Repurposed Spring Whisks into DIY Tulips

Repurposed spring whisks make great DIY tulips

I love to create flowers using all kinds of items, and it’s easy to create fun and funky DIY tulips to add some whimsy to your garden.

Easy DIY upcycled spring whisks into garden tulips

To create these upcycled tulips you’ll need some metal spring whisks.

What are spring whisks?

variety of thrifted metal spring whisks

These are spring whisks. They come in various shapes and sizes and the whisk area is coiled like a spring. And all of them look like wannabe-tulips to me. But I tend to see the world through flower-colored glasses. lol.

When I found my first spring whisk in a 25 cent kitchen gadget bin at a local thrift store last summer, I knew right away what it was supposed to become. It was that one in the middle with the wooden ball on the end.

So I’ve been on the lookout for these whisks at my local thrift stores ever since. I found two more in that same 25 cent kitchen gadget bin, and the other two were 50 cents each at a different thrift store.

A couple of the whisks were wound rather tightly when I found them, but that was easily fixed. You just have to pull on the whisk until you get the look you want. But be careful not to pull too hard because there’s no going back.

Supplies needed for upcycled spring whisk tulips

  • metal spring whisks
  • painter’s tape
  • spray paint

Preparing whisks for spray painting

covering bottom of spring whisk with painters tape

In order to paint the stems and the flowers you need to tape off the sections to make it easier. I’m using 1″ painter’s tape around the bottom area. Use small pieces to make coverage easier.

Painter’s tape is just sticky enough, without being too sticky, so it’s easy to remove when you’re done spray painting.

painters tape used for spray painting spring whisks

To easily cover the rest of the whisk I used 2 1/2″ painter’s tape.

spring whisks covered with painters tape ready for spray painting

Here are all five of my whisks ready to have their stems spray painted. You’ll notice the wooden ball is gone. I just knocked it off with a hammer.

Spray painting repurposed spring whisks

spring whisk stems spray painted green

I took the whisks outside and gave each side two coats of green spray paint, letting them dry in between. The shapes of the handles doesn’t really matter. Once they’re tucked into the garden you won’t really notice them, but they’re painted to blend in.

wrapping newspaper around stem to spray paint whisk

I didn’t want to use the painter’s tape to cover up the green spray paint because I thought it might pull it off because it was just freshly dried. So I decided to use 2″ strips of newsprint. I slid the paper through the whisk, over what had already been painted, and then wrapped it around the handle.

spray painting spring whisk pink

Like this. Then I held each whisk and spray painted the pink. I stood them up in a plant pot outside to dry. Then I gave each one a second coat.

Spring whisks after spray painting

spring whisks painted with green and pink spray paint

Now they’re looking like what I saw in my head when I thought of this idea. Before “planting” them in the garden I gave them two coats of a spray poly.

repurposed spring whisks into DIY tulips

And here they are. I tucked them into this sweet little perennial geranium. It’s always nice to borrow foliage from plants you already have in the garden so you don’t have to create any faux leaves.

upcycled spring whisks into DIY tulips

These repurposed spring whisk tulips were a fun and easy project. I never tire of adding whimsical flowers to my gardens.

Every year I seem to plant fewer annuals because they require so much maintenance and watering. And every year I create more variations of repurposed and upcycled flowers that require no maintenance and no watering.

I hope I’ve inspired you to add some whimsy to your garden.

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Easy DIY tulips from repurposed spring whisks

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Aww, as always Tuula, these are just adorable and SO creative!!

  2. Debra Hubbs says:

    These are so cute! They look great where you have them. I just recently learned about this perennial geranium and I’m on the hunt for one. Happy Summer!

    1. Thanks Debra! The geranium is such a sweet and easy care plant and it’s the perfect home for the whisk tulips.

  3. I love your whisk tulips! What a great way to reuse them and add a pop of color to your garden.