Repurposed Hand Fans into Christmas Trees

How to make DIY Christmas Trees from Hand Fans

From December 1st to December 23rd I’ll be sharing three Christmas projects per week, for Twelve Days of Christmas Projects, and I’m super excited to get started!

Welcome to Day One!

You can find links to the other projects at the end of this post.

Every Christmas season it’s so much fun to look into my thrifted stashes to see what I have to create with. Like the repurposed garden hose tree that I shared two weeks ago.

I’ve always been fascinated by fabric hand fans, and a while back I found a bunch on the cheap at a thrift store.

repurposed folding hand fans into DIY Christmas trees

Here are the hand fans that I’m using for the repurposed Christmas tree project. The pattern is so pretty, and it’s highlighted with fold glitter here and there.

Perfect for a Christmas tree project or two.

Taking apart folding hand fans

takign apart folding hand fan

It’s super easy to remove the metal thingy that holds the fan together by just twisting with pliers…

removing connector from folding hand fan

… and pulling it out.

cutting folding hand fan in sections with scissors

Decide how wide you want your tree to be and cut through the fabric with scissors.

Gluing the repurposed hand fans to create tree shapes

gluing folding hand fan together to create tree shape

Next you need to glue the plastic parts together to create your tree shape.

holding folding hand fan while glue dries

It’s a good idea to hold it for a few seconds while the glue is cooling. Just watch your fingers.

gluing the back of the folding hand fan

For extra strength I ran some glue across the back just to be sure.

repurposed folding hand fan cut and glued into DIY Christmas tree shapes

Here’s a bunch of hand fan pieces glued together in tree shapes of various widths.

Small repurposed hand fan Christmas tree

folding hand fans glued into trio of trees

And here are three similar one-tier tree shapes.

Super easy and super cute, but now they need their finishing touches.

straws for tree trunks and drawer knobs for tree bases

I looked in my stashes and found some Christmasssy straws, and some drawer knobs.

gluing straw onto back of hand fan tree

I glued the straws to the back of the hand fans, and into the drawer knobs.

The knobs already had holes in them, but I did have to make them a little larger so the straws would fit it. To do that I used a drill and a drill bit that was the right size.

I spray painted the knobs a pretty green because I didn’t want them to take away from the trees. They blend in nicely instead of standing out too much.

Repurposed hand fan Christmas trees no watermark

For the tree toppers I used some vintage light reflectors, which is blinged up even more with some faux rhinestones from a bracelet.

These repurposed hand fan Christmas trees are about between 11 1/2 to 12 inches tall from base to the top tip of the star.

Large repurposed hand fan Christmas trees

gluing sections of hand fans together to form a three tiered Christmas tree

To create larger Christmas trees I glued three of the hand fan parts together, with the widest at the bottom.

Repurposed hand fans made into tiered DIY Christmas trees

For these two large trees I added two larger vintage light reflectors as tree toppers. I didn’t feel the need to have trunks or bases for these trees.

They are 15 and 18 inches tall.

These trees were so much fun to make.

Supplies needed for this repurposed hand fans tree project:

  • Folding hand fans
  • straws
  • drawer knobs
  • light reflectors
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • spray paint
  • drill and drill bit (if needed)

Repurposed folding hand fans into DIY Christmas trees (2)

And here they are altogether.

This repurposed hand fan Christmas tree project was pretty easy and pretty quick too, and I think it turned out super cute.

I hope this project inspires you to look into your own stashes to see what you might have to create some fun and funky Christmas trees for yourself.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pin this project to your favorite Pinterest board, and also share it with your friends.

Repurposed folding hand fans DIY Christmas trees

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DAY ONE: Repurposed Hand Fan Christmas Trees

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. I think these are great! But I have to say, at 74 yrs old, I’ve never seen a fabric fan! Just cheap paper ones. I shouldn’t say cheap because some are painted on and are beautiful. You can bet I’ll be on the lookout for these!

    1. Thanks Dona! It’s pretty amazing to me that you’ve never seen a fabric fan. Even some that I’ve seen at the dollar store are fabric. It’s thin fabric, but it’s definitely not paper. But I don’t see why paper ones wouldn’t work just as well.

  2. Debra Hubbs says:

    They remind me of vintage Asian Christmas decor. So cute. I love the large ones.

  3. Wow, you are ambitious, Tuula, and can’t wait to see all twelve! Only you would see adorable Christmas trees from hand fans. How creative are these cuties and the vintage light reflectors couldn’t be more perfect for tree toppers.

  4. Lois L. Glenn says:

    Very cute! I admit, I was apprehensive at ffirst! But, I love how they turned out!!