Think Pink Monday: Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that pink is my favourite colour, so while I take a bit of a break I asked a few bloggy friends if they would do some pink guest posts. Let’s just call them the Pink Ladies.

Pink is the word… is the word… that you heard.
It’s got groove… it’s got meaning.

This week’s Pink Lady is Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home.



Hi, I’m Distressed Donna from  Distressed Donna Down Home.
When Tuula calls wanting a few guest posts, bloggers run to comply dragging pink stuff over here.

She anointed us “The Pink Ladies”.

Like the girl gang from Grease.

Last week Mel brought pink stools and her pinkadelic boots.

So I am adding a ballerina slipper pink table with a blue bird and a cat.

Because Tuula loves cats with pink noses.

And blue birds.

And pink furniture.

And I am guessing she wears shoes.

So this is an official Miss Peepers approved post.


Take one nondescript black table of the 1950’s variety.

I think John and Olivia may have danced on this one.


Mix some extra-thick homemade ballerina slipper pink paint and slather it on.

I wanted the table to look like it had years of paint on it.


Now for the blue bird.

I used a stencil to block out the painting.

This is how it looks after just the stenciling.

Look I even threw in some kind of berry plant.

Tuula loves to garden.


Time to start the painting.

I used a liner brush and white paint to highlight.

Next I added some cinnamon paint to add depth.

I added some details to the painting – like an eye for the bird.

Eyeless birds are so pathetic.

An inset shot of the berries.

The light kept changing because of storms making the color of the photos wonky.

At least that’s my story.

A blue bird on a pink table styled with baskets, vintage linens, and a kitty.

Let’s take a closer look.

All finished.

Hey, wait a minute.


Where’s the real cat?

Miss Peepers says all this blogging nonsense is tough business.

She’s taking a kitty nap in the sun.

I think I’ll join her.

See y’all!


Thanks so much Donna. The bluebird turned out just amazing. It looks like it’s ready to feast on some of those berries. I love it! The ballerina slipper pink is perfect. The table is so sweet and happy now… just like Miss Peepers. Please give her a treat for me for approving this post.


If you don’t know Donna you really must drop Distressed Donna Down Home and say hello. She never fails to make me smile, and she is a Rust Goddess you know.

Who’s the next Pink Lady? Come back next Monday and find out.

Until then…. Think Pink!



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  1. Oh Donna, you totally rocked my Pink lady sister, I love the blue bird on her beautiful pink table. You deserve your jacket and a pair of my pink boots.

    1. Mel, I would definitely trade my flip flops for a pair of the pink boots! I have my pink jacket on right now. Thanks!
      – Donna

  2. I love it Donna! You certainly are the stencil queen….I've told you that more than once! I would like to see you wearing Mels pink boots!

    1. One day you too will be a stencil queen! I would love to wear a pair of pink boots while tagging merchandise. Mel and I have earned our jackets, now who is next?

  3. I love Donna and everything she does. This was no exception! 🙂

    1. Next to junkin' and collecting rusty stuff, stenciling is my thing. Thanks, Melissa!

  4. Love your table in pink and I must say the stencil turned out amazing! I am with Danni. I think everyone should wear those pink boots of Mel's for a day!

    1. We all need to wear a pair of pink boots for a blog post. If only I could find some! Thank you so much!

  5. I am visiting via Donna's blog.. Of course, she would have something beautifully done in pink and the stencil…ahhhh.. I agree with Miss Peepers..It is pinktabulous! Blessings!

  6. Great guest post! I learned about your blog through Donna's blog 🙂 I'm going to nosy around now 🙂

  7. Tuula … Donna is so talented and entertaining, Glad you invited her to drag her pink stuff over to your blog. She is so fun and did such an good job in fixing up that pretty table for you.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. Well, Pink Lady…this lifted my spirits today. Pink, birds, kitties and the thought of you in pink boots just made me smile. Love you.

    1. Tina. the world would be a better place with Tuula's pink attitude! I'm almost convinced I need pink boots!

  9. Found your blog through Donna…….a very creative lady!
    Her cheerfulness is very contagious!

  10. Donna was perfect for a pink post Tuula! Miss Peepers is such a sweetie….looks like she is enjoying the sunshine! The pink table turned out great. I bet it's already sold hasn't it Donna? You two ladies have a lovely week!

    Blessings, Vicky

    1. Thank you, Vicky. I took the table over the weekend and I hope it has found a new home. Miss Peepers is always ready for a nap in the sun.

    1. The stencil is an oldie, but goodie, from Hobby Lobby. Miss Peepers and I enjoyed a little sun nap this afternoon.

  11. Donna, you are sooooo creative! I think you all need to chalk paint some pink boots and take pictures of wearing them! Now that would be so cool!

    1. Great idea, Gail! I am off the the thrift for a size 6 pair of boots to paint pink.

  12. Very cute Donna! I love the layering on the bird. Much prefer the real kitty over the fake one. lol!