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Sleigh Bed Makeover and Master Bedroom Progress

 I’m so excited to finally be working on my sleigh bed makeover and master bedroom makeover. I was starting to think I would never get around to it.

Working full-time doesn’t often leave enough hours in the day to get room makeovers done, but with John’s help and encouragement the bedroom has been pushed to the top of the to do list. Yay!!

My new colour scheme is cream and green with hits of red (and maybe I’ll sneak in a touch or two of pink, wink wink).


Master Bedroom Sleigh Bed Makeover

It all started when I found 2 gallons of Ooops Behr Raffia Cream latex Paint/Primer combo at the Restore for $10 each. I thought hey, why not turn my colour scheme on its head? If I ever get sick of the green a neutral cream backdrop can go with so many other colours.

I’m looking forward to never, never, never painting these walls again. Hmmm… have I said that before? It sounds kinda familiar.

My old colour scheme was green and cream with accents of chaos, or should I say chaos with accents of green and cream.

Tomato, tomahto. Potato, potahto. Let’s call the whole thing… well.. a mess I guess. lol.

Oh man, I’m having w-a-a-ay too much fun!!!

In all fairness to me we don’t have the space to move everything out of a room for a redo so I have to move everything around as I go… and around and around and around. I’ll be showing the actual before shots (which are a little less messy..if you can imagine that, lol) with the final reveal.

I had an ooops (maybe more than one) with the ooops paint… but I didn’t care because the carpet was going as fast as we could get it gone.

With the walls painted I turned my attention to the sleigh bed.

Master Bedroom Sleigh Bed Makeover

I always wanted a sleigh bed, and John surprised me with this one for our 20th wedding anniversary 5 years ago. He had it delivered, and put it together before I got home from work.

I have always loved it, but I’ve also always wanted to paint it. I just have a thing for painted furniture… always have. I didn’t tell him I wanted to paint the bed until recently, and to my surprise he told me to go for it. Yay!

I’ll paint any piece of wood furniture… unless it’s a valuable antique that would help our retirement fund, which this is not.

Master Bedroom Sleigh Bed Makeover

I made my own chalk paint using some left over green wall paint… Benjamin Moore’s Sherwood Green. It’s one of their historic colours.

There are so many recipes on the internet, but I used 1 part plaster of paris, 1 part warm water, and 2 parts paint. I mixed the PofP and water really well before adding the paint, and I have to say it went on like butter.

Master Bedroom Sleigh Bed Makeover

Here’s a close up of the rope detail that goes all around the bed. It’s all in the details… isn’t it?

Master Bedroom Sleigh Bed Makeover

Next, it was time to rip out the carpeting and underpad.

I love ripping stuff up!!!!

Master Bedroom Makeover Removing Carpet

After John and I had a throwing-the-carpet-pieces-out-the-window contest…

(he won, but only because I had bigger pieces… that may or may not be true, lol)

…it was time to remove the tacking strips. They came out pretty easy using just hammers and chisels. We used pliers to pull the underpad staples.

Under the carpet is the original 1″ thick hardwood floor. When we moved into this house in 1998 we removed the existing carpeting and lived with the bare floors for awhile. This painted floor was there at the time.

Master Bedroom Makeover Removing Carpet

I had planned on repainting all of the upstairs wood floors, but had a rather demanding full-time job at the time and just couldn’t get it done. We also decided that we wanted to have warm winter tootsies so we had the carpeting that we just removed put down. That was about 15 years ago.

Well, this winter we’ll be wearing warm winter slippers because after this room the hall and the guest bedroom carpets are getting tossed too. All the floors will be repainted, and I can’t wait.

See that cedar chest? Well it’s been primed and ready for its makeover for abut 3 years. Terrible… I know, but it’s finally going to get one now.

Master Bedroom Makeover Removing Carpet

Even though the floor is a bit of a mess with all the paint chips from the nails and staples I absolutely love it. I think it already looks so much better than the carpet. I’m no stranger to painting floors. I’ve done a few in the past and I’m looking forward to getting this one done.

I’m so pleased that I have a place for my vintage teacup lamp (my favourite project that I have ever done) and my decoupaged poetry table, and I have an idea for the brass plate holder.


