There’s a Whole Lotta Chiming Goin’ On

        I got sweet sounds on the breezy days.
        When it blows outside… the peaceful music plays.

Some of you have asked if I’ll be making and selling my wind chimes this year, and now that spring is finally here and we had a nice non-windy day to take photos… I have some to show you.

Wind is great for listening to wind chimes, but not so great when trying to take photos of them.

I just listed these in my etsy shoppe two days ago.


This first one is made using a silver plate gravy boat and a matching set of 12 silver plate forks and spoons which I’ve hand stamped with the words Sing, Dance, Enjoy, Play, Laugh, and Dream.

Silver Gravy Boat Silverware Hand Stamped Wind Chimes

Strands of small glass beads from a vintage hanging candle holder are used as the hangers, and the 9 chandelier crystals really sparkle along with the gravy boat. This one has already sold.


Here’s a single silver goblet wind chime with a vintage red, aqua, and white beaded necklace used as the hangers.


Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

A vintage tea strainer dangles in the centre of the 7 sweet little silver teaspoons, and it’s topped off with a chandelier crystal.


I love the charm of vintage silver plate sugar spoons and butter knives like in this next wind chime


Silverware Wind Chimes

I also used parts of a vintage necklace, including the centre piece, which is a stunning rhinestone flower.



This egg beater wind chime would make an egg-cellent conversation piece. I shared this project here.


Vintage Egg Beater Wind Chimes

I used measuring spoons as the chimes. The handle of each spoon is engraved with a saying: a spoonful of happiness, a scoop of joy, a pinch of passion, and a dash of devotion.



And, the two wind chimes that I showed you in my garden art challenge post.

For this wind chime I used a sweet little silver plate candy dish, a round glass dish and the lid of a glass heart box,

Silver Plate Dish and Keys Wind Chimes

parts of a vintage silver tone necklace, a vintage chandelier crystal, and some of the silver tone keys and key rings.

And for this wind chime I used a lovely silver plate petal shaped candy dish, a crystal ring holder…
Silver Plate Dish and Keys Wind Chimes

more of the silver tone keys, parts of a vintage loop necklace… and strands of small glass beads from a vintage hanging candle holder.


And last, but not least, this vintage silverware wind chime, which is hand stamped with the words Peace, Joy, Love, Faith and Hope.


Vintage Silverware Hand Stamped Wind Chimes

I used  a lovely silver plate dish as the centre piece, and parts of a vintage beaded bracelet as the hangers. This one has already sold.

        I guess you’d say, 
        What can soothe your cares away?
        Wind chimes… (wind chimes, wind chimes).
        Talkin’ ’bout wind chimes (wind chimes).
Now playing in my etsy shoppe here. Singing wind chimes… they’re all sopranos don’t you know. And in the wind they dance too!! They really do!!!

I think perhaps I may be losing it just a teensy weensy bit… too many late nights spent making wind chimes. lol.

And I just found more silverware pieces so I can stay up and make more. Bwahahahaha!!!

And this weekend coming is a long weekend and traditionally a very big garage sale weekend here, so I’m hoping it doesn’t rain so I can increase my garden art supply stash. Yah! Fingers crossed.

Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for reading!

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  1. I always enjoy looking at your garden art…especially the chimes! They are all so lovely and unique. You are so creative! Have a blessed Friday and weekend…Vicky

  2. These are so lovely! Hope you're saving the photos to make a beautiful book on Vintage Garden Art! How wonderful to create that, Tuula! I especially love the silver goblet wind chimes with the vintage colorful necklace. I can imagine one using purple beads.

  3. I'm with Gail! I love the goblet chimes, although the rest are beautiful too! You really are the queen!!

  4. I have been inspired by this post! I love chimes and never thought to use the old 'silver'ware. Thanks!

  5. The goblet one is my favourite! Or maybe the last one. Never mind, I love them all! pinning

  6. I love wind chimes and I think yours are so unique! Love seeing all your craftin'

  7. Girl, you are just AMAZING!!! You are over the top with your creativity.
    I love them all, so pretty and elegant and the egg beater one is such fun!!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I have been waiting for you to put these beauties on Etsy. I just bought the gravy boat chime as an early birthday gift to myself! It's perfect. You are definitely the chime Queen, Tuula.
    xo, T.

  9. I'm so thrilled with mine Tuula – you truly are an artist with these one of a kind gorgeous chimes –
    I love every single one of them !

  10. Erin Braden says:

    I love your work!!!! By any chance is one of your windchimes for sale? It’s has a vintage tea strainer with 7 spoons on it and red, white and turquoise beads?


    1. Thanks so much Erin! I really appreciate that you like that wind chime enough to buy it, but it has already been sold. Sorry about that. 🙂

  11. your silverware looks flattened. how do you do that? what do you use? you have inspired me to try some of the silver flatware I have saved from back when you could find silverware at the thrift stores. can’t seem to find it any more. I want to try the grater owl I saw in another post.