Repurposed Steamer Wind Chime

How to Create a Repurposed Steamer Wind Chime

Wind Chimes and flowers are two of my favorite things to create from repurposed odds and ends, and this steamer wind chime that’s also a flower was a lot of fun to make.

supplies for repurposed steamer wind chime

Here are my supplies for this wind chime. You’ll find a list near the end of this post.

Because both the steamer and the measuring spoons already have holes, this is a no drill required project.

I’ve used steamers before, when I created some repurposed flowers a few years ago. You can check out my repruposed strainer/steamer flowers here or watch the video a little farther down in this post.

supplies for spray painted steamer flower wind chime

I spray painted the steamer a fun pink/purple, and the jello mold a light pink.

metal measuring spoons used for chimes on steamer wind chime

Using pliers, I took the faux pearl necklace apart to use to hang the measuring spoons.

Then I attached the split rings to the spoons and the necklace pieces to the rings.

metal steamer spray painted pink

I spaced the split rings out as evenly as I could using the holes in the steamer.

measuring spoon wind chimes attached to repurposed steamer flower

Here you can see it all attached.

gluing glass plate onto metal steamer to create flower

I applied a thin layer of Marine Goop adhesive to the bottom of the glass plate before attaching it to the center of the steamer.

Be careful not to use too much glue. Less is definitely more.

repurposed steamer flower for diy wind chime

I did the same with the jello mold, and then placed it in the center of the glass plate.

Let the glue cure for at least 24 hours. If it’s hot and humid, like it is here right now, even longer may be required for the glue to set.

added chandelier crystal to top of diy steamer wind chime

To hang my steamer wind chime I used two pieces of another faux pearl necklace attached to split rings, and a large key ring at the very top.

As with most of my wind chimes I added a chandelier crystal to the top to add a little bling.

I’m always in favor of a little bling.

close up of necklace pieces used to hang metal measuring spoons as chimes

I just eyeballed the spacing of the chimes, but I think it turned out pretty well.

Repurposed metal steamer made into flower wind chime

So here’s my pretty repurposed garden art flower steamer wind chime.

Don’t worry about whether the measuring spoon chimes face front or back because they’ll move around all the time in the wind.

I just let them do their thing.

TIP: If you’re having a heat wave, like we are here, don’t hang it in full sun. UV rays on days with temps like mid to high 30s can work to degrade the glue.

Supplies needed for Repurposed Steamer Wind Chime

  • folding metal steamer
  • glass or metal plate
  • jello mold ( or something else for the center)
  • spray paint
  • necklace parts
  • chandelier crystal
  • Marine Goop or E6000 glue
  • split rings
  • key ring
  • pliers

Garden art flower wind chime from repurposed steamer wind chime

The pieces of the flower for this steamer wind chime could be spray painted any colors that you love, or you could even keep it all natural.

It’s entirely up to you to customize this wind chime in any way that you love.

Please pin to your favorite board.

How to create a repurposed metal steamer wind chime that looks like a flower with measuring spoon chimes

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Annette Wells says:

    I love it – in the beginning, I didn’t expect too much, but you changed that opinion!

  2. As always you pulled off another wonderful upcycle! Beautiful!

  3. Rebecca Payne says:

    OMG! I love this.

  4. Kaye Mangin says:

    The glass plate just made the whole thing pop. This is very lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As usual, your imagination knows no bounds!!! I pinned in 3 different places so I wouldn’t lose it!

  6. with your post as inspiration I made one to give as a gift to my neighbor who loves all my garden art.
    I also made her a coordinating (colorful) dragonfly using a chair leg and ceiling fan blades. So much fun and she loved BOTH of them. Think I will make her one more dragonfly since a grouping of three is better than two and she hung them on her wood privacy fence.

    1. That’s awesome Molly Jo! That’s so nice of you to share your creations with your neighbour. I made one of those dragonflies years ago, pre blogging days. They are so much fun!