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Repurposed Scarf Holders into Garden Art Flowers

Repurposed Scarf Holders into Garden Flowers

Create DIY garden art flowers using repurposed scarf holders.

Repurposed scarf holders into DIY garden flowers

I found these three hanging scarf holder at a thrift store quite a while back for 25 cents a piece. I’ve also seen them at the dollar stores around here.

They already look like flowers, but there’s just a little tweaking to do before putting them into the garden.

straightened metal hangers on scarf holders

First, you have to straighten the metal hangers to create stems.

This is quite easily done with pliers, but be careful not to break it right off.

adding glue to hanger on scarf holder to keep it in place

Once the hangers were straightened I added some gorilla glue into the hole around the hanger to keep it from spinning.

spray painting flower shaped scarf holder

If you find the scarf holders in colors you already love that’s awesome. You can skip this step.

I kept the purple and aqua ones as is, and spray painted one of the aqua ones a hot pink.

Flower shaped repurposed scarf holders into DIY garden art flowers

I spray painted some leftover pipes from a broken deck swing green and used them as stems, which the straightened hangers easily slip into.

You could glue something in the center areas of the flowers if you like, but I decided to keep it super simple.

These scarf holders are made of a very hard molded plastic, and I don’t really know what the material is that covers the plastic so I’m not sure how long these flowers will last.

But for the 75 cent cost I’m good with however long that is.

We’ll see what happens.

DIY garden art flowers made from repurposed flower-shaped scarf holders

Here are my garden flowers made from repurposed scarf holders in one of our wilder gardens beneath and in front of some huge pine trees.

They add some fun and cheer to the otherwise rather shaded space.

This is probably the easiest repurposed garden flower project I’ve ever done, and it’s so inexpensive too.

Supplies needed for this project

  • flower-shaped scarf holder hangers
  • pliers
  • spray paint if needed
  • pipes for stems

Please pin to your favorite board.

DIY Repruposed Scarf Holder Garden Art Flowers

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Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Carole Thorpe says:

    What do you recommend to use for stems if I don’t have what you used on the scarf holder repurposed garden flower?

    1. Hi Carole, If you don’t have stems like mine do you could use them against a wall or a fence with some stems. I think that would be a fun option.

  2. I wish I live in America (sometimes) because we don’t have those marvelous dollar stores over here! I love these – so happy-looking! Be Well.

    1. Thanks very much Lisa! I live in Canada and while we do have dollar stores here I tend to shop thrift stores first. I wish yo well too!