The Story of the Sweet Little Stool

Once upon a time there was a sweet little stool who was feeling very blue.

She was feeling blue because she was blue, and because she didn’t have a home.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being blue if you want to be blue, but this little stool had always dreamed of being pretty in pink.

How to Reupholster a Stool

She didn’t understand why she was given up by her owner and left in such a strange place.

She was shy and didn’t make friends easily… and to make matters worse the lady at the thrift store put a price on her of $20.

“Nobody will pay $20 for you,” the picture frames said. “We’re only $2 each, and they can put photos and pretty pictures inside us.”

“They can put pretty flowers in us,” said the $1 glass vases. “All you can do is sit there.”

Well, the sweet little stool felt very sad, and was sure that she wasn’t worth $20… or even $10… or even anything at all. How would anyone ever love her and take her home with them?


How to Reupholster a Stool

One by one the nasty picture frames and cheap vases were bought, and the sweet little stool sat in the corner feeling alone and unwanted. She was afraid she would be there forever… or worse!!!

A silver teapot told her that the things that didn’t get bought were eventually taken to the dump. Nobody really knew what that was, but she was quite sure she didn’t want to go there.

Then one day a blonde lady came into the store and fell in love with the sweet little stool, but she wasn’t rich and had to pick and choose how she spent her money. $20 was just too much for her to afford… even though she thought the stool was worth every penny.

The little stool didn’t know this, and felt more worthless than ever. The blonde lady came into the store three days in a row and would look at the stool, but then leave the store… without taking the stool with her.

Each day the sweet little stool became bluer and bluer, but deep down she never gave up on her dream of being pretty in pink.


How to Reupholster a Stool

On the fifth day the blonde lady came into the store again, but the sweet little stool didn’t get her hopes up this time. She was afraid of another broken heart.

Then she saw the blonde lady quickly walking towards her and she actually picked up the sweet little stool. She had never done that before.

Turns out the blonde lady was given some birthday money, and the first thing she wanted to spend it on was the sweet little stool.

“You’re coming home with me,” the blonde lady said. “And you’re not going to be blue anymore.”

Oh the sweet little stool was sooo happy!!!


How to Reupholster a Stool

The sweet little stool was in excellent shape… but the blonde lady decided that she needed some girlification. She was gold, except where she was worn down to the bare silver metal.


How to Reupholster a Stool

So the blonde lady set out to give the sweet little stool the makeover they had both been dreaming of since the day they first saw each other.


How to Reupholster a Stool

All it took was a small square of fabric and a staple gun.


How to Reupholster a Stool

Round and round and round with the staple gun…


How to Reupholster a Stool

and after some trimming… she was all done. (Blurry pic alert!!)


How to Reupholster a Stool


Here’s the blue before of the sweet little stool.


How to Reupholster a Stool

And after some lovely white spray paint… she was finally pretty in pink.


How to Reupholster a Stool

And the sweet little stool will live happily ever after in the blonde lady’s pink and green craft room… where she belongs. (You’ll see her there when the blonde lady gets her room all reorganized.)


How to Reupholster a Stool

It’s just like the writer George Eliot said, “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

Never stop dreaming!


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  1. Oh, she really does look like a happy little stool! What a transformation! So dainty and cute!

  2. Tuula….you are hearing the items in the thrift store talk? Actually, I loved reading this post and somehow had a hunch it would have a happy ending! What a cute little stool and you made it so much cuter and happy!

  3. The sweet little stool is one jazzy little chick now, but her story is even better!

  4. Well you know you're a DIY blogger when your heart is actually breaking for a lonely little stool in the back of a shop lol
    She's so pretty in pink now Tuula – great job!!!

  5. This little stool came out adorable. You gave it new life!


  6. What fun it was to read your post! Your stool couldn't be sweeter. It really needed you.

  7. And she lived happily ever after in the gloriously pink and green craft room that the nice blonde woman cleaned and organized just for her.

  8. Now that's the story I should've read the kids tonight! Beautiful story and I think the blonde lady is a hero for making the sad blue stool beautiful again!

  9. Awe…such a cute story!!!! Love what you did with the stool too. Looking forward to your final reveal!

  10. a friend sent this post to me today, I love it. She thought maybe furniture spoke to me too…..little does she know all my "junk" speaks to me! I love your little story- so sweet!

  11. Wow, what a transformation! Love, love, love!
    I wanted to invite you to the {Handmade Café} Link Party, the new and very unique linky! I hope you'll join us and link up. You will meet many exceptional international crafters/bloggers!

    The party goes on till Oct. 14th.

    Oksana @ Oksana Plus Hobbies

  12. Enjoyed this post and love how you rescued and transformed poor little blue! I found you over at Life on Lakeshore Drive Bouquet of Talent Linky Party.

  13. What a beautiful post. I love that this sweet little blue chair showed all those mean and evil picture frames and vases…she found a home, with a fairy Godmother that transformed her into something really beautiful.

  14. Now isnt that what awesomeness is all about! Gorgeous makeover.

  15. How pretty that turned out! Just a little change makes such a nice difference!

  16. So cute! A pretty little stool just like yours, but black metal and a mod B&W floral seat spoke to me at a thrift store a couple years back.I still haven't been able to refinish her yet! Pinning and following your social media now. Follow back. I posted witch pin cushion to this week's parties.

  17. That's the happiest little thrift story EVAH and it has the most perfectly pink ending 🙂 The stool is adorable!

  18. Tuula, I love the story and the awesome stool! It turned out fabulous! Just pinned. Stopping by to let you know that I featured it at Pick of the Bunch today! Thank you so much for sharing with us at A Bouquet of Talent!

    Have a wonderful weekend!