Some Goodies and a Garden Art Challenge

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that making garden art from repurposed items is among my favourite things to do. I love having whimsical pieces around the yard to make me smile.

Well, I recently received a garden art challenge from my friend Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home.

When she told me I was receiving a package from Horror Monster (her craft stash) I have to admit I was just a teensy bit scared, but I was a whole lot excited.

The package was filled with silver tone keys, key rings, and bunches of small and large conchos, and she challenged me to use these things to make garden art.

Well, when a rust goddess gives you a challenge it’s probably a good idea to accept… so of course I did.

As far as I’m concerned Donna is bloglandia’s Queen of Tags, and she sent me a lovely set that she made with pretty nests stamped on them… wrapped in a pretty hand torn fabric ribbon.

Just perfect for spring.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there were a couple of Frozen Charlottes in a sweet little hand stamped box.

In the past when I’ve seen them on Donna’s blog I thought they were a little bit creepy, but in person they’re actually rather sweet. I’m now a frozen Charlotte fan.

Thanks so much Donna. I love them!

Now on to my challenge.

What does a girl who loves to make garden art do with keys and key rings? Well, she makes wind chimes of course.

Vintage Silver Dish and Key Wind Chime

For this first key wind chime I used a sweet little silver plate candy dish…

Vintage Silver Dish and Keys Wind Chime

a round glass dish and the lid of a glass heart box…

Vintage Silver Dish and Keys Wind Chime

parts of a vintage silver tone necklace, a vintage chandelier crystal…

Vintage Silver Dish and Keys Wind Chime

and some of the silver tone keys and key rings.

Vintage Silver Dish and Keys Wind Chime

For the second wind chime I used a lovely silver plate petal shaped candy dish…

Vintage Silver Dish and Keys Wind Chime

a crystal ring holder…

Vintage Silver Dish and Keys Wind Chime

more of the silver tone keys, parts of a vintage loop necklace…

Vintage Silver Dish and Keys Wind Chime

and strands of small glass beads from a vintage hanging candle holder.

I’m constantly collecting things to repurpose into wind chimes, and I love the look of silver or silver plate and clear glass or crystal together.

In the sunshine it really sparkles!

In case you’re wondering I used Marine Goop, a very strong adhesive and what I use for all my garden art projects, to glue the glass pieces onto the silver plate pieces.

These are just two of the projects to come out of the bunch of fabulous goodies that Donna sent me. I’m working on more, and I’ll be sharing them as I get them done.

Thanks so much Donna. You’re a wonderful blogging friend, and I hope I rose to the challenge and did Horror Monster proud.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. You did Donna proud, Tuula! What wonderful creations! You are the Queen of Windchimes and she's the Queen of Rust! A winning combination!

  2. Oh my gosh! Those are so fun! Isn't Donna fabulous? I think the frozen charlottes are pretty creepy too and i'll be interested to see what you do with them.

  3. LOL frozen Charlottes. It just made me laugh this morning. Way to meet the challenge. Fabulous creations Tuula!

  4. I'd say you rose to the challenge beautifully! Great repurposing! I'd love it if you could join in my new link up, Tuula. It's going on right now and you can read more about it here
    Drop It or Swap It.

  5. Horror Monster is grinning from ear to ear! You exceeded meeting the challenge. You are so, so creative and clever. The keys never had it so good. I usually just tie them to a tag and send them on their way. The Charlottes have now traveled from Germany to South Carolina to Canada. They are ecstatic.

  6. I love these! You are so clever the way you used up these bits and pieces. Great idea to incorporate the glass pieces to the silver dishes. Great job!

  7. ONLY you could come up with gorgeous chimes out of those items – seriously !
    Love them both – and actually I may just be warming up myself to those Frozen Charlottes of Donna's !

  8. Tuula, Congrats! You'll be featured this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend!