Repurposed Graters Kitchen Light

Light fixtures are so important when it comes to how a room looks and feels, and a repurposed graters kitchen light would be a fun addition to many different kitchen decor styles.

Like farmhouse, shabby chic, country, industrial, and definitely eclectic retro funky like mine… and probably a few others that I can’t think of right now.

repurposed graters kitchen light

Sometimes you just get lucky and you find a bunch of the same thing at the same time. Like these three sets of three flat graters that I found a few years ago.

These have slightly curved handles, but I’ve also seen flat handled ones and they would work too.

I used three of mine to create a repurposed graters hanging candle holder a few years ago. Since then the other six have been waiting for me to have a light bulb moment, and it finally happened.

Well, for four of them anyway. The other two will have to wait some more.


repurposed graters kitchen light

All you need for this project is four flat graters, some needle nose pliers, and some strong wire. I’m using copper because I like the combo of copper and silver, but you could use any strong wire you like.

You can see I got a little ahead of myself and started attaching the graters before taking my pic.

Sometimes I just can’t stop myself from going full steam ahead. 🙂


repurposed graters kitchen light

All you do is cut eight pieces of the wire about 2″ to 2 1/2″ long. This is easily done by just grabbing the wire with the pliers and twisting back and forth until you make the break.

Then just wrap the wire around two corners, again using the pliers because this can be very hard on your fingers.


repurposed graters kitchen light

Here’s mine all done.

The corners will probably be a little loose, and that’s perfectly ok. It’s actually a good thing if they’re not too tight.

When it’s hung you can manipulate the corners so they stay in the placement that you want.


repurposed graters kitchen light before

Here’s the rather dark faux stained glass fixture before. It was a little too small and a lot too dark.


repurposed graters kitchen light

And here’s my graters kitchen light.


repurposed graters kitchen light

It simply sits on the three screws that used to hold the old shade inside the ceiling mount.


repurposed graters kitchen light

Originally I thought I was going to have to do something about the gold ceiling mount, but I kinda like mixing metals so I’m leaving it as is.


repurposed graters kitchen light

Here’s the window before.


repurposed graters kitchen light

And the after.

This really was a quick and easy project and best of all, just like my vintage pot lids window valance, because I used things I already had it cost me absolutely nothing.

I love that this graters kitchen light doesn’t take itself too seriously, and since my kitchen doesn’t either this project is a perfect fit for me.

So the next time you think you need a new light fixture instead of going out and buying one look into your stashes or visit your local thrift store. You never know what repurposing possibilities you might find.

You might just have your own light bulb moment. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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repurposed graters kitchen light


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  1. ColleenB. says:

    Oh, I just knew that you would make some sort of light cover from a grater; in this case graters.
    Goes well with the lids.

    1. Thanks Colleen! I knew when I found those graters that they could be used for a few things. I’m glad I got to repurpose a few more of them with this project.

  2. That’s just adorable Tuula! What will you think of next??? I’m totally in awe of the ideas you come up with!

    1. Thank you so much Florence! I really need to stop thinking so I can wrap up this makeover. lol.

  3. Couldn’t be more perfect! The one you took down was really pretty, but this definitely goes with your kitchen. Bet it looks fabulous at night with the light on!! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! The grater light looks really pretty at night, but my camera isn’t quite good enough to take good low light pics I tried to take some and they were all terrible. I’ll try to get one good one that I can share in the final reveal.

  4. That’s a cute cool light fixture. Have you thought about making it a pendent light? With the beautiful shades you made behind the hanging light, would look great. Plus your pot lid valance could be fully seen.
    Enjoy your style

    1. Thanks Kelly! A pendant light would be lovely, but that would require some re-wiring and I like to keep things as inexpensive as possible. Around here it costs $80 just to get an electrician to show up at your house. If they’ll even come for a small job like this. I appreciate the suggestion though. 🙂

      1. OIC, I’m married to a electrical contractor and didn’t stop to think that everyone doesn’t have a electrician in their circle.
        I did assume with your crafting skills you could do anything. ?. But I too will not even try some complicated tasks. Enjoy your work craft and site so very much. And a big thanks for replying to me as well as thee other followers. It means a lot.
        Thx. Kelly

        1. Thanks so much Kelly. How I wish I could do everything, but there are some things I happily leave to the pros, or I make do without. I think every family/friend circle should have an electrician and a plumber. Unfortunately, mine has neither, darn it. lol.

  5. Love it! I keep thinking you’re done and then you come up with some other brilliant idea!! Have you shown the whole room yet, did I miss that?


    1. Thanks Tania! I keep thinking I’m done too. lol. No, you didn’t miss it. I keep adding projects and haven’t got to the reveal yet. I really need to stop that. lol.

  6. Love this idea. Consider painting the brass part in your red…it would compliment the curtain and add to the splashes of red around your kitchen!
    Looking forward to the next idea in your kitchen revamp.

    1. Thanks Becky! That is a great idea. I thought of painting it silver, but thought that was too much. The red just might work, especially considering I still have some other red touches to add to the room. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  7. I am always so eager to see your next post be it your “what the heck is it?” or one of your awesome light bulb moments! You are so creative, I am in awe of your creativity and am always sitting here with my mouth open at the end, knocking my head against the wall!! LOL

    1. Thanks very much Deb! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my posts. 🙂

  8. LINDA N. SCHRADER says:

    WOW this is a great idea…really like the look. Take a photo when it’s a little darker in the kitchen & the light is turned on. to let us see how it looks then.

    1. Thanks Linda! It does look really pretty at night. This camera of mine doesn’t do low light very well, and all my attempts didn’t turn out. I’ll try to get a decent pic for the final reveal.

  9. Very cool! Wish I had your creative brain!!

    1. Thanks so much Karolyn! Every one one of us has our own creative brain, and I’m just hoping I can provide some inspiration. 🙂

  10. Love it and I am sure the light coming from it looks fabulous through all those little slits!

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! It really does look good at night, but my camera isn’t good enough to get decent pics. One day I’ll hopefully be able to upgrade.

  11. Tuula every time I come here I am just left flabbergasted by what you come up with. Each week it is something outside the box that is really making this kitchen into a masterpiece! So glad to be following along.

    1. Thank you so much Mary! I’m really enjoying creating every single project, and I so appreciate you being along for this kitchen makeover journey.

  12. ColleenB. says:

    Waiting to see, a Colander Hanging Light hanging above your kitchen table. Maybe you already have a Colander Hanging Light

    1. Hi Colleen. I have a very specific vision for the light over the table, but it’s a secret. 🙂 I can tell you that I haven’t found it yet, but I’m not giving up. It’s the one thing that’s holding up the kitchen reveal now. But it’s a pretty important piece so I’m waiting a bit at least to see if I can get it done.