Repurposed Vintage Magazine Rack Planter

I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to repurpose into planters…. like this magazine rack planter.

Not that there’s anything wrong with traditional type planters, but using unusual things can really up the fun factor.

Giving flowers a one-of-a-kind home can easily take them from pretty to pretty amazing, and for me what I put my flowers in is almost as important as the flowers themselves.

I sort of think of the flowers as the art and the planter as the frame that accents the art.

In the past I’ve used many different things as planters like this doll carriage planter, and this purse planter, and these sink planters… just to name a few. And once I even literally framed a wall planter.

Today I’m sharing my quick and easy magazine rack planter.

repurposed vintage magazine rack planter front view

I found it at a local thrift store and, lucky  me, it was half price day.

What did I pay for it?


repurposed vintage magazine rack planter side view

Just $3!!!

Wow, right?

For that price I couldn’t pass it up. Could you?


repurposed vintage magazine rack planter close up of details

It’s quite heavy and has lovely details.


repurposed magazine rack planter before close up of feet

Check out those feet!

I have to admit that I have a weakness for leaves and curlicues.


spray painted aqua blue magazine rack planter

I spray painted it my new favorite color, aqua blue, (sorry pink, but you’re still a very very very close second) with a paint and primer combo meant for metal.


spray painted blue repurposed magazine rack planter

Spray paints are labelled on the front so it’s very easy to find the kind that you need for any project.


roll of cocoa fibre to be used for magazine rack planter

Since none of the pre-made coco fibre planter fillers that I could find were the right size for my magazine rack I had to look for something else, and I was lucky to find this roll of coco fibre at an area nursery.


cocoa fibre for repurposed magazine rack planter

Here’s what it looks like when it’s rolled out.

It quite strong and can be a little hard to manipulate, but the strength of the fibre is also what makes it great for lining planters.

I’ve read that wetting it can sometimes make it more pliable, but I didn’t need to do that in this case.


roll of cocoa fibre to be used for magazine rack planter

After measuring what I needed I cut the coco fibre to size, which cut very easily with a regular pair of scissors.


repurposed magazine rack planter inside lined with cocoa fibre

First I tried putting the  main piece in first, but I didn’t like all the extra stuff showing at the corners.


repurposed magazine rack planter ends lined with cocoa fibre

So I decided to put the end pieces in first…


repurposed magazine rack planter lined with cocoa fibre

… and then put the main section back in.

repurposed magazine rack planter with pink mums

I always thought mums were for fall, but they’re showing up in nurseries here already.

These two pretty pinky/purply mums were the perfect size for my magazine rack planter.


repurposed magazine rack planter planted with pink mums

I  just put the mums in pots and all.

The coco fibre acts makes a nice screen so you don’t see the pots at all.


Magazine racks come in all shapes, styles, sizes, and materials… and I think probably all of them could make cool garden planters.

So the next time you see one at a thrift store or garage sale why not give this a try?

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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Repurposed magazine rack planter using a little spray paint and some pretty flowers.


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  1. ColleenB.~ Tx. says:

    Beautiful and love the spray paint color

  2. This is so pretty. I have a rack something like this that I was gonna get rid of but now I know what to do with it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re so welcome Lexie! How fun that you already have a magazine rack to use. 🙂

  3. LINDA N. SCHRADER says:

    This is totally awesome…what a great idea & the price was right. For only $3 you almost got paid to make it. Wish you lived closer so we could go junkin’ together, I’m sure there’s things right in front of me I miss. There are great Goodwill shops around, plus 3-4 I go to when I visit my daughter in Nashville. My car is always full when I get home. Need to buy a pick-up for the trip…there’s tons of places to stop in between!!!

    1. Thanks Linda! Junkin is always more fun with friends that’s for sure. My car is often full too. 🙂

  4. Very cute idea. I garage sale every weekend now I will be on the lookout for magazine racks. Never would have thought of this idea. You are so very creative. Love getting your emails.
    Thank you

  5. That’s beautiful Tuula! I’ve seen magazine racks used as planters before, but this is the prettiest one! The combo of curlicues, the paint, and coco fiber lining is just the thing to show off any plant!

    1. Thanks Florence! Coco fibre is really amazing stuff, and can help turn almost anything into a planter.

  6. This is such a creative idea! I’d luv for you to share it with us at Wall to Wall DIY Wednesday, which runs thru Mondays! Best, Ann

  7. Really cute idea!!! I’ve had a couple of these in my lifetime and have let them go! I’ll keep an eye out for another now! Great job, girl! Dona

  8. Very cool Tuula! I would have never thought to use it as a planter but it looks beautiful!


    1. Thanks very much Tania! The great thing is I can still use it as a magazine rack if I want to.

  9. Perfect repurpose for a magazine rack and of course, I LOVE the color!

    1. Thanks Marie! Pink and aqua are pretty much my favorite colors these days. I think pink just edges aqua out, but not by much.

  10. Beth Mitchell says:

    Really, REALLY cute! I love unique containers for flowers, and this is one of the prettiest I’ve seen.

  11. MaryEllen says:

    I love this!! Now all I have to find is an old metal magazine rack!!! Thank you for sharing.

  12. love the repurposed magazine rack, great idea!

  13. MaryEllen says:

    Tuula~ I absolutely love this!!! Now, if I can only find a metal magazine rack, this would look great on my front porch!

  14. a person could also put holes in the coconut liner and on the outside put trailing sedums and it would hide the coconut liner , yet still see the design of the metal frame. Nice find!