A Wind Chime Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway closed on June 3rd, 2015, and the winner was announced on June 5th.

Happy Friday friends!

Vintage Silverware Wind ChimeI don’t know about you but Spring is a favourite time of year for me.

Everything is coming back to life after a cold winter (including me, lol), the lawns are greening, the lilacs are blooming, and there seems to be singing just floating in the air.

The birds serenade us awake in the mornings
and the pond frogs sing us to sleep at night,
and all this singing is music to my ears.

So in celebration of this magical time of year I want to send one of you some music for your ears.


This silverware wind chime that is, to play its lovely music on those warm and breezy days.

Silverware Wind Chime

Many of you know how much I love to make wind chimes. It’s such fun finding all the different pieces to put together. Every piece I make is one of a kind, including this one.


Silver Wind Chime

The main part is made of a silver plate dish, a glass coaster, and a vintage metal flower brooch.

Silver Wind Chime

I lined the inside edge with white glass marble-like beads, and I added 4 lovely pink rhinestones onto the brooch.

You had to know I was going to get some pink in there somewhere. lol.

Spoon Wind Chime

I used glass beaded chains from a vintage candle holder for hanging,


Hand Stamped Spoons

and I hand stamped the silver plate teaspoons with 5 of my favourite words… peace, joy, love, faith, and hope.


Vintage Silverware Wind Chime

Just like all my wind chimes this one is topped off with a vintage chandelier crystal and everything used to make this chime, except the key ring and the split rings, was thrifted from thrift stores or garage sales.


Vintage Silverware Wind Chime

All you have to do to enter is leave me one comment on this post saying where you would hang it. That’s it!

I hope the winner enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.

This giveaway will be open until 12 midnight on Wednesday June 3rd. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced in my post on Friday, June 5th. Open to the U.S. and Canada only. ( I’m so sorry, but it’s just too expensive for me to ship internationally.)

UPDATE: Entry to this giveaway is closed. Thanks to all who entered. Winner was announced on June 5th, 2015.

As always thanks so much for reading and…

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. What a beautiful and creative wind chime 🙂 I would hang it outside my bedroom window. I am constantly fascinated by your garage sale finds, and look forward to seeing what each one will become. Thank you for entering me in the contest.

  2. This pretty wind chime would be hung on my front porch so all of my visitors as well as me could enjoy it!

  3. It would look so perfect in the dogwood tree in our front garden above the peonies and roses.

  4. Wonderful finds! What do you use for glue? I've yet to find one that holds up to the elements.

    1. Hi Ruth: In case anyone has the same question I'll answer it here. The pieces are adhered together with Marine GOOP adhesive. It's meant for use on boats, and is water and UV resistant. It's the only glue I use on my garden art pieces. I've had chimes and garden plate flowers outside from spring until winter arrives for three years now (our winters are very harsh so I take them in), and while they are aging, of course, they have held together perfectly. Thanks for the question

  5. I hope you pick me. This would look great in my back yard flower garden. It is awesome!! Love to see all the finds you get and what you do with them afterwards.

  6. Well since I am in transition and in a temp home at this point.. putting it in a window would be the choice for now.. And once I become a first time homeowner, hoping by September I would find a very special place for it..

  7. Oh sweet Tuula, what a beautiful windchime! I simply LOVE the words that have been stamped onto the spoons. You are very sweet to have this giveaway and I woud love to be entered. I would probably hang this beautiful chime in my backyard where I enjoy sitting in the sun….it's the perfect place to watch birds and simply enjoy a lovely sunny day.

    Thank you, sweet friend! Hugs!

  8. This is the prettiest wind chime I've ever seen. I love the pink (of course) and the words you stamped are perfect. I would hang this outside my living room window so I could see and hear it daily. What a sweet giveaway.

  9. This would hang in a place of honor between the sunroom and hot tub so I could see and hear it from the bedroom, office, hallway.

  10. I love your windchimes Tuula! I would probably hang it in my garden. It's right outside my back porch. It'd be so great to win. Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway 🙂

  11. I would love to hang this wind chime in the tree next to my swing where I enjoy my morning coffee. It would add a little whimsy to the sounds of the birds chirping. What a way to make my morning coffee even more enjoyable.

  12. Oh yes to the pink touch. Let's see…………this would go perfectly over my inside orchids who are summering under the Black Willow Tree in the back yard and next to my lawn chair that is also under the Willow and the limb that has the Morning Dove nest across from my table top fountain that is sitting on the aquarium stand that I repainted and added glass shelves to. Perfect!

  13. Oh, Tuula! I've never had a wind chime and have so admired all the ones you make! This beauty would look lovely hanging from my pergola!

  14. I just love this wind chime…..it will go right on my front porch so that I can hear while there or while sitting in my living room. When my daughter was alive I hinted to her a lot but she never gave me one and now when I hear all my wind chimes it reminds me that she is singing to me.

