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Repurposed Strainer and Jello Mold Flower

To celebrate the first day of Spring, YAY!, I really wanted to create something for the garden. After looking through my stashes I came up with this quick & easy repurposed strainer and jello mold flower.

When making whimsical flowers for the garden they can be as fancy as a dish flower, or as rustic as this flower that I’m sharing with you today.

It really just depends on what you’re using to create your flower.


repurposed strainer and jello mold flower supplies

For my flowers I’m using:

  • a vintage silver metal strainer
  • a copper jello mold,
  • a red glass candle holder,
  • a stainless steel tablespoon
  • Marine Goop Adhesive

These flowers can be made using things you already have, or keep an eye out for odds and ends the next time you’re at a thrift store or garage sale.


spray painting silver metal colander red for repurposed flower

Just for fun I spray painted the bottom of the strainer red. I like my flowers to look good from all sides.


marine goop and E6000 glue

You can use either Marine Goop or E6000 glue, whichever you have access to.


applying glue to bottom of copper jello mold

When making flowers like this always remember to add the glue to the highest point. For the copper jello mold that’s the bumps around the outside.


gluing red glass candle holder into center of jello mold

I placed the jello mold into the center of the strainer, wiggling it a bit to get good contact, and then glued the red glass candle holder into the center of the mold.

Then I let that cure for 24 hours.


hammering stainless steel tablespoon flat for repurposed jello mold flower

I took the stainless steel spoon outside and had an stress release therapy session. lol.

Sorry spoon, but I really did need you to be flat.


gluing bent tablespoon onto back of red painted strainer

After bending the spoon, I glued it onto the back of the strainer holding it in place with painter’s tape.

Again I let the glue cure for 24 hours.


repurposed strainer and jello mold flower back view

Here you can see how the spoon sits nice and snug in the pipe.

This is a cooper pipe that I spray painted green ages ago and also used for my repurposed steamer/strainer flowers.


repurposed strainer and jello mold flower side view

Here’s a side view.

The red back of the strainer is not totally necessary, but it adds another dimension and it ties in with the red candle holder in the center.

TIP: If you have cold and snowy winters like I do you should store any flowers that are glued together safely out of the elements. This will help the glue hold for years to come. Regular rain is fine during the warmer months but ice, snow, and freezing temps put a lot of stress on the glue.


repurposed strainer and jello mold flower 2

It’s hard to see it in the picture but the light comes through the petal-shaped holes of the strainer so beautifully, and the glass candle holder shimmers inside the copper jello mold.

When putting things together for a flower like this I’m always looking at the interplay of the pieces, and what they bring to each other.


repurposed strainer and jello mold flower put onto pipe stem

Now I think my jello mold flower needs some fun companions, so when the garden starts coming alive I’ll definitely have to make a few more that are completely different.

That’s the great thing about making flowers like this, what you can do is only limited by your imagination.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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Add some whimsy to your garden by creating a repurposed strainer and jello mold flower.

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  1. I love it! The red really sets it off! Nice work, kiddo! Dona

    1. Great idea….I did the same thing only used pretty plates, saucers, little bowls and candle holders. We have them in our woods on the trail…..I have enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing all your projects. Pam- West TN

      1. Thanks Pam! I’ve made dish flowers too, and it’s so much fun to put them together. How fun to have them along your trail. 🙂

  2. ColleenB.~ Tx. says:

    I love your creations and this is such an easy peasy project. Thank you
    Believe it or, I have everything already on hand, except for the glue that is…….bummer. Used the last of what I had left in the tube a few days ago; I squeezed till I no longer could get any more glue out. Glue………………On my craft item grocery list it goes.
    Enjoy your week and have a wonderful and joyful weekend.

    1. Thanks Colleen! I love doing easy projects every once in a while. Breaks up the bigger ones. I wish you a wonderful week too. 🙂

  3. I am a huge fan of your glass garden flowers and these are just as cute. It just so happens that I have been collecting metal molds and old spindles to make flowers. Happy Spring!

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! Sounds like you’re going to be making a lot of flowers. It would be such fun to have a garden full of them. 🙂

  4. Very cute. I want to make one.

    1. Thanks Florence! They’re so easy to make and are a great use for misc stash items.

  5. This is a keeper! I see birthday gifts for my sisters!! Thanks, Tuula…. always enjoy your posts!

    1. Thanks Karolyn! I think flowers like this would make awesome gifts because depending on what you use every flower is one of a kind.

  6. Great project! I always get my E6000 glue with a coupon caz it is seldom on sale. Always enjoy your projects!

  7. Anita Ellison says:

    Too cute! I could use several of these late in the summer when my other flowers start to fade.