Master Bedroom Makeover

I thrifted this king size cross stitched duvet cover last year for $5. It’s all hand done, and has been waiting for this room makeover. Our bed is only a queen, so it hangs far down either side and hides the box spring.

Master Bedroom Sleigh Bed Makeover

It just amazes me that someone did all of this work, and then it sadly was sold for a measely $5. At the same time I’m thrilled because I have a deep appreciation for this piece. I can’t imagine why someone would get rid of it.

Master Bedroom Sleigh Bed Makeover

This room is 11′ x 17 1/2′ and we moved the bed to the far end of the room where there are no windows so there’s more open floor space on the opposite end. I have definite plans for that side of the room. When the bed was in the middle of the room it really cut into the space.

Even though I’m only about 1/3 of the way done with this makeover I’m already so happy with it.

I’m sleeping so much better at night amidst the calmness of the space… without all the clutter. I donated a lot of things to my favourite thrift stores, but I still have to do some editing as I bring smaller things back in. I think I’m going to just enjoy it like this for a little while before I have to start moving things around again to paint the floor.

There will be more colour coming in future projects. I’m a girl who loves colour, and needs it too… so it’s definitely coming.

Master Bedroom Sleigh Bed Makeover
There are still more than a few projects to be done, but with John’s help I made great progress during my staycation last week. You can read about my bloggy break here.
I need to thrift or make some new window coverings because the vinyl blinds have got to go, and there are new throw pillows to find, and extension cords to hide etc… etc… etc… You get the picture. And that floor… I’m sooo excited about what I plan to do with the floor, but for now it’s my work surface so it has to wait for a few other projects to be finished.
There’s a dresser makeover that’s almost finished happening to the right of the bed, and the large floral oil painting over the headboard is a thrifted road trip treasure that I’ll share something about in another post.
Master Bedroom Sleigh Bed Makeover
I’ve given myself a budget of $200 for this room makeover, but I’ll be be overjoyed if I can keep the total cost at under $100 by thrifting everything I need and shopping my own house. It is possible, and I’m going to try my best. I gave my guest room a total makeover last year for only $88. You can see that here.
I put myself on a strict budget because we are the happy parents-in-waiting of a new Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck. It was born in Texas last week, and we’re sooo excited to be meeting it in person soon. It’s the first time we’ve had a brand spanking new vehicle, and it’s going to be John’s baby.
So that’s it for now. I’m very happy with my progress so far. I just love the challenge of doing a whole room makeover on a teeny weeny budget.
Thanks so much for reading.
Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I love the changes you are making in your room. The painted floors are fabulous! I admire your being able to paint the sleigh bed. I have a cherry poster bed in my room and I go from wanting to paint it to leaving it alone. Right now I am managing to get by with painting some of the smaller pieces. I wish I still had access to the original floor in my bedroom but when the second floor was remodeled and the bathroom was moved the second floor was raised in order to accomodate the new wiring and plumbing. I love painted floors!!

  2. Love the changes Tuula! And those beautiful details on the bed frame really show off with the paint! I Love when a husband says yeah you should paint it! I love the bedside table, the lamp and I am so jealous over that floor. And 5 dollar bedspread … no words! It's beautiful and peaceful and I'm so excited for you getting this done! Great job friend!

  3. The bed looks fabulous! Did you need to put any sort of wax over the chalk paint after you painted it?

    1. Thanks so much! I haven't put a top coat on it yet, but I do plan on applying a coat of Benjamin Moore's Stays Clear urethane in a matte finish because that's what I have on hand, and I'm trying to keep my budget way low on this room so I'm using what I have.
      Tuula 🙂

  4. I love the new look, Tuula! The green sleigh bed looks perfect with the creamy walls! Can't wait to see your painted floors and the rest . . . your reno is really coming together and it sounds so stunning!

  5. ABSOLUTELY awesome! I love the color on the bed and I'm a SUCKER for vintage linens. I saved a chenille blanket this past winter. It was littered with stains, but no holes. After lots of soaking and several rinse cycles on my washing machine, I'm now proudly using it as my summer comforter! 🙂

  6. Your bedroom is looking great! So serene…:) I am knee deep in remodeling as well with my living and dining rooms. So much work, but so worth it! I can't wait to see your reveal! And congrats on the new truck!

