Salt and Pepper Snow People

It’s been so wintery here for some time now that it’s put me in the mood to make snow people… but inside the comfort of my nice warm house rather than outside in the -18 temps.  Brrr!!!!


Salt and Pepper Snow People


So here are my salt & pepper snow people.


Salt and Pepper Snow People


Here’s what I started with. I shared these salt & peppers in my thrifted finds post last Friday. I made these snow people out of the two small sets, each of which included little jam servers (at least I think that’s what they are).

I also used the tall set in the back for a project as well, but that post has yet to be written… along with several others. I’ve been happily busy packing up some etsy orders in the evenings.

But I did manage to get this one written, so here’s how I made my snow people.


Salt and Pepper Snow People


I used the set with the larger opening as the bottoms and glued the slightly smaller set on top with Marine Goop adhesive. This left a perfect place around the middle for adding scarves later.

They’re kinda starting to look like snow people now.


Salt and Pepper Snow People

No self respecting snow person can go without a hat so I glued two of the lids from the larger set on as hats as well as the one glass jam server lid.

Now they’re starting to look a little more like snow people, but they’re very plain and boring.


snowman S&P 1

So I went into my stash of thrifted craft supplies and decorated them with what I could find… bits and bobs of thrifted ribbons, faux rhinestones, a gold tone link necklace that I took apart.

Now they look very festive and fun loving. Just the kind of snow people I’d like to hang out with if I was a snow lady.

Actually, I’ve been feeling a little like one this last little while. This December reminds me of the winters when I was a girl. Maybe I’ll even go outside this weekend and make a real snow person in all that snow.

What do you think? I’ve done crazier things! lol.

Thanks so much for reading, have a fabulously festive weekend. 🙂

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  1. Your ideas are extraordinary, Tuula! Who would have thought to make snow people out of salt and pepper shakers! They are so unique!!! You could sell tons on your etsy site!

  2. Haha so cute. I can't believe your vision in things that most wouldn't have. You are so creative!!! These are adorable!

  3. Very Creative! I'm loving all the things you've been crafting, I hope you're enjoying it every minute of it!

  4. That's really thinking outside the box. Or salt shaker as the case may be. What cute snow people, so creative!

  5. You do have a great eye for seeing what something can be instead of what it is! The snow people are darling.

  6. Any time we are lucky enough to get an accumulation of snow, I do not disturb any in the yard or the cars to preserve the wintery look for as long as possible, However, I do go out in the street and build a snowman – probably with all the snow we get as big as one of your S&P people! They are so cute.

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. Just when I thought you couldn't come up with anything cuter. You do!!!


  8. Oh my goodness…these are so darn cute! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!!


  9. Wow! I didn’t know you back then and I wish I had! I’m going to be on the lookout for some of these S&P shakers! I do see them around. These are so cute! So glad I found them……and found you! Dona