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Repurposed Whisks Made Into Garden Tulips

How to Make Tulips out of Repurposed Whisks

These tulips made out of repurposed whisks are a quick and easy project that will add a bit of fun to any garden.

I’m finally getting into the gardening mode here. How about you?

Some plants are really starting to push themselves out of the ground now, and it’s so awesome to see.

Not many flowers yet though because our chippies have eaten most of our tulip bulbs over the past several years and I never got around to planting more. I really need to do that this fall.

Thankfully we do have a few daffodils and hyacinths, and crocuses, but I have a love for tulips… so I created some of my own.

Last year I created these repurposed  tulips out of gutter leaf strainers, but I heard from some readers that they couldn’t find ones like the ones I used.

So I put on my garden art thinking cap and came up with these quick & easy tulips.

metal whisks used to create garden art tulips

I pick up these metal whisks whenever I see them at thrift stores. I usually get them for 25 to 50 cents a piece.

I’ve also seen them for $1 at my local dollar store.


Bending Repurposed Whisks into Tulip Shapes

bending the metal parts of whisk out

Just like with my repurposed whisk flowers that I shared a few weeks ago the first thing to do is to pull the wire parts outward like this.

Hang onto the top of each part and pull out from the bottom as you bend the part out.


bending metal whisk parts into tulip shape

Then bend the whisk parts up until you have a shape that you like.


3 repurposed metal whisks bent into tulips shapes

These metal whisks come in all sizes so you can make any size tulips that you want.


5 repurposed metal whisks bent into tulips shapes

Just like with real plantings in the garden when it comes to garden art flowers I like to do things in threes and fives.

There’s something about uneven numbers that just looks more natural.


Spray Painting Repurposed Whisks to look like Tulips

spray painting metal whisk red

Next it’s time to spray paint your whisk tulips whatever color you want.

I chose a bright and happy red.

But I wanted to add a little extra something.

Years ago we had some fabulous red tulips in the garden with happy yellow centers, and I wanted to try to mimic that somehow.


spray painting inside of flower shaped whisks yellow

So I sprayed a little yellow into the middle of each whisk tulip.


spray painting inside of redtulips yellow

This is totally optional, but if you do decide to do this don’t worry about it too much.

The yellow is just a nod to the real thing and doesn’t have to be perfect.


repurposed whisk tulips spray painted red and yellow

The fun thing about creating your own garden art flowers or tulips is that you can really do whatever you want.


spray painting repurposed metal whisk tulip stems green

Even though most of the stems will be inside my pipe stems I spray painted them green just because it seemed like the thing to do.

And the tops of the whisk stems will be visible.


removing metal loop fromend of metal whisk

I forgot to remove all the metal loops at the ends of the whisks before spray painting, so I got rid of the remaining ones with some pliers.

This is so your whisk tulips will fit snugly into the pipe stems.


repurposed metal whisk tulips spray painted red and yellow and green

And here are my five repurposed whisk tulips all spray painted and ready to go into the garden.


cutting pvc pipe into stems for diy tulips

I cut some 1″ pvc pipe to use for stems using my miter box and saw. The pvc was very easy to cut through.


pvc pipe stems for diy tulips

Use various lengths of pipe for interest.

If you do happen to cut them the same length you could always push some farther into the ground to get the height differences.


Supplies used for repurposed whisk tulips

– metal whisk with metal handles
– pliers
– spray paint
– some kind of pipe for stems (I used 1″ pvc)


How to make garden diy tulips out of repurposed wire whisks

I spray painted the pvc stems the same lovely dark green as the whisk stems.

The pipe stems should be pushed into the ground at least 6-8 inches so they don’t blow over in the wind.

If you don’t have a windy property like we do this may not be such an issue for you.


Repurposed whisks made into diy garden tulips

These repurposed whisk tulips are a quick and easy project.

And a fun one too because you can customize them to your own color preference.

I think a whole bunch of these would look amazing together, and I’ll be collecting more whisks to grow my diy tulip garden a little each year.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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How to create quick and easy diy garden tulips from repurposed whisks


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  1. Mary Boger says:

    Adorable! And they’ll never drop their petals. You always brighten the day!!

  2. Love the tulips as your other whisk flowers. I have a hard time finding the wire stems. Most are the solid ones, but it is fun searching. I plan on making these. Have made the flowers with the whisk and egg beaters. Many compliments! Thank you for sharing, Tuula.

  3. So very cute!! I think the shot of yellow in the center was perfect! As always, thank you for sharing your clever ideas! Dona

    1. Thanks so much Florence! I am planning to share a few of our gardens this summer. If summer actually gets here that is. lol.

  4. So cute. I am gluing solar path lights in mine. Thank you for the cute idea.

  5. Renee Pfarr says:

    So cute. Great and easy crafty idea. Thank you for sharing. I’m on it.