Table Makeover with Chalkboard Paint

It’s Friday! Yay! The weekend is here. It’s been such a busy week and I just barely got my chalkboard table painted and cured. So many projects and so little time. lol.
When I painted it I didn’t realize that it had to cure for 3 days before I could use it. So I just made it in under the wire to get it posted this week like I said I would on Monday. Whew!
This table is the perfect size for a kid’s bedroom or play room, or it could be a fun coffee table in a rec room. Perfect to play games on when it’s not being used as a chalkboard.

I was so excited when I found this table at the Re-Store because it was a freebie. I love freebies! It was in very good shape structurally, but the top was having some issues with a worn and peeling finish.

I gave it a good sanding with my electric sander and then applied wood filler with my fingers into the areas that needed it. After letting the filler dry (about an hour) I sanded the heck out of it until it was nice and smooth.



Here are my supplies.



I primed the entire table with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Primer because that’s what I had on hand. Then I gave the legs and sides 2 coats of SICO Mint Cocktail green.



After letting that dry I taped off the top.


I gave the top 3 coats of Rustoleum Chalkboard Spray Paint following the instructions on the can.
After letting it cure for 3 days I primed it, as per the instructions on the can, by rubbing a chalk on its side across the whole surface. I’m not sure if I’ll do this next time because it seemed to just make the whole surface dusty and hard to clean. When doing some Internet research I read that some think this step is necessary and others think it isn’t. Any thoughts?

Here’s the final table top. Unfortunately, it was a very wet day outside today so I couldn’t take it out to get a nice pic. See that dusty haze… and that’s after cleaning it with a damp rag.



OK, OK… so I’m not a calligrapher. lol. I tried my best.

This was my first chalkboard paint project and overall I’m pretty happy with it. I found the spray paint very easy to use and the finish was very nice… until I primed it. I think I’ll clean it off and give it another coat or two. I won’t prime it this time, and I’ll see how it cleans up.

Have you used chalkboard spray paint? If you have any tips for me… please share. I would really appreciate it! I’d really like to try this again.

Thanks so much for visiting and have a great weekend!


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  1. Chalkboards rock! I love the green with the black top…but I'm really loving the message. 🙂 Just a little nudge, right?
    I've only used the spray paint on a board…not on furniture. I didn't do the "chalk prime" thing to mine mainly because I didn't know you were supposed to. I haven't had any issues…so maybe it's not really necessary.

    1. Thanks Kelly! I know… I'm wanting to paint everything with it now. I'm glad to know you haven't had any issues without priming. I'll probably do without it next time. Thanks so much for stopping by and following. 🙂