There Are Two Sides to Every Colour Story

At least in my world there is.

I have a pink dilemma, and I thought what better place to try and figure it out than on Think Pink Monday.

It seems that every time I redecorate a room I face the same problem, and it doesn’t matter what colour I’m using. It’s always a balancing act between the two sides of my decorating self.

“I’m a little bit funky,
and I’m a little bit traditional.”

Master Bedroom Makvoer

The funky me is fun and fearless and wants everyone to seize the day.

Master Bedroom Makvoer

The traditional me is calm and peaceful and wants everyone to chill.

Master Bedroom Makvoer

The funky me wants patterns and textures that are cool and a little bit ca-razy.

Master Bedroom Makvoer

The traditional me wants patterns and tones that are pretty and well behaved.

Master Bedroom Makvoer


So what is the master bedroom going to get?

Here’s the makeover of one end of the room that I shared here and here.


Master Bedroom Makvoer

Right now the room is a little bit funky with the toile dresser and the tea cup lampshade. But it’s also a little bit  traditional with the hand embroidered duvet cover and the painting over the bed

But it feels like it’s missing something to me… and what it’s missing is pink.

If I go the way of da funk I’ll definitely need to replace the painting over the bed and the duvet cover too. They’re both just too traditional to go with the funky fabrics. (I would definitely keep them though because I love them.)

Master Bedroom Makvoer

If I go with traditional fabrics I don’t think I need to change anything that I’ve done so far. I think the funky elements would still go with the traditional fabrics.

Master Bedroom Makvoer

All the fabrics shown are from my thrifted fabric stash that I’ve accumulated over time. I bought them all just because I loved them. There’s a tablecloth, a sheet set, a shower curtain, a throw, and actual fabric too. Some will be used for window treatments, and others will be accents in the room.

Either way it will feel like me, and John’s good with whatever I choose… because he’s awesome like that.

Decisions… Decisions…

So what’s this pink lady to do?  I usually just follow my gut instinct, but it’s no help at all this time because I keep changing my mind.

Any suggestions?

Do you ever have trouble deciding which way to go style wise? Or is it just me?



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  1. You sound so much like me…do I want it "MY" way, or the least offensive way? Now that we plan to be in a house for awhile (with no plans to put it on the market in the near future), I'm funking it up a little bit by being retro.

  2. I vote for funky. You can be traditional any old time … But I love changing things up. I'd have both looks going on in 6 months time.
    I've learned….you have to love it or it will nag the crap out of you …that's my life anyway.

  3. That's a tough decision but they are both very nice. I am excited to see what you go with! Your bedroom looks so pretty Tuula.

  4. I think you should go funky! The base is already there so funk it up, lady! You can always easily switch it out if the look doesn't live up to your mood.

  5. You are definitely not alone! I change my mind so many times and usually just do a mix of patterns and styles since I love so many different things. I love both of your choices, but the funky is speaking to me. I do likew the other one too, and it would be easier since you wouldn't have to replace the painting and other things. Whichever you choose will look awesome! Have a great week…:)

  6. It is your room – do both. I am sure you can figure out how to make it cohesive. BUT I am warning you – do NOT change that beautiful dresser. I will have to come up there after you. The tea cup lamp is off limits too.