Think Pink Monday: Danni from Silo Hill Farm

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that pink is my favourite colour, so I’ve invited a few bloggy friends to do some pink guest posts. Let’s just call them the Pink Ladies.

Pink is the word… is the word… that you heard.
It’s got groove… it’s got meaning.

This week please welcome back one of the original Pink Ladies… Danni from Silo Hill Farm.


When Tuula asks you to do a guest post for a Monday, it’s gotta be pink.  Pink is still not something that goes with my decor but lucky for me it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day and that is when pinks and reds sneak into my house.

This little fence panel project was pretty quick and inexpensive.  It also incorporated a few things I’ve wanted to try like a paper medallion and washi tape bunting.  Don’t those two things just scream “PARTY!”  (Just looking at them makes me think about throwing a Valentine’s Party with Pink Champagne.)
I picked up this little fence panel at a garage sale several years ago for a dollar.

I figured I could do all kinds of fun things with it and I still plan to, however, I’ve only used it in one other project….

Old Glory Picket Fence

Funny thing about that picture…..the fence panel looks huge.  It’s not.  It’s about a foot high, which makes it perfect for some indoor fun.
The first part of this project involves a washi tape banner.  The problem with washi tape is it’s thin and semi-transparent, so you need some kind of backer for it to make the color pop and to stiffen it up a bit.  I found that using a template was the easiest way for me to do that.  You can find one by clicking the link below.

Bunting Template

I just cut a strip from the template, laid some bakers twine across the top and taped it down on the ends.

Then I folded the washi tape over the top of the string, lifted it up carefully and folded it down the back side.  Then all you have to do is carefully cut out the triangles.  Cut as close to the string as you can without cutting through it.  Pretty easy, right?

Next, I wanted to make a paper medallion.  There are several tutorials online, but this is one of my favorites from my friend Sherry over at Thrift My House…..she calls them Pinwheels….

Pinwheel Garland

This is the one I made.  I think I should have put more folds in it.  I added some washi tape to the edge before folding it.

So here’s where we’re at on this project……

I’ve got my fence panel, my pink washi tape bunting, my pink paper medallion and some pink punch-out numbers.  Everyone who knows me can pretty much guess I’m going to make this as temporary as I can because like I said, I have more plans for that fence panel, so, I tied the bunting on to the back.  I also used a dab of hot glue to fasten some twine on the back of the medallion and tied that on too.  I stuck 2 little glue dots on the back of the numbers and put it all together….

Pretty in pink don’t ya think?  I do have a few other pink projects that I’ve done for Valentine’s Day…..

Valentine Candy Boxes
Two-Ingredient Cherry Fudge
Ombre Candy Glass
Valentine Cone

And since spring is just around the corner (right?!) here is a pink wreath…

Sweet Spring Mini Wreath

I hope that is enough pink to get you through for awhile!  Thank you for letting me be a Pink Lady again Tuula.  It’s always a pleasure to be here for Think Pink Monday!


I love this sweet project Danni. That picket fence is such a fun back drop to play with. I remember every one of those pink projects. Such pink fun! Thanks so much for getting your pink on, and thanks for being a Pink Lady. 
If you don’t know Danni you should really pop over and visit her blog Silo Hill Farm. You’ll find a lot of great crafting ideas, and also see some fabulous room renovations.
Thanks so much for reading and until next time… Think Pink!

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  1. The picket fence is so versatile! I love this project! Thanks, Danni! You are always such an inspiration. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Love all the think pink ideas, Danni. I can see that fence with bunnies peeking through with some Easter grass. thanks, Tuula, for another Think Pink Monday.

  3. All of those projects are adorable! Love the picket fence!!

  4. So adorable, Danni! Love seeing all of your fun pink projects again! And for some reason my mouth is watering looking at that plate of cherry fudge! Hmmm, yummy!

  5. Always love Danni's sweet and inventive crafting projects, and this is no exception. Michael's and Home Depot also thank you cuz they always make money off me after reading a new crafty post.

  6. I've always wondered what to do with washi tape, that's such a great idea and I love the pinwheel, I need to check out how to make them.
    Everything's very pretty in pink.

    1. THanks Fiona! Washi tape is the bomb. I love it because it's pretty temporary if you want it to be!

  7. Wow Danni! You rocked the pink projects! I love your picket fence. So much fun to change up. The candy and fudge look sooo good. Great projects!!!

  8. Thank you Sherry! I was surprised to find out how many pink projects I had done! Thank you for the great tutorial!

  9. Sherry really rocks the pinwheels and you really rock the pink, Danni. Your $1 fence piece is quite versatile and it does appear larger than it is. This time of year if perfect for pink and red, but I love the way Tuula keeps the pink going all year round!!

  10. Thanks Amy! I've made a few more of those pinwheels since this post and they get easier and faster every time! Tuula's pinkness might be contagious!

  11. These pink posts are so much fun Tuula! I love your fence project Danni. So many different projects all in one and it turned out beautiful!… I have to head over to that fudge…just when I was gonna give up the sugar….