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Repurposed Scarf Floral Heart Wreath

Quick & Easy Floral Heart Wreath

This floral heart wreath is a fun project that doesn’t take a lot of time.

I’m not one to create winter wreaths/decor because, quite frankly, I have way toooo much winter outside these days.

I want my home to be bright and cheerful all year long, and that means color… and lots of it.

An inexpensive way to make a wreath is to find a cheap one at a thrift store and deconstruct it.

It helps if you don’t like the wreath because then you don’t  mind taking it apart.


red mesh ribbon wreath found at thrift store for $3

Like this $3 red mesh ribbon wreath.

I like red, but I’ve never really been a fan of mesh ribbon.

Not sure why, but it just doesn’t float my boat.

There’s so much of it I wasn’t even sure what shape this thing was supposed to be.

    back of red mesh ribbon wreath

Until I turned it over and saw that underneath all that ribbon was a large metal heart wreath frame.


With all that mesh you couldn’t see from the front that this wreath was a heart shape.

I’m not a Valentine’s Day gal, but I do love hearts…. all year round.

  red mesh ribbon attached to wreath form with red pipe cleaners

The ribbon was tied on to the frame with red pipe cleaners, probably about fifty of them.


red mesh ribbon and red pipe cleaners removed from wreath form

I stuffed all that ribbon into a basket. It seemed to go on forever.

I’ll probably give it back to the thrift store, if they’ll take it.

I’m keeping all the pipe cleaners though because they might come in handy at Christmastime.


    large metal heart wreath frame


Here’s the 18 inch high metal frame that I was left with after all that deconstruction.

This by itself is worth more than $3.


Using  Scarves to Create a Floral Heart Wreath

pink and green scarves and metal heart wreath frame

I looked through my scarf stash and found these two fluffy scarf beauties, which cost me 50 cents each.

Scarves are one of my go to items for creating wreaths. They make it so easy, and the creative possibilities are endless.

To see more scarf wreaths and other scarf projects, check out my repurposed scarf projects here

  wrapping green scarf around bottom of metal wreath frame

I wrapped the green scarf around the bottom half and just tucked the ends in.

This is supposed to represent the beautiful green grass of spring and summer, which we won’t be seeing here for quite some time.

  wrapping pink scarf around top of metal wreath frame

And then I wrapped the pink scarf around the top half of the wreath, again tucking the ends in.

This is supposed to represent the flowers of spring and summer.

  hot glued flowers onto pink scarf for floral heart wreath

I thrifted these artificial flowers a few years ago for $2, and they’ve been waiting for the perfect project for them.

And this is it!

All it took to add the flowers was some hot glue.

After they’re attached the scarf still lets you play with them a bit.


floral heart wreath from repurposed scarves and artificual flowers

Here’s my wreath on my living room wall.

It really pops against the white.

The deconstruction actually took longer than creating the new wreath, which only took about 15 minutes.

Removing all that red mesh and the pipe cleaners took almost a half an hour. They were twisted rather tight.

But I’m so happy that I did it. This wreath is much more me.


Floral heart wreath displayed on frame with chicken wire and burlap

And here it is hanging on the burlap and chicken wire frame in the master bedroom.

Wreaths aren’t just for front doors, they can be displayed on any wall in any room.


repurposed scarf floral heart wreath

And here it is on the front door, which is the door into the kitchen.

It’s such a happy and cheerful wreath, and it cost me just $6 to put it together.

It brings a smile to my face on these cold snowy winter days.

There’s no rule heart wreaths have to be red, or that they’re only for Valentine’s Day.

They can be any color, or any combo of colors, and can be displayed any time of the year.

I have my living room heart pillow, which you can see in my diy striped plywood floor makeover, and my repurposed curlers heart wreath on display all the time.

There really is no wrong here.

All that matters is that you love it as much as I love mine.

This wreath will take me right through to spring when the real grass will be green again, and the gardens will be filled with beautiful colorful flowers.


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Repurposed scarf Valentines's Day floral heart wreath


Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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  1. I love the fact that you use color! I’m so tired of every blog being about neutral everything!

    1. Thanks Terri! I need color in my decor, especially during the winter months. I’m glad to know there are other lovers of color out there. 🙂

  2. I just checked out your links to your other scarf projects to refresh my memory and was surprised to see a bunch I had never seen before. I thought I had gone through all your archives but I think I missed a bunch. It amazes me to see all the projects you have completed with scarves because I never would have thought to use them in these ways. You are doing a wonderful job of keeping me inspired and sparking new ideas including this pretty one above. Thanks again for your creativity and imagination!

    1. Thanks very much Pam! I do love working with scarves because there are so many kinds, and in my neck of the thrifting woods they can be found at very cheap prices.

  3. Kaye Mangin says:

    This wreath is really beautiful, I love the combo of the flowers and scarves..Makes me think of spring too, TFS.

  4. What a happy, Spring-like wreath! I love it! Can’t wait for “real” Spring!

  5. So Cheerful!!! So easy to do. ,like you, I have no liking for mesh ribbon. Seems like it is every where. Also color is a wonderful creation. I know God did not make griege!!!!love your bright spirit.

    1. Thanks Charleen! I couldn’t agree with you more about color. I think we need more of it in every home decor. 🙂

  6. Well, I totally love this and am kicking myself (again) for just having gotten rid of all of my scarves! I had two left which would have been perfect. I’ll have to check the bag to see if I might still have them. In the meantime, thanks for refreshing my memory! Your wreath is so SPRING! Just love it! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! I hope you find those scarves. Spring may not really be around the corner here, but I’m willing it to come. lol.

  7. what a pretty colorful wreath you made with the scarves and flowers-repurposed items that came to life again! Inspiring- Carol