Something’s Missing

It feels sooo good to feel good!

I’ve been under the weather and just started feeling like myself again this past weekend.

I’ve spent a lot of time resting, napping, and sleeping and when I finally came out of it I was quite disappointed that winter was still here.

Oh well, a girl can only hibernate for so long…. even when she’s sick.

I don’t have much to show for the last two weeks except this project that is finished, but somehow not finished at the same time.

Here’s the before.

I covered the middle area and spray painted it with a lovely white paint and primer combo.


Then I covered the outer area and spray painted the centre with chalkboard paint. I did three coats, following the directions on the can.


I’m at a loss at what to do next. Maybe it’s because I lost a few creative brain cells when I was sick… maybe more than a few.

But it seems like something’s missing to me.  It doesn’t seem finished.

It needs some colour or something. But what?

Any suggestions???



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  1. First thing that came to mind; if possible was to make it into a clock or secure a round mirror in the center

  2. It needs a happy face! So glad you're back! I missed you!

  3. Glad you are feeling better!!. It's cute the way it is. Just needs some chalk art!

  4. So glad you are back. Just a narrow border around the chalkboard wold look great. and you know I would have to put something rusty hanging from it. Cannot tell how large it is., but a maybe a border of silverware?

  5. I know what's missing – the package this baby gets wrapped up in to be sent to my black and white kitchen – that's what's missing !!!!!!!!!
    ( don't have a heart attack or anything – but I'm taking time today to actually visit my favorite blogs lol )

  6. So many neat things can hang from that! What a great piece to dress up seasonally.

  7. I'd put a huge smiley face in it, but I'm a complete dork. 🙂 Glad you're feeling better!


  8. Hi Tuula, I do hope you are feeling better. I love what you made and think that it would look good with some chalk art in the middle. Take care an due well.

  9. Oh my dear's missing some bling. You got sick and lost your sparkle. I hope you get it back soon!

  10. could also put a nice saying; favorite sentiment;on it, make into a 'Welcome' sign, or family photo

  11. I'm so sorry you were sick. I'm glad you're feeling better! I like the flower chalkboard as is. Maybe a hanger with a cute saying. It's so cute!

  12. Lola M Patterson says:

    Paste a family picture then paint a small boarder around it!