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The Best Craft Room Storage Boxes… Free!

You don’t need to buy expensive fancy boxes to get great storage in your craft room.
Just visit the local liquor store. The boxes I get there aren’t just inexpensive… they’re free. At least here anyway.
The only expense comes from how you decide to cover them.
Cardboard Boxes Makeover

I popped into the liquor store in the town where I work and grabbed these great cardboard wine boxes… for free. And no, they didn’t come with the wine in them. Too bad I know.

But they did come with these fabulous cardboard dividers, which are so great for organizing and storing all kinds of things.

And the nice thing about them is that because they’re made to carry bottles they’re very strong.

Cardboard Boxes Makeover

Isn’t he cute?

Cardboard Boxes Makeover


Well he may be cute, but I didn’t want to be looking at him all the time… and I was afraid he might scare my cats when they come visit me in my craft room.

So he had to go.

I cut off the top flaps to give me easy access to the items I’ll be storing. They can certainly be kept if you like.

Cardboard Boxes Makeover

Then I grabbed some of the left over self adhesive vinyl contact paper, which I also used on my craft desk and the shelves of my built in bookcase, and lay the box down on top of it.

Cardboard Boxes Makeover

I rolled the box across the contact paper, smoothing each side before moving to the next… until I had all 4 sides covered.

I removed the cardboard dividers from inside the box, cut the corners of the contact paper, and folded them inside.

Cardboard Boxes Makeover

I did the same thing to the bottom.

Cardboard Boxes Makeover

And here’s my finished box.

Cardboard Boxes Makeover

Here’s a box that I covered with some dollar store pink polka dot wrapping paper. I secured the paper with regular clear packing tape, and trimmed the top with pink duct tape to protect the edges.


Cardboard Boxes Makeover

It’s filled with some wooden craft items that I thrifted a while back. I can totally see storing rolled up fabrics in these as well.


Cardboard Boxes Makeover

And here’s one that I use to store some Christmas decorations. I haven’t covered this one with anything yet, but I just wanted to show you the great storage options of these boxes.


Cardboard Boxes Makeover

They’re also great to use when moving (which we did quite a few times before this house) for packing glassware, knick knacks etc. I’ve always loved using them because there’s no need to wrap things, saving a ton of time and hassle.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend letting movers handle these boxes though, but we always moved ourselves so it’s never been an issue.

Have a fabulous day, and thanks so much for reading.


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  1. On Monday afternoon the near-by liquor store throws all the boxes out for people to grab. Some of the graphics are neat enough to display. In my first apartment in 1976, I covered boxes to use as end tables. Freebie idea – thanks, Tuula!

  2. I have a crazy box fetish! I usually use fabric but I think I might try some contact paper too. I have three rolls left over from a previous project. I never thought of liquor store boxes. They would definitely be stronger that the average box. Thanks for a great tip Tuula!!

  3. I love this Idea my friend. What a great use of the box and keeps one more item out of our land fills to repurpose them . i love this idea. I will be searching for things to put in one for sure on my craft tables . HUGS and thank you for such inspiration my friend – Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

  4. Those look awesome. I love how they are divided and can organize so many different things. Good thinking!

  5. I always pick up boxes from the local liquor store. They're kind enough to leave them by the door for anyone to pick up. I never thought of wrapping them. Such a good idea! Thanks for sharing.

  6. very pretty Tuula. I love using the beer boxes for the same reason but the wine boxes for dividers is a genius idea, need to speak to the bottleo next time I'm there about keeping me some 🙂

  7. Although we had to wait a bit to pay, people there was really apologetic and nice. If you are looking for a place similar in price and location, use this storage place!
    self storage in Mulgrave

  8. love this fabulous idea…I will need to leave the kids at home while visiting the liquer store…or someone might get the wrong idea 🙂

  9. Hi Tuula! What a great way to store things! Card board is usually free for the asking and I'm about to do some asking! Thanks for sharing your clever idea with us! Blessings from Bama!

  10. Love your easy and economical ways to store ornaments and really love the wine boxes for storing all kinds of goodies. The contact paper and wrapping paper adds such a fun and decorative touch to them. Really great idea. Judy