  15. I Love this – just beautiful! I would hang on my patio and it will look so lovely! Thank you!

  16. Oh my the windchime is gorgeous!!! I woud gleefully hang it in my garden but a spot close enough to the kitchen window so I can listen to its music. How talented you are!!

  17. So pretty Tuula! So sweet of you to give one of your beautiful creations away! If I win, I would hang it from one of the branches of my red leaf maple in my front yard until I get my porch built and then it would make a move to the porch. 🙂 Those 5 words are 5 of my favorites too. Have a splendid weekend!!!

  18. I would hang it on my beautiful magnolia tree and see and hear it inside and out. You do amazing work.

  19. Wow Tuula I'm amazed at this beautiful wind chime you made! It is so pretty and I love the pink and the spoons are so nice engraved with the nice words. I would hang it in my yard and sit there and admire it. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. Enjoy the weekend.
    Julie xo

  20. I love wind chimes and being in the high desert we get ALOT of wind so mine are always chiming! I have 4 on the back patio..glass and wood and one metal one in my front yard in a tree and one on the front patio overhang. Now that one, I have to take down when the wind really kicks up as it just chimes so loud it drives me nuts, but the others…love listening to them! My problem is I have no shade other than the back patio so anything I want to hang in the tree or front patio has to be metal as the sun dries out the wood and bleaches it too. Metal or glass is only kinds I can have! I like the words imprinted on the spoons!

  21. Just beautiful, Tuula 🙂 I love everything about it, the crystal, the beaded pin, the words on the spoons, etc. I'd hang it on my deck, for sure!

  22. Well, that's a tough one. I might hang it from my little garden cottage and it would really cute there, but another spot would be hanging from the tree next to our fire pit. I think it would look pretty with greenery in the background.

    I love the windchime.

  23. I would hang it right outside my kitchen window so I can not only see it but hear it's soothing sound too.

  24. How pretty. Absolutely love this. This is just as lovely as all the rest you have made.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity.
    I have always admired your wind chimes ever since I signed up to receive your email newsletter. I have chimes hanging throughout my flower gardens and yard.
    What a pretty addition this would add hanging just outside our porch door. Right where everyone can see it when they come to visit.

  25. You've done it again…..made an absolutely unique, beautiful wind chime! Hmmm…I do have another hook on my (aqua) front porch so I would have to hang it there because we know that pink and aqua do go perfectly together!!

  26. I love that wind chime. I have to replace one under my awning. It would be over my patio area and just outside the bathroom window, where I'd be able to see and hear it all summer. Thank you for the chance.

  27. Hi Tuula, our home / cabin is called Pinewind and we live in Prescott, Az. , bordering the national forest. Our daughter just bought a home a few minutes away. She is a "kindred spirit"; she loves to thrift with me and I am so glad to have her close by. She is busy decorating her cabin and she has a lovely deck; this wind chime would be a wonderful addition to her outside decorations. It is gorgeous!

  28. I just love your wind chime! And the spoons and the Words of Encouragement WOW! Thank you for the fun give away, please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you duenml@comcast.net

  29. I love wind chimes too. I would give it to my granddaughter, who just made her entrance into this world! Thanks.

  30. The chimes are beautiful – A Tuula original art piece. They look a bit too big to hang from my ear so I am guessing I would hang these on the back patio so they can be seen from the pool.

  31. I love everything about this wind chime. My granddaughters and I would love this on my back porch while we are blowing bubbles. Thanks!

  32. Oh I can see this hanging on my front porch as the evening breeze is chiming the chimes away !!!! Thank You
    for the chance…

  33. How absolutely gorgeous. I would love to win. We are hoping to have a small deck built off the back off our house. I would hang this out there or possibly on the front porch. Thank you for the opportunity!

  34. I adore it! Please, please, please pick me! Thank you for all the inspiration and a chance to have one of your amazing pieces!

  35. Hope I'm not too late! I've been gone for a few days! I would hang it somewhere that everyone could see and hear it. Possible on my patio, just outside my kitchen!

  36. I would Love to win these. I would hang them right outside my kitchen window. 🙂 They are beautiful!!

  37. Wow! You have great ideas and make some wonderful items out of all kinds of things. This wind chime would be a lovely addition to my 85 (soon to be 86) year old mother's little garden. Thanks for sharing all your ideas, and how you made them. Keep them coming!

  38. We love the different sounds of chimes and have several hanging in our yard. Missing the calming sounds during our winter months when they have to come down and wait for spring, I have our "special" chimes in our kitchen, so we can hear them all through the year. The kitchen is where family and friends always gather. Your chimes would be a welcome addition, and another sweet sound, hanging in the window above the sink, Plus the 5 words would be an inspiration to all.

  39. Very inspirational peace of Art, Stamped with God's words and to be played by him alone. Beautiful. I would hang this in my garden with the rest of my chimes.

    1. Thank you so much Rose! I'm so sorry, but the giveaway closed on Wednesday June 3rd as stated in the post. The winner was announced on June 5th. But please keep in mind that I will be having other giveaways over the summer so keep an eye out for them. Thanks so much for stopping by.