Repurposed Vintage Strainer Makeover

In my Finds post earlier this week I showed you this vintage strainer that I found for $1. I had just started to do some annuals planting. Perfect timing!

Repurposed vintage metal strainer planter

I confess I have a thing for strainers. I think it has something to do with my love of polka dots. 🙂

A few years ago I made this strainer planter wind chime, but this strainer had sweet little feet so I decided it would make a perfect planter.


vintage metal strainer repurposed into a planter

It’s quite large.


vintage metal strainer makeover

And it comes with ample polka dot drainage.

It has a crack in the right handle, but the handle is still solid so that didn’t matter to me.


vintage metal strainer repurposed into a planter

I love these little feet.


vintage metal strainer repurposed into a planter

It’s marked Made in Italy. Cool!

All this vintage strainer needed was a little spray paint love.


taping a vintage strainer for spray painting

So I covered the handles…


taping a vintage strainer for spray painting

and the sweet little feet with painter’s tape because I wanted them to keep their silver colour.

I liked the Made in Italy mark so I taped over that too. Why not?


I gave it three light coats of a lovely aqua apraypaint, letting it dry between coats while I worked at pulling weeds in the gardens.


vintage metal strainer makeover into planter

Then I removed the tape and simply plunked in a ready made $10 hanging planter of hot pink geraniums. Hangers removed of course.

And voila! Easy peasy pink prettiness. 🙂 I love a pink and turquoise combo.

Oh who am I kidding… I love a pink and any colour combo. lol.


Don’t forget to pin it!

Repurposed vintage metal strainer planter

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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  1. You are the queen of vintage repurposing and this makeover is no exception! The last shot is a perfect setting for your lovely vintage flower container creations!

  2. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Gorgeous! I love that strainer and what a make-over beauty it is

  3. Oh, that is so pretty. Love the little girl under the table, too!! Looking forward to what comes next! Dona

  4. It’s so cute, Tuula! I love the combo of pink and turquoise as well. Now, I want to find an old strainer! Enjoy your break and see ya when you get back!

  5. I love the colors! So pretty & cheering! Unusual to find a strainer made in Italy!

  6. Lorraine Castellon-Rowe says:

    Darling!!! Love the color!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Adorable. Love the color you painted the strainer. I have an enamel strainer that is about to be pressed into service. Pink in aqua are my favorite colors these days.

  8. Love your idea. It came out so cute. I do the same thing with regards to your “made in Italy” mark. I like to leave certain marks showing…..people might think I’m crazy but I like the history of things so I like to leave marks on some of the items I repurpose. 🙂

  9. Very cute! I love the colors you chose and with the lime green table….divine!

  10. Tuula very pretty, gorgeous Geraniums

    Been missing for a while but I’m back


  11. I love it…especially with the pink flowers! So happy. I’ve been away, too- and might stay away a bit longer. 😉 xo, T.

  12. Who would have known that a strainer could look so amazing! Nice makeover Tuula 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm 🙂

  13. Just found your in my email DIY.
    I think we must be sisters from another mother 😉
    I love strainers, curly ques, thrift stores and garden art!
    Can’t wait to get started on some of your fun projects!
    Thank you do much for sharing

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Cathy! I’m so happy you’re here. It’s always nice to meet a creative sister. 🙂