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The Tweaking of My Night Table

In my guest room confession post last Monday I mentioned that the night table that I already made over just needed a little tweaking to fit into the new theme for my guest room, which is French Caribbean.

Well here it is… and all it needed was some fresh white Ooops paint.


Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

First it looked like this after years of use.


Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

For a few minutes it looked like this during its previous makeover.

Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

And then it looked like this and I really did like it. (See the night table decoupaged with impressionist fabric post here.)


Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

But it didn’t go with the new paint colour in the guest room at all. Yikes!

Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

So it became this.

Decoupaged Night Table Makeover
Decoupaged Night Table Makeover
Decoupaged Night Table Makeover

And now it’s very happy… and so am I. I think the white actually makes the fabric stand out more, and that was really the point in the first place. I decided to keep the green on the inside of the drawer.

I’m so lovin’ the white, and I think it’s a perfect fit for the new room now. I might distress the white paint a little bit, but I’m a little undecided on that because this project has caused me enough distress already. lol.

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. Love this new look, but I liked the old one, too! That's part of decorating – when you have to "tweak it" cause it just doesn't feel right. Changing it to white really makes the fabric pop! Your French Caribbean room is coming together. Can't wait to see the finish look.

  2. It has evolved into a beautiful piece perfect for the French Caribbean them. It looks great against the blue of the walls. Love the surprise of green when the drawer is opened.

  3. Yes, I too am liking the white. It's something how just a paint color can make it look so different. Can't wait to see how the room comes together!

  4. I think you are right about the white letting the fabric take centre stage. It's a sweet piece and now it's in harmony with the new walls!

  5. I also like the white against the walls, it brings out the fabric, tones done the wall and just looks fresh and beautiful.

  6. Hey, congrats on being FEATURED at a couple of parties so far when the darker blue was on it– hope they RE-Feature now that it's white. Liked before but really POPS now!

    Visting from LadyBirdLn linky party,

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