Repurposed Plastic Balls into DIY Flowers

Repurposed plastic balls into flowers

Check out how easy it is to create fun and colorful flowers with repurposed plastic balls, which are used in bouncy castles.

When I created some diy plastic flowers a while back, out of thrifted plastic balls, I said I would play around with what I had left and see what other flowers I could make.

Well, I had some fun and did just that.

DIY Repurposed plastic balls into fun and colorful flowers

And these larger flowers are so easy to create.

repurposed colored plastic bouncy castle balls

I found a couple of bags of these plastic balls that are used in bouncy castles at a thrift store quite a while back for a dollar a bag.

Colorful things like these balls always catch my eye.

Creating repurposed plastic ball flowers

hollow blue plastic ball being being cut into with scissors

To create these flowers start by simply poking a hole into a ball with a pair of scissors.

hollow blue plastic ball cut three quarters the way through into four equal sections

Then cut about three quarters the way down the side of the ball until you have it in quarters.

Be careful not to cut all the way down.

hollow blue plastic ball cut three quarters the way through into eight equal sections

Then cut down the middle of the four sections until you have eight sections.

inverting hollow blue plstic ball to create a flower

Now it’s time to invert the ball and see the beginnings of your flower.

blue repurposed plastic ball cut into flower with eight petals

Now you have a flower with eight petals.

You could work with it like this, or continue like I did.

blue plastic ball cut into flower with sixteen petals

And cut down the middle of the eight petals, creating sixteen petals.

colorful plastic flowers creates from repurposed plastic balls

Here are all of my cut flowers. I have to work with the colors that I had.

To create different sized flowers you just trim the petal ends until you get the length that you want.

The three little flowers are made from half a ball.

Once you have your flowers ready it’s completely up to you what you do with them.

Same color plastic ball flowers before spray painting

You could create flowers that are all one color.

Mixed colors of plastic ball flowers before spray painting

Or mix the colors.

There’s really no wrong here, you can stack the layers any way you like.

I decided I wanted my flowers to be varying shades of the same color, and the easiest way to do that is with spray paint.

Spray painting repurposed plastic ball flowers

spray painting the plastic balls flowers fronts

I spray painted the fronts of these flowers with three different shades of aqua blue, using a paint and primer combo spray paint.

Three light coats did the trick.

There are several spray paint brands that have paint and primer combos, just make sure that plastic is listed as a material that the paint can be used for.

spray painting the plastic ball flowrs backs

Then I did the same to the backs.

Repurposed plastic ball flowers out of bouncy castle balls and spray paint

I went on to create a flower with pinks, and another with purples.

When my flowers were done I glued the stacked layers together using my glue gun, alternating each flower layer in a way that looked good to me.

It’s important to make sure to get good contact with each layer. If you don’t, it might be that middle area of the one on top isn’t sitting flat on the middle area of the one below.

If that happens, you just need to snip into the middle of the top flower layer a little more to make the middle area a little flatter.

DIY plastic flowers made with bouncy castle plastic balls

To finish off my diy flowers I glued on pretty pearlescent buttons, but there are so many things that could be used.

Because I used hot glue these flowers are for inside only.

How to create colofrul diy plastic flowers by repurposing plastic balls

Now that my repurposed plastic ball flowers are done it’s time to do something fun with them.

I’m using mine in a wall display, but you could use yours any way you like.

These flowers are about six inches across so they do make a nice statement.

gluing plastic flowers onto ruler stems

Because I’m using what I already have I glued the flowers onto the ends of some wooden rulers.

DIY Repurposed plastic balls into fun and colorful flowers for home decor wall art

And then I glued the rulers in place inside a wall planter thingy on this barn board frame that I’ve had around for a long time.

After I did this I decided to tie the rulers to the chicken wire frame with some jute twine. I did this just under the flowers so it can’t be seen.

If I had thought of that I would have tied the rulers in place first and then glued the flowers onto the rulers, but it still worked out fine.

DIY Repurposed plastic balls into fun and colorful flowers wall art

I love the contrast of the barn board frame, and the chicken wire and burlap, with the spray painted plastic flowers.

Fun and colorful DIY plastic flowers from repurposed plastic balls

Here are my repurposed plastic ball flowers displayed in my living room beside my no sew repurposed scarf curtains.

I moved my decoupaged wicker plates upstairs to the master bedroom. I do like to move things around to keep my decor interesting and fun.

These flowers are pretty easy to make, and because you can spray paint them they can be customized to any color combos that you love.

Supplies needed for this project

  • plastic bouncy castle balls
  • spray paints
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • scissors
  • buttons

Please pin to your favorite board.

Repurposed plastic balls into fun and colorful flowers for home decor wall art

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Nancy McPhee says:

    What a great re-purposing idea!! love it..

  2. You certainly have found beautiful uses for those balls you scammed awhile back. these are just genius. I would never have thought to cut up a plastic ball and do what you have done. Bravo!!

  3. So pretty! I can see some of these on one of my bare walls! Thanks for the idea, girl! Keep ’em coming! Dona

  4. Tuula, You are so clever. Love the flowers and the colors you chose.

  5. Lyn Allan says:

    Your new decorative piece looks fun and festive. I like the contrast of the natural wood frame, burlap and the industrial-looking chicken wire with the bright, colourful flowers. Well done.

  6. Patricia B says:

    Oh so cute! Tuula, you’ve done it again, great project.

  7. These are adorable Tuula! I only wish I had bought some of the many bags of plastic balls I have walked by when in second hand stores, thinking they are only good for kids ball pits. I’m hoping I will still be able to find some if and when the shops open again. I certainly do miss exploring and rescuing items. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Pam! I do miss my thrift stores too, but that day will come for both of us. 🙂