Table Makeover, Quick and Easy

I found this lovely metal table at a thrift store that I only go to every now and then, and I fell in love with her immediately.

thrift store metal table makeover

She has those lovely curves and curlicues that make me buy things that I don’t need.



metal table makeover

But when I saw the price of $3.99 I thought it would be pretty crazy not to take her home with me… and bonus… when I got to the cash I found out it was 50% off day.

I love it when that happens. 🙂

So she actually cost me just 2 bucks, making her a perfect table makeover recipient.


painted metal table makeover

Monkey, who is pretty much my project assistant, was basically unimpressed.

Apparently eating grass is much more interesting.


spray painted metal table makeover

This table makeover was very easy.

I took her out to my very glamorous painting booth and gave her some much needed spray paint love.



metal table makeover

And two coats and an hour later here she is all fresh and bright in a chalky white.

I didn’t coat her with anything because I’m planning to leave her outside for the winter to let the weather perform its magic on her, like I did with my wheelbarrow planter, and I’ll see what she looks like next spring.  I’ll be sure to share the results. If I like how she turned out I’ll give her a protective coating then.

So next I had to find a table top. You’ll see in the pics that she has three top holders, for lack of better words, that stick out around the edge.

So the top had to be 15-16 inches wide in order to fit.


metal table makeover

I went through my stashes and found this $1 brass tray that I’ve had around for quite some time.

It was the perfect size and even had a raised edge to fit.


metal table makeover

In her past life she might not have been a table. I can definitely see using her as a bird bath if I ever find the right birdie swimming pool.

But for now she is a table, and I think she looks very happy… and this $3 project makes me very happy too.

I’m not usually a shiny brass lover, but I really like the contrast of the metallic brass with the white table.

Now I’m on a mission to find two metal or wicker chairs that I can makeover to go with her.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


chalk spray paint metal table makeover
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  1. Mother Deer says:

    I really like this makeover, Tuula. I have a similar “situation” at home….a wrought iron table (?) that needs a top. I spray painted it, but have been unsuccessful at finding a suitable top for it. It will have to be at least 22″ to rest on the metal, and I can’t seem to find anything large enough in the world of second-hand acquisitions. Any suggestions?

      1. Mother Deer says:

        Thanks for your suggestion. A mirror would be awesome. So far no luck finding anything large enough.

    1. Hopefully you have a “Home Goods” store not that far from you. They have a nice selection of metal trays that are very reasonable.

      1. Mother Deer says:

        There is a Home Goods store about 30 miles away, and I hadn’t considered looking there. Thanks for your suggestion 🙂

    2. Lori and Gayle have made great suggestions. I’m not sure if you’ve checked the dollar stores in your area. They sometimes have metal trays and of course the price is right. If you can’t find anything the right size you could have a plywood or melamine circle cut to the size and then paint or decoupage it any way you like. Not sure how much a home improvement store would charge to cut one for you, but it might be worth checking out so you can finally use your table.

      1. Mother Deer says:

        Thank you for the suggestions, Tuula. I have checked the dollar stores here, as well as thrift stores and yard sales, but haven’t found anything large enough yet. I will check out the possibilities at the hardware store this weekend; I love the idea of decoupaging it, I hadn’t thought of that. I think that the “table” used to be a bird bath based on the lily pad design on the legs. I’d be happy to return it to a bird bath status, but haven’t found anything large enough for that either. Thank you for the inspiration and the ideas from you and your readers 🙂

        1. What about a round heavy duty catering tray. Do you have a restaurant supply store? They come in metal and plastic. It’s what comes under veggie trays, ec

  2. That’s an amazing transformation! Looking forward to seeing it after the winter. And that’s a gorgeous little Monkey you have there! Dona

  3. What a wonderful score Tuula! And I like how you gave it a makeover. How lucky that you had the tray with a lip too.

  4. I love everything that you repurpose!
    However… In Florida, there would never be a beautiful little metal table for anywhere near $3.99. Not even at a yard sale ?.

  5. I love this table makeover Tuula. Very nice.

  6. Wow, what a deal for $2! I love the makeover and you proved once again that a coat of white paint transforms everything! I have to find that Chalk spray paint. I guess I have to look outside of Walmart!

  7. Beautiful little table for a few bucks, Tuula!

  8. Wow, what a find I would have snagged it up, too! How great that you already had a table top at hand (you knew you had a stash for a reason, right?) I think finding chairs for it is a great idea! xoKathleen

  9. Such incredible bargains, Tuula! Love the paint job and the pairing with the brass tray. I’ve got a couple of bottoms and a couple of tops, but nothing that “fits” together just perfectly–yet! Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm 🙂

  10. Such a fabulous little table Tuula! Like you, I’m drawn to her curvy lines and feminine demeanor :).

    I find it interesting that you didn’t protect but I get it. It’s actually a really good idea and one I’m going to file away.