Repurposed Laundry Hamper Planter

How to Create a Laundry Hamper Planter

It’s so easy to take a beat up wicker laundry hamper and turn it into something cool, like a repurposed planter.

My local Habitat for Humanity Restore recently reopened, yay!, and John and I went there to specifically see if I could find anything interesting to repurpose as a planter.

wicker laundry hamper front view before

And I found this wicker laundry hamper for just two dollars.

wicker laundry hamper side view before

It’s a little beaten up, but for this project that didn’t matter.

There’s nothing that a little spray paint love won’t cure.

wicker laundry hamper top view before

It’s actually a rather small laundry hamper, so I don’t think I would even use it as that. It would fill up pretty quick.

So it’s a great candidate for a makeover and a repurpose.

taking out hinge screws to remove lid from laundry hamper

The first thing I did was get rid of the wooden lid by removing the hinges.

I’ll repurpose it some time in the future.

removing rubber stops from where lid would sit

Then there were these rubber doohickey thingies for the front of the lid to rest on.

I popped the rubbed cover off….

removing rubber stops from where lid would sit 2

and then popped up the little metal nail.

applying painter's tape onto silver metal handles of laundry hamper 2

The silver metal handles were in good shape and I liked the color so I’m keeping them natural.

I covered them with painter’s tape to protect them from the spray paint.

sanding where the hinges used to be

I gave the areas that needed it a good sanding to get rid of any loose paint, and also to flatten down the hinge areas.

applying painter's tape onto silver metal handles of laundry hamper

Here it is, all ready for its new repurposed life.

spray painting white wicker laundry hamper aqua blue

Check out this action shot. lol. Love this aqua color.

spray painted laundry hamper with painter's tape removed from silver metal handles

The spray paint covered beautifully.

I did three two light coats, and then removed the painter’s tape from the handles.

I love silver and aqua together.

plastic garbage can fit into spray painter laundry hamper planter

Then I needed some kind of insert to put into my laundry hamper planter because I really didn’t want to put the soil and plant right in there, and I lucked out purely by accident.

I was in my craft studio wondering what the heck I was going to use, and I threw something into my garbage can.

And Voila… it was the perfect size.

spray painted top area of garbage can aqua blue and added potting soil

I spray painted the top area inside and out so it would match with my laundry hamper planter, and then I filled it with potting soil.

I didn’t put a hole in the bottom for drainage because this is a deep garbage can. If I water carefully it shouldn’t be a problem.

You could also put some kind of filler, like gravel or styrofoam puffs, in the bottom of the garbage can, but I didn’t think that was necessary either.

planting flowers in spray painted garbage can before putting into laundry hamper planter

The easiest way to put together a lovely planter is to buy a pre-done hanging basket.

I just removed the plant from the plastic container and placed it into the garbage can. Then I filled around it with more potting soil.

Supplies needed for this project

  • thrifted wicker laundry hamper
  • screwdriver
  • painter’s tape
  • spray paint
  • garbage can
  • potting soil
  • plant

Quick and easy repurposed laundry hamper planter

I think it’s important to have things around us, inside and out, that are pretty and that bring us joy.

Spray painted and repurposed laundry hamper planter

And here’s my finished repurposed laundry hamper planter.

This is really a quick and easy way to have some fun with flowers. I love using unusual things as planters.

Please pin to your favorite board.

Quick & Easy Reprupsoed Laundry Hamper Planter Makeover

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Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Aww, that turned out so cute! I love your imagination Tuula!


  2. That project is so pretty! I have also painted many things that aqua color it is my absolute favorite! Thanks for sharing!

      1. your planters are so happy! where did you find this aqua color paint?
        have searched and searched! thank you for sharing!

        1. Thanks very much Dianne! The spray paint is Rustoleum Seaside. It’s a lovely aqua color.

  3. What???? Not pink??? Lol! I love the color, too! I actually have a yard now, front and back, to re-do!! Have a lot of your saved ideas to use!! Thanks, Tuula. You and your ideas are awesome!! Dona

    1. Thanks so much Dona! I know right? lol. Even in my world not everything can be pink. lol. Aqua is a very close second.

  4. Brilliant idea, Tuula! I just happened to have picked one of those up this spring; now I know what to do with it! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Love it!! I’m in love with that color too!! LOL
    Look so cute, great job as usual
    Stay safe

  6. That’s beautiful!
    I have been missing you!
    Thank you for the smile and the beautiful project with all of your talents and skills and creativity!
    Please stay safe and be well!
    Best wishes!!

  7. Kaye Mangin says:

    This arrangement looks so fresh, no doubt it will cause happiness any where. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks Kaye! That aqua color is just so cheerful it just makes me smile. I think everyone needs a little aqua in their home.

  8. Rebecca Payne says:

    Really cute. Love the color.

  9. mary bernard says:

    Love the aqua! That turned out so pretty! Great idea!!!

  10. Barbara McPartlan says:

    I was nicely surprised to see the small hamper you found. It is exactly like the one I currently
    have in my bathroom that was my grandmother’s. True, it is too small for our laundry loads so
    I store bathroom supplies in it. It has a small break in the wicker which is against the wall and
    not seen. I love it the way it is. Love your finds. Stay safe and happy. Barbara

    1. Thanks Barbara! What a coincidence that you have the same laundry hamper. I’m glad you’re repurposing it in a way that works for you. A lovely reminder of your grandmother. 🙂

  11. Wow, you’ve done it again Tuula! That hamper was so grody! You’ve turned it into a thing of beauty now. And I like the way you used the pre-planted pot of flowers. Me, I would have been obsessing how long it would take to get the full flower look. And how lucky to find the perfect sized insert!

    1. Thanks Florence! I do love using pre-planted baskets for their instant beauty. They’re always on sale in June and are well worth it.

      1. Love the color! And with flower colors – it really pops!

    1. Thanks so much Marie! I couldn’t resist the hamper and it was such an easy makeover.