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Repurposed Vintage Straw Trivet Wreath

How to Make a Straw Trivet Wreath

I’ve been collecting these straw trivets for some time now, probably a few years actually, just waiting to have enough so I could create a fun trivet wreath with them.


vintage straw trivets repurposed into a wreath

They’re so pretty and colorful, and there are so many different variations with the color combos.

I remember my mother using these years ago, and she has a few that she still uses.


jute twine and wooden wreath frame used to create vintage straw trivet wreath

I’ve been finding them at thrift stores for anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar each.

I have a few that I use myself, but the rest will be put to good use in this diy wreath.


vintage straw trivet wreath supplies

To help me create my trivet wreath I’m using one of my favorite things, jute twine.


diy wreath created from repurposed vintage straw trivets

And a homemade round wooden frame that I found at a garage sale years ago for a dollar.

There were four of these babies and I bought all of them because I’d never seen anything like them before, and probably never will again.

And the hassle of trying to cut these out myself was more than worth the four dollars I paid.

The seller had used them as Christmas light holders, but I think they could be used in so many ways and today one of them is becoming a straw trivet wreath.

You can use any type of a wreath frame or form as long as it’s flat.


Covering the wreath frame with jute twine

wrapping jute twine around round wooden frame

To start I wrapped the wooden form with the jute twine, gluing at the start and at the end.

This is so the form would blend better with the trivets so that it’s not so noticeable.

I kept the twine continuously one piece by feeding the whole thing through the frame, and around and around and around.

You can just see the metal hanger that’s on the back of the frame peeking out.


round wooden frame wrapped with jute twine

Now I’m not going to lie, this took a while. lol.

I wrapped the jute twine very tightly together so there wouldn’t be any gaps.

Not sure how many times I went around but I got good at it, doing 10 loops at a time and then tightening those… and then doing that again until I was all the way around.


Attaching bottom layer of trivet wreath

using invisible thread to attached straw trivets to wreath frame

To attach my trivets I used invisible nylon thread, which I fed through spaces in the trivets with a needle.

I did this to both sides of each trivet.

You can feed the thread through by hand, but the needle makes it so much easier.


hot gluing invisible thread knots

Then I tied the nylon thread at the back of the frame and hot glued it in place so the thread wouldn’t loosen on  me later.

If you have no qualms about hot gluing the trivets you can do that.

It would definitely be easier, but I didn’t want any glue on these trivets.

I might want to take this apart one day and use them in another way, or sell them.


bottom layer of straw trivets attached to jute covered wooden wreath frame

I used less colorful trivets for the bottom layer.


Attaching top layer of trivet wreath

using invisible thread to create vintage straw trivet wreath

Here’s a close up look a the nylon thread after I’ve pulled it through the front of the trivet that I’m using at the top of my wreath.

I did this on both sides of the center medallion area for all the trivets on the top layer.

The thread is on either side of a join so when I pull the thread from the other side it holds the trivet in place.


using invisible thread to create vintage straw trivet wreath 2

I just pulled very lightly so the thread disappears and is solidly in place, and I tie it around the back just like I showed above.


DIY Repurposed Vintage Straw Trivet Wreath

Repurposed straw trivets used to create a diy wreath

I didn’t tie the thread super tight because I didn’t want it to cause any damage.


vintage red and green wicker hot pad used in straw trivet diy wreath

Here’s the one I used in the close up photos above. I love its funky shape and the pattern is so pretty.

Now that it’s all done I’m not really sure that I needed to wrap the wooden frame with the jute twine, but I’m happy I did anyway.

Just in case it does peek through here and there, and it did make it look a lot nicer.


repurposed vintage straw trivets for diy wreath

For the top layer you want to use trivets that are stiff.


vintage green and red wicker hot pad used in straw trivet wreath

They can better span the space between the trivets below without caving into it when you tie them in place.

Supplies used for Vintage Straw Trivet Wreath

– various vintage straw trivets
– jute twine
– glue gun and glue sticks
– invisible nylon thread
– wreath frame


Repurposed vintage wicker trivet wreath

I think the colors give it a definite fall vibe, which I love because it’s my favorite season.

The trivets are just a teeny bit loose so they might be a little bit wonky, but that’s just fine.

