Repurposed Screwdrivers DIY Windchime

Create a wind chime using repurposed screwdrivers

Check out how easy it is to create a fun diy wind chime using diy items like repurposed screwdrivers and a wooden level.

For this project I’m dipping into my vintage tools stash, which I’ve really enjoyed collecting over the years.

When bringing these awesome things home from garage sales and thrift stores, my intent was always to use them in projects, and this repurposed screwdrivers wind chime is a great way to do that.

When I shared my chafing dish wind chime a few weeks ago I mentioned that I had a few other ideas.

And these days I’m totally into using what I have, so this is the perfect time to get some of these fun things out into the project light of day.


Like these vintage wooden screwdrivers with lovely aged and colorful wooden handles, a vintage wooden level, and a dark brassy chain necklace from my necklace window valance.

I love repurposing vintage tools, especially screwdrivers for some reason. It’s probably the colorful aged handles that strike my fancy.

A few years ago I created this fun diy screwdriver sunburst clock.

supplies for diy repurposed screwdriver wind chime

To put my screwdriver wind chime together I used cup hooks and eye hooks, and my drill with a bit that fits the size of the hooks.

I also needed a large key ring, a couple of split rings, and (not in the picture) a black marker and needle nose pliers

Preparing the repurposed screwdrivers

marking ends of vintage screwdriver handles for holes to screw in hooks

I marked, with a black marker, where I wanted my holes to go on the ends of the wooden screwdrivers.

VIntage screwdrivers with cup hooks in handle ends

I drilled the holes and screwed in the cup hooks.

You could use eye hooks here instead, but I have a reason for using cup hooks.

Preparing the vintage level

I lined up my screwdrivers so I could mark where I wanted my holes to go in the vintage wooden level.

Using drill to screw holes into wooden level

I drilled in the holes.

Because the level and screwdrivers are wooden you could use a hammer and a nail to make the holes for this project, but a drill is a lot faster.

Repurposed wooden screwdrivers and level ready to be assembled into wind chime

Then I screwed eye hooks into the level.

Assembling repurposed screwdrivers wind chime

close up of necklace pieces attached to wooden level using eye hooks

Next, I took the necklace apart using needle nose pliers.

Then I attached links to the eye hooks by opening each link with the pliers, inserting it into the eye hook, and then closing the link… again with the pliers.

Large metal key rings and split rings used to attached necklace pieces to hang wind chime

The two split rings are used to join two pieces of the necklace with the key ring at the top of the wind chime.

necklace pieces attached to wooden level using eye hooks

I removed all the beads from the necklace, totally a personal choice, because for me the screwdrivers and the level are the stars of this diy wind chime.

close up of wooden screwdrivers repurposed in diy wind chime

As you can see I didn’t clean up the screwdrivers at all.

Create a fun diy wind chime using repurposed screwdrivers and level

These repurposed screwdrivers have earned their aged patina, kinda like me. lol.

And I wouldn’t dream of taking that history away.

repurposed screwdrivers into diy wind chime

If these vintage tools could talk, I’m sure they’d have a lot of fabulous project stories to tell.

Maybe they’re having a conversation right now, about their cool new life as a repurposed wind chime… another story added to their history.

Supplies needed for this project

  • Wooden Screwdrivers
  • wooden level
  • eye hooks & cup hooks
  • misc chain necklace
  • split rings
  • key ring
  • drill & small bit
  • black marker
  • needle nose pliers

Fun diy wind chime out of repurposed screwdrivers and level

I replaced the sweet little red-handled screwdriver with a longer red one on the right side because I decided I needed something at the top, and it fit perfectly.

Fun diy wind chime out of repurposed level and screwdrivers

This repurposed screwdriver wind chime was a lot of fun to create.

The sound is more on the light clanky side rather than the usual tinkling sounds that my other wind chimes tend to make.

But it’s a cool conversation piece, and would look awesome inside or outside a workshop.

Oh yes, I almost forgot… the reason I used cup hooks for the screwdrivers rather than eye hooks is because they can be easily removed.

I thought it would be fun to repurpose them in a way that allows them to still be used for their original intended purpose.

Please pin to your favorite board.

Fun diy wind chime out of repurposed wooden level and screwdrivers

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Tuula,

    Another great project. Love to see what you will be doing next. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Absolutely perfect! And you could do it with almost any tool! You are amazing!

  3. As a DIY enthusiast and someone who LOVES to upcycle all old and pre-loved things, I’m excited about trying this one out!!! You’re so clever and creative!!! Thanks for the inspiration and the instructions!

    Can’t wait to see what I’ll find you doing next!