    Blessings, Vicky

  7. I am always reminded of my Mamaw's house with your pinks and greens. They were her favorite colors and her bedroom was a pink/green wonderland to me.
    I love painted floors and look forward to the day that I get to have an older home in the country somewhere so that I can have them. What wonderful old floors.
    I'm with you…it's hard to believe that all the time and effort that went in to the making of your duvet wasn't appreciated. I'm so glad it has new life where it's loved and treasured.
    And I recently painted our bed…hubby wasn't so gung ho like yours. LOL He likes it now, though. I'm loving your sweet, happy green.
    I bet your teacup lamp is very happy. 😉

  8. You are already ahead of me. I still haven't found windows! I love that you painted your bed frame and that you incorporated your cool lamp into the decor! It amazes me what people will donate to the thrift stores, although it was an amazing find for you! Love the floor too. You could sand it in a few places to make it look worn and leave it! Good job you two!

  9. Love the fresh new look, all done with paint! How inspiring, now I want to go shop the Oops section and find some fresh new design. Thanks for sharing, it looks gorgeous!

  10. I love the green. Looks so restful and pretty with your spread too. Sweet dreams will be had here!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Tuula that green looks so beautiful and I love your floors. That cross stitch cover would have taken forever, I bought a pillow the other day same thing all hand done for $1. I think they might have been made by people who have either gifted it o someone who isn't appreciate the work or someone who passed away, very sad.

  12. I love what you've done so far, so much calmer and the bed really pops now. I think your floors are gorgeous, even if you left them just the way they are. You can't get that kind of charm with carpet. Love them!!

  13. Tuula, your room is beautiful! That sleigh bed is to die for! I'm glad I'm not the only one who primes things and then leaves them forever to paint!! Congrats on your new pick-up!

  14. The bed is lovely in its new green coat and I love you have used the poetry table and teacup lamp with the bed. My favorite thing is the painted floors – I love the way they look. Come pull up my bedroom carpet please, please. I despise pulling those awful staples out of the floor. I can see a whole wall of floral prints on the wall behind the bed. Oh, wait a minute, I am looking at my wall of floral prints.

  15. That color green is just scrumptious Tuula – perfect color ( and strangely enough it looks more antique painted than it did in wood- don't you find? )
    I still have 2 rooms of floors to paint upstairs – the office and my little ( soon to be ) dressing room – but I can tell you I'm fed up of doing floors lol – mine were a real pain in the A$$ to do !
    Your bedroom's looking gorgeous already – can't wait to see it finished !

  16. Tuula, I am a girl who needs color too! Love that shade of green! I painted my sleigh bed a while back also and dearly love it! I love the rustic look of your floor and that teacup light is fabulous! Thanks for sharing with SYC. How about I feature you this week? Have totally confused you now? lol!

  17. Ok…so much to say! First of all, love it all…you are a super crafty girl! Sherwood Green is the color of my bedroom and I adore it. Adore it even more with your chalk tweak, the bed looks fab! That teacup lamp is gorgeous and yes, the bedding is amazing. I am sure whoever made it, would be thrilled to know that it is so cherished. So happy to have discovered you! Crafty and witty are my kind of combo! 😉

    1. Thanks Kim! I love the Sherwood Green colour so much that when I decided on the room makeover I still had to keep it somehow… so I used it on the bed. It's a very peaceful colour. I do love the handmade duvet cover, and I was very lucky to find such a treasure. Thanks so much for stopping by and following.
      Tuula 🙂

  18. LOVE the sleigh bed. I just bought one on Craigs List that I want to paint. Did you sand/prime the wood first?

    1. Thanks Lori! No, I didn't sand or prime. That's partly the reason why I use chalk paint because I don't have to do those steps. It may depend on the finish of the wood though. This bed had a matte finish, not glossy at all so it was OK with the chalk paint. It has help up very well. Good luck with your sleigh bed.

  19. Love the look. I too have a sleigh bed (king) and I love it. My eye caught the teacup lamp. Verycute

    1. Thanks very much Renea! That teacup lamp is one of my favorite projects, and I love my sleigh bed too. 🙂