Repurposed Stove Pipe Covers and Finds of the Week #5

Today I’m combining my Finds of the Week post with a project that I should have posted on Thursday, but I didn’t get it done in time… so here it is.
Repurposed Stove Pipe Covers Frames

Stove Pipe Cover makeover
In my thrifted finds post last weekend I showed you these two vintage stove pipe covers.

They cost me 10 cents a piece.

I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but as soon as I got home I had an idea.

painting stove pipe covers

The mustard yellow really wasn’t doing anything for me, so it had to go.

I love vintage aluminum anything so I spray painted them with a lovely metallic silver.

I painted them on both sides because I wasn’t sure which side I was going to use.

painting stove pipe covers
Then they were way too shiny and new looking, so I sootified them to give them an aged look.

This was easily done with some black craft paint.

I just slapped it on all over with a brush, waited a few minutes and then wiped it off with a dry paper towel.

upcycling stove pipe covers into picture frames

Here’s  a look at the difference.

I thought the black was still a little too heavy.

painting stove pipe covers

So I removed a little more of the black.

If the paint was a little too dry in spots I used a slightly damp towel, and a very light hand.

The best thing here is not to think about it too much and just go for it.


Gluing beading onto repurposed Stove Pipe Cover

Then I found some beading in my Christmas stash and added it around the outside edge with my glue gun.

Easy peasy.

Of course I had to pinkify them just a bit.


Stove Pipe Cover Picture Frames


I couldn’t decide whether the pink beading should be on the inside edge or the outside so I did one of each.

adding pictures to stove pipe cover frames
I have a thing for black and white photos so I printed two on my printer.

Using just regular photo copy paper gives a vintage look. No fancy paper needed here.

I cut them in a circle and taped them to the back with regular scotch tape.


This tape is perfect because it holds well, but comes off beautifully so when I decide to change the photos it’ll be easy.

Stove Pipe Cover Picture Frames


Here are my finished frames. I chose two Seine riverscapes from our trip to Paris a few years ago.

Stove Pipe Cover Picture Frame Makeover

This one has Notre Dame Cathedral at the end of the view.

Painted Stove Pipe Cover picture frame

And here’s the Pont Alexandre III, the most beautiful and ornate bridge in Paris. You can see Les Invalides, where Napoleon’s Tomb is located, in the back right.


Upcycled Stove Pipe Covers


So here’s another look at the before.
Painted Stove Pipe Cover Picture Frames

And here they are in the kitchen between the front door and the basement door. I’m sneaking bits of pink all over the house. lol. I really need to find one more of these stove pipe covers. I have a thing about doing things in threes.

I raided my recycle bin for two cat food can lids, and glued the pop-up tabs on the backs to use for hangers. I just glued them on with my glue gun.Which do you like better… the pink on the inside edge or the outside? I think I’m leaning toward the inside, but for now I’m really happy with how these turned out.

Now on to what I found this week.

I finally found a set of two matching dressers for my master bedroom makeover. Yay!!! I’ve been looking for months.


I found this vintage set at the local Restore and they really need some love. They’re in good shape structurally, and they only cost me $35 for the set.

They have a lovely scalloped detail at the bottom, and that’s pretty much all I love about them in their current state. They need a total makeover, and that’s exactly what they’re going to get.


And, shock of all shocks, those pink wooden knobs are not staying. What?!! lol. Oh, yes, they’re outa here. I have other ideas. Now as soon as it warms up a little I can get started on the other end of this master bedroom.

I found a few other things, but I’ll save those for another post

There’s a rumour going around that Spring is coming. I hope it’s true! Don’t forget that the clocks spring froward this weekend. Yay!! I’m all for more evening daylight.

Thanks so much for reading!


Keep smiling!


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  1. Who would have thought to make stove pipe covers into beautiful frames? Only you, Tuula! So unique and absolutely brilliant to feature your favorite scenes of Paris in the center! I like the pink on the inside, too! Seems to enhance the pictures. Can't wait to see how you transform those dressers. What a good deal! Can't believe you're not keeping the pink knobs. But whatever you come up with I'm sure it will be fabulous!

    1. I knew you'd come up with something clever! I'm going to look for those now, when I'm out thrifting! I've thrown away quite a few over the years! Hey, in my last comment, I meant I thought tea lights had been around about 50 years, not that I was 50 year older than you! I put you in the 25-35 range and that would make me 75-85! NOT!……..yet. Looking forward to the finished dressers! Dona

  2. Ooops. My comment came up as a reply to Gail. What'd I do?? (Gail, are you a purple person?? ME TOO!!! Dona

  3. You.Are.Amazing!! How do you come up with these delightful ideas? 🙂 Your stove pipe covers are fabulous, Tuula.

    Thanks for always being an inspiration. Happy weekend. Hugs!

  4. I LOVE what you did with them Tuula! They are just gorgeous. Good score on those dressers…but I am a little shocked about the pink knobs????

  5. How great are these?! I can't decide if I like the pink on the outside or in…I think both ways! I never thought to just print pictures off the computer on regular paper. I don't have color ink or fancy paper so it works for me!

  6. I love your frame idea! Can hardly wait to see what gorgeous idea you have for those dressers. Thanks for sharing. Love ya' Patricia B

  7. I love those stove pipe covers Tuula and I was wondering what you would do with them. I thought you'd make a wreath. I think picture frames are a wonderful idea an yours are so pretty with the black and white photos in them. "Sootified"….you crack me up!!

  8. So creative! I love how you painted and sootified the covers! They look really good. And I lean towards the pink in the middle too. And I also like things in 3's…. it's a real problem sometimes 😉 Good buy on the dressers. I can't wait to see what you do!

  9. THE PINK KNOBS ARE NOT STAYING!?! Is this really Tuula? Clever and creative use of the stove covers. I like the pink next to the photo – it makes it pop.

  10. Love the colors you changed them to and made them into great frames, so neat to find a matching set of dressers, look forward to seeing what you do with them

  11. Oh wow! I love them… we honeymooned in Paris so I would love to make something like this. Awesome! And, I love pink too. 🙂 Diana at Adirondack Girl at Heart said we should meet… I'm wondering if we have already… but if not, HELLO! Another gal who loves pink! 🙂

  12. I loved coming to see this post again, Tuula! You truly are amazing 🙂 Thanks for sharing your creativity with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  13. What a fun upcycle project Tuula! Perfect for your gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing with SYC.