Easy Peasy Shabby Chiccy

I showed your this giant vintage set in this thrifted finds post eons ago. They’re made out of some kind of resin, and are marked Dart Ind on their backs, and 1976 is in roman numerals.

Here they are in all their 70s glory.

(Insert Crappy Photo alert here.)

Crappy Photo Alert!!! Crappy Photo Alert!!!

Too late… you already saw it. lol.

Okay, maybe giant is a bit of a teensy weensy overstatement for this spoon and fork set… but they are really big.

Like 18″ tall big… and full of lovely decorative fruits and veggies that needed some makeover love

Spray paint to the rescue…  dun da da da… again.

Why is it that so many things from the 70s need rescuing? lol.

At least the things I find anyways.

I just rediscovered this set as I was going through stuff in my craft room. I put them into a donate box and somehow they found their way out again.

I swear I had nothing to do with it, but I decided to reward their escape with a long overdue makeover.

Their time had finally come.


This was one of the easiest makeovers ever.

All I did was give them two light coats of a paint and primer combo spray paint.


Then I sanded the raised parts with a sanding block.



Just wherever I thought it looked good.
No worries.


A little here… and a little there.

And then I gave them a coat of a spray matte urethane.

I left the back unpainted as a reminder from whence they came.


Here’s the before again.

And here’s my finished veggie spoon and fruity fork. So much better… for me anyway. This was such an easy makeover, and probably took about 10 minutes… not including paint drying time.

It’s a long weekend here … YAY!!! So it’s time to play! YAY!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!
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  1. Wow!! You made them look amazing, Tuula! The chippy white made them look totally different and oh-so-pretty 🙂

    Happy weekend. Hugs

  2. They look great Tuula, I'm glad you decided to reward their escape with a new look! Spray paint is the best, I use it all the time to give things makeovers… things from the 70s mostly like you said! lol!


  3. Great job of bringing these utensils into the light 🙂 I just received a giant key from the same era. You have given me some inspiration as to how to rescue it. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much April! It's was so easy too. I just might have to bring every 70s resin piece I see home and give them all some paint love.

  4. I got something similar 3 years ago in a Flow thrift store. Large and long. In fact I still have them packed up since I shipped them home. This is what I intended to do with them. But never did. Seein this tells me this is the way to go.
    Barbara Ann
    etsy.com / shop / barbaraannscreations

  5. It was a "Quickie"! they look rather elegant to me. Did you ask yourself why the spoon was vegetables and the fork was fruit? Seems like it should be the opposite. Selling or keeping?

  6. And may I add the 80s to that list, too? What a cute find to begin with, but they look 200% better now and would be so cute in someone's kitchen, dining room or garden porch!

  7. Wow, they look fab! I just dug out a pair of rusty peacocks that used to hang on our wall when I was a kid. I've been arguing with myself whether to give them the same sort of treatment. I think you've convinced me! Nice work! Mimi xxx

    1. Thanks Mimi! I remember those peacocks from my childhood, and I think they would look amazing painted. If I ever see a pair I'll be snapping them up in a hurry.

  8. I'm SO happy you shared your spoon and fork makeover with Roses of Inspiration. I just love their new look 🙂 Happy Tuesday, my friend.

  9. they really do look great!!! i love when people decorate their fences!!!!

  10. I love how the white paint brought out the details! I'm always amazed at what a little paint can do. thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  11. Shelley Braga says:

    It’s amazing how vintage takes on a whole new look with some fresh white paint and even a little distressing! Such an awesome face lift for this spoon and fork set!

    1. Thanks so much Shelley! I’m always amazed by what a little painting and sanding will do. I think white paint can fix almost anything.

  12. May I be perfectly honest??? You made those tacky pieces pretty! Love your approach Tuula!

    1. Aww.. that’s so sweet of you to say Florence. Spray paint makes it so easy.