied it tight.

I didn’t want to attach the trowel to the garden hose wreath permanently because I really think I’ll want to reuse the garden hose wreath base at Christmas time.

Supplies needed for this repurposed garden hose wreath

  • 25 foot expandable fabric garden hose
  • 10″ grapevine wreath
  • dollar store floral trowel
  • faux tulips
  • faux baby’s breath
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • raffia
  • invisible nylon thread
  • needle and thread
  • scissors

Easy DIY repurposed garden hose wreath with floral trowel and tulips

And here’s my easy repurposed garden hose wreath done in just under 30 minutes. I really love its simplicity. The floral trowel stands out nicely, but doesn’t take away from the hose… which I really think is the star here.

I just love the texture, and the color is so springy fresh. Really a few floral touches is all it needed.

If you have one of these hoses and it’s not a color you like, you can spray paint it any color. I would suggest spray painting it after you’ve wrapped it around the wreath form.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pin this project to your favorite Pinterest board, and also share it with your friends.

Easy 30 minute fabric garden hose wreath decorated with floral trowel and tulips

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. That is pretty ingenious.

  2. Beautiful. Wish I had a hose to try your idea.

    1. Thanks Olivia! Maybe you’ll find a hose perfect for this project one day.

  3. Christine says:

    How awesome is this wreath. Looks like something I can do. Love the easy ideas. Thank you.

  4. Rebecca Payne says:

    This wreath is so cute and clever. Great Job!

  5. Love the colors and the pretty Spring Wreath, Tuula! pinned

    1. Thanks very much Marie! Now that I have my spring wreath done for this year I’m expecting the weather to start cooperating and to start acting like spring instead of winter. lol.

  6. Ya know, when I first started pinning your ideas, I wish I had made a folder for “Tuula’s Things”. Then I’d be able to find anything I wanted easily! This wreath is fantastic! I hesitated when you decided to cut off the fittings, but in the end saw the wisdon of your decision! You always get it right!!!

    1. Thanks Dona! It’s really a personal choice whether to keep the nozzle connectors or not. There might be a way to incorporate them into the wreath, but the look just didn’t work for me. I’m not sure I always get it right, but I do what I love and hope that others love it too. 🙂