Repurposed Straw Purse Fall Door Decor

Fall door decor from a repurposed straw purse

Thrifted purses are always fun to create with and they can be repurposed in so many ways, like my fall door decor that I’m sharing with you today.

With fall now here it’s time for me to get into the swing of my favorite season, and this quick and easy project was the perfect way to do that.


front of floral straw purse used to fall door decor

I found this cool straw purse at a local thrift store for $1.

All the vibrant colors of the floral decorations make this purse work for any season I think, depending on what is put inside.

I used a very different, but just as pretty purse, for my straw purse dresser storage.


back of floral straw purse used to fall door decor

These straw purses are sold as tourist items, and this one is from Jamaica.

It’s in great condition and holds its shape well.


floral lining of floral straw purse used to fall door decor

Even the inside is pretty with this pink floral lining.

I’m so glad it’s lined because it helps protect the straw from being damaged by the floral stems that I’m using.


Florals used for purse fall door decor 

Miscellaneous artificial fall leaves

Like these large fall leaf picks that I found at a dollar store.


fall florals and pussy willows

And these pretties that I found at another dollar store.

Pussy willows are a favorite of mine so for me they’re good for any decor during any season.


Miscellaneous fall florals

And whenever I see good-looking florals at a thrift store for cheap I pick them up. These pretties were just 50 cents each.


bending fall picks with pliers to customize lengths

To make my picks the length that I needed I simply used pliers to bend the stems back and forth until they broke.


Filling the straw purse with florals

adding fall leaves for background of straw purse door decor

To create my straw purse door decor I wanted to make a background with the leaves so I started with them.


filling in purse with fall floals for fall door decor

Then I added all the filler pieces and the two yellow florals up front.


Supplies used for repurposed straw purse fall door decor

– straw purse
– misc fall florals and leaves
– pliers


repurposed straw purse fall door decor

And here’s my finished purse fall door decor for under $10. It think it’s so fun, and it was so easy to put together.

Depending on the purse and the florals that you use the different looks you could  create are pretty endless.

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Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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Quick and Easy Repurposed Straw Purse Fall Door Decor


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  1. Love it! You find the coolest stuff up there! I’ll add straw purses to my list of stuff to look for! I’m moving into my own place soon so I’ll be able to try some of your creations!! Dona

  2. I’ve seen cute straw bags but always thought, no I wouldn’t use one. Your idea is a real game changer. Now I will be on the lookout for a straw bag. Love your idea.