There’s Always Room for Wind Chimes

In between some master bedroom projects, which I hope to post in the not too distant future, I’ve been working on some silverware wind chimes for my etsy shoppe.
The vintage silver plate spoons on this chime are hand stamped with the words peace, joy, love, faith and hope… and a vintage cufflink is the centre of the plate flower top.

I created this wind chime using a vintage silver plate creamer.



This one is a WELCOME wind chime with sweet little silver plate teaspoons hand stamped with the word WELCOME, one letter on each teaspoon. This one has already SOLD.



I made this rustic wind chime using a vintage round tin cheese grater, and vintage silver plate spoons, forks, and 1 butter knife.



And here’s another plate flower wind chime with the silver plate spoons hand stamped… again with the words peace, joy, love, faith and hope. This one has a rhinestone earring as the plate flower centre.



I also just recently finished painting the master bedroom floor. It had to be done in stages because we couldn’t move everything out of the room. Here’s an example of what it looked like when we pulled up the carpeting and under pad, and removed all the nail strips and staples.


Yuck!!! Thankfully it doesn’t look like this anymore, and I’ll be posting more about the floor soon.

And now I have to say a HUGE!!! Thank You to my friends Mel, Donna, and Danni for sharing such fabulous guest posts on Think Pink Monday while I took some blogging time off and attended a few family function weekends out of town. They may not have the Pink Lady jackets like the girls in Grease, but they’re still super cool.

If you missed any of their posts you can find them here.

Thanks so much for reading!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Love all your beautiful wind chimes. I've just begun to dabble with some hand-stamping on metal. It's been fun 🙂 I like the colorizing you did on the spoons in the last photo; I've never seen that before. Beautiful work!

  2. Love the wind chimes especially with the stamping. Thanks for the shout out – I thoroughly enjoyed being a Pink Lady.

  3. I love all your windchimes Tuula. I have a tree right beside the deck that holds my collection of windchimes….I think it drives my hubby nuts….lol. I love sitting out there and listening to all the different music they all make. BTW….great guest posts from your pink friends!

  4. I love wind chimes but I haven't had them in years the kids though someone was coming for them and I had to take them down and they've never made it back. You make spoons beautiful 🙂

  5. The cheese grater chimes are my favourite! Isn't painting a floor awful when you can't empty the room? I have the added problem of the inevitable cat paw prints. My bedroom floor needs repainting and I'm putting it off as long as I can.

  6. Oh gosh! You make the best windchimes and I'm not going to forget that when i'm doing my patio next spring! I think you should make the Think Pink a regular series. I bet there are a lot of Pink Ladies in hiding out there!

  7. Where do you find the gems or jewels to use.

    1. I find pretty much all of my supplies at thrift stores and garage sales. I’ve collected them over time and use them as I need to.