Now I’d love to find a round mirror just the right size to hang on the wall behind the wreath. I think that would be a lot of fun. It could take a while, but I love the challenge of hunting for something.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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DIY reprupposed vintage straw trivet wreath



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  1. LOVE this project Tuula! So colorful and pretty & a perfect use for the trivets. I grab them wherever I’m lucky enough to find them, but I resell them for others to do the creating. This is the first time I’ve seen them used & l love it!

    1. Thanks so much Florence! Creating this wreath with them was so much fun. 🙂

  2. LINDA N. SCHRADER says:

    This is a beautiful idea…really like the outcome.

  3. What an awesome idea!!!!

  4. Adorable! this turned out great!

  5. Yes! like everyone is saying above. So pretty. I love this. Love the different designs you made out of them and then turned them into a wreath!

  6. Oh, these just scream “FALL” to me!! You’ve got all the fall colors there! I love it! Way to go girl!!

    1. Laura Crumm says:

      I love this! so beautiful and fallish. I need to start looking for some of these trivets.

  7. I love your wreath. I’ll no longer pass up those trivets when I see them at the thrift store. Pinning.

  8. Just fabulous! I’m curious, where are you going to hang it and what is the diameter? I would love to make one of these but unfortunately I don’t have any free wall space. I would love to see it once you hang it!

    1. Thanks Pam! Right now it’s hanging in my living room, and I’ll be showing it again later when I finish another living room project.

  9. I am not a huge fan of wreaths, but I love this one! Such a clever idea, and so pretty!

  10. I still can’t imagine finding that many straw trivets! Awesome project. I would measure how wide and long the wreathe opening is; you may find an oval or even square mirror that will do the trick! I think it would also be awesome for decor for Day of the Dead decor and Cinco de Mayo!

    1. Thanks Kathy! I didn’t even thing of a mirror size other than round, but I’ll measure and see if an oval or square with work.

  11. This is one of the most unique and creative ideas for a Fall wreath! LOVE it so it will be my feature at the ToTT party next week ? Thank you for sharing it with us.

  12. I LOVE this, Tuula!! I’ve been collecting a few of these trivets for a project, too – never would have thought of a wreath, though. FABULOUS job!

    1. Thanks very much Sarah! Now I’m looking for more in specific colors for a specific project. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours. 🙂

  13. What a creative wreath, Tuula! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  14. Patty Escamilla says:

    OMG, that wreath is soooooo cute , I have a couple of those I will star looking for more to make me a wreath, thank you for posting, I’m in love with this.

    1. Thanks Patty! This was such a fun wreath to make. I’m so happy that it has inspired you.

  15. OHEMGEE ? SO happy I ran across this. I just love Hometalk. Unfortunately I don’t have enough straw trivets to do this right now, but super inspired to be on the lookout for more.
    I’m msg you to tell you that I think the vintage yellow/off white Home Interiors(I think) mirror would go perfect underneath. They came round and oval that I know of. The frames are kinda cheap and easily crack as old as they are. I know because I recently found one and spray painted the frame gold. I left it in The Shed(his but I took it over, hence The not She)? to dry and apparently it was in the way. Upon looking for a better place to put it, and this is where things get fuzzy, a wild squirrel ? broke in and knocked it down or Hubs dropped it. ??‍♀️ Anyway, I’m sure there’s 1 or 2 hidden somewhere at Mama’s. Just thought I’d share. Thanks for the awesome idea.

    1. You’re so welcome Lori! I’m so glad my project has inspired you. I hope you’re able to find more of these fabulous straw trivets. I’m still looking for a mirror at my local thrift stores and hope to find one some day soon. I think I might have that same squirrel around here. lol.

  16. I just love this!! I’ve got some of these trivets and I never really use them. They just sit in the drawer with all my potholders unless it’s a holiday and then I pull them out. This is just too cute! I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for these at yard sales. I think I have 5 so I’d definitely need a few more. I actually found this on Hometalk but thought I would comment here instead. Someone on there mentioned using granny squares or yo-yo’s made with fabric as a substitute and I think those were both very cute ideas as well. I am sort of a yo-yo queen..lol..I’ve made so many of them over the years for so many projects!
    Again, really love this so thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks very much Shirley. This was such a fun project, and granny squares or yoyos would work great!