Think Pink Monday: Amy from Stow & Tell U

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that pink is my favourite colour, so I’ve invited a few bloggy friends to do some pink guest posts. Let’s just call them the Pink Ladies.

Pink is the word… is the word… that you heard.

It’s got groove… it’s got meaning.
This week’s Pink Lady is Amy from Stow and tell U.


Aloha pinkettes!!

I’m so thrilled to be here today to share a pink project for Think Pink Monday at Tuula’s Thrifty Rebel.

Tuula’s creative wonderment with garden projects, crafts and home decor are always so inspiring, not to mention her eagle eye for vintage finds. Can she pick out those vintage pretties, or what??

So when she asked me to join the pink ladies, I started doing a hula dance. I looked just like the vintage hula dancer above…only my hula skirt was pink!!
Tin Can Makeover
Okay, I’ll get serious…when Tuula asked me to Think Pink, I ran out to the store in search of something pink, and I came upon a fluffy skein of pink yarn by Hometown USA called Aloha Pink…then I did the hula dance;D
Tin Can Makeover

Supplies: Pink yarn, sisal cord, tin cans, quick drying glue, fake flowers (optional)

Tip: Use a card board box or basket to hold yarn, so it doesn’t unravel to the ground and use an empty glass to hold the glue upside down, so the glue is ready to squeeze.

Start by adding a little glue to the bottom of the can, and then lay an end of the yard and let glue dry a few moments.
Apply glue in a zig-zag fashion along the can, and then wrap the yarn around. Doing this a section at a time works best.
10-2015-02-14 16.03.46
Stop yarn 3/4 of the way up the can and glue down the end, and then slightly overlap a piece of sisal cord, attach cord end with glue and let dry a few moments.
11-2015-02-14 16.10.10

Apply more glue and wrap sisal cord up the rest of the can, and then overlap back down the can, repeat, adding more glue as you create the layers of cord. Cut the cord and glue into place over the wrapped cord.

Fill with flowers, fill with tea lights, use them on a desktop, to hold plasticware, display them as a centerpiece on a summer table, bring them on your next glamping trip…
Although neither pink, nor Hawaiian, nor really matching in any way, I couldn’t help but pair these cans up with my decoupaged camping tray and camping lamp. I’m sure as the warmer weather sets in, and brighter colors emerge, the aloha pink cans will be welcoming on our patio table.
Any color yarn would work, but if you really want to get your hula on, then as Tuula says, pink is the word….by the way, did you know that there are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet?

Thank you, Tuula, for having me over today,

XOXO ~ Amy


How pretty Amy! I love the combination of the Aloha Pink yarn (love that name) with the rustic sisal cord. I’m definitely going to borrow this idea for some extra storage in my craft room. Thanks so much for sharing, and thanks for joining the Pink Ladies. 
If you don’t know Amy you should really pop over and visit her blog Stow and tell U. She’s so talented, is always sharing wonderful project ideas, and lately she’s been giving her basement a complete and amazing makeover.
Thanks so much for reading and until next time… 

Think Pink!


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  1. Love Amy and her projects never cease to impress! Such a beautiful upcycle and what a great blogger to join the Pink Ladies!! Now I'm dreaming about Hawaii and much warmer weather!

    1. Maybe we can do a "bring on the warmer weather hula dance"? Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Danni!!

  2. Amy, such cute Aloha Pink can vases. I see them in a few weeks with pink azaleas lined up in them. Cute camping lantern – I noticed it right away. Welcome to the Pink Ladies! Tuula, thanks for introducing Amy- I have never visited her!

    1. Thank you, Donna, I'm very excited to be a Pink Lady. I love how much fun Tuula makes it to think pink, lol!!

  3. This was such a fun and cute post! Not only am I craving Spring, I'm also craving a trip to Hawaii! Thanks to Amy for this fabulous idea 🙂 Hugs to you, Tuula!

    1. I'm longing for a trip to Hawaii, too, Stephanie, although I've never been fortunate to travel there, as of yet. Thank you xo Amy

  4. What a cute project! Glam meets rustic! Love the pink yarn with the sisal. And using the old cans is a plus! Amy always has some great ideas. Welcome to the pink ladies club!

    1. Thank you, Sherry. I've never met a tin can I couldn't decorate, lol

  5. Thank you so much for adding me to the Pink Ladies, Tuula, it's an honor and you couldn't make pink more fun!! xo ~ Amy

  6. You always come up with such great projects Amy. Love the mix of texture and color! Another one of your wonderful recycling ideas!!

    1. Thank you, Maureen, there are lots of ways you could go with these and hey, tin cans are free, lol.

  7. Aloha, indeed! Let's all run off to Hawaii! Very cute and clever idea, Amy!
    Welcome to the Pink Ladies of TuulaLand. 😉