Think Pink Monday: Karen from The Feral Turtle

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that pink is my favourite colour… so I’ve invited some bloggy friends over to do some pink guest posts. Let’s just call them the Pink Ladies.

“Pink is the word… is the  word… that you heard.
It’s got groove… it’s got meaning.”

This week’s Pink Lady is Karen from The Feral Turtle.

Being a closet pink fan……..
 I painted my closet pink about ten years ago,
 I felt honored to be included in The Pink Ladies Club!
 I also have a pink purse, which is definitely my favorite!

I started off with soaps, but I just didn’t feel they were pink enough!
As some of you might know, I am a beaded spider freak,
 which you can link to here…  Beaded Spider Freaks Post
I decided they needed a new hangout other than being hung from a rear view mirror.
With this opportunity from my dear bloggy friend, and fellow Canadian, Tuula, I decided to debut their new stage…..a royal fascinator!
Where better to park a spiders butt but in some fancy wedding guests hair!
Without further ado I give you Miss Pinky!
It all started with a trip to the dollar store for some pink feathers and other general pink supplies.
I formed a piece of blue felt soaked in a mix of 50/50 white glue and water, and draped it over a small balloon to create a slight curve, (not shown).  “Why didn’t you just buy pink felt” you ask?  Well the truth is, while I was at the dollar store, a swarm of triffids surrounded me and made me forget why I was there which is why I probably ended up with a basket full of chocolate bars and cookies instead of pink supplies.
Once it was dry, I gave it a few coats of pink paint.
It was attached to a metal headband using hot glue and a scrap piece of felt.
Hot glue became my best friend and my worst enemy.
  I think there may be a piece of my skin on this project,
but that’s okay cuz it’s pink in keeping with the pink theme!
After all was attached………..
 I went to work making a pink spider.
I cut one piece of wire twelve inches long for the body and two of the legs.  Three more pieces of wire were cut to eight inches each for the other six legs.
Those damn triffids messed with my camera too as these pictures have “triffid blur” all over them.
Now for her pink debut….
And in keeping in the spirit of pink, look what I saw…
I need me one of these!
I need me one of these!
Cheers to you Tuula for choosing me as a Pink Lady
and cheers to you all for reading!


Cheers to you Karen! I’m fascinated by your pink fascinator. I love it! Miss Pinky fits in perfectly with the Pink Ladies. I love your purse too, and the soaps are quite beautiful. I think I need me a pink closet. Thanks so much for getting your pink on, and for joining the Pink Ladies.


If you don’t already know Karen you should pop over to The Feral Turtle for a visit. She’s awesomely talented, wields some mean power tools, and never fails to make me laugh.

Thanks so much for reading.

Have a great day and until next time… Think Pink!




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  1. Love love love it!! I adore your spiders but on a head band and in pink, a whole new level of love! Pink closet…I love it but Jules would kill me!!

    1. Thanks Mel….She got parked in my daughters hair. Poor Mr FT…My motto is, "It's better to beg forgiveness than ask for permission"….hehe.

  2. I love Karen and her spiders! The fascinator is definitely what every pink lady should be wearing this fall!

    1. I kinda want to wear it to get groceries….although I might get knocked in the head from those suffering with arachnophobia…. Hmmmm I may want to rethink this!

  3. Karen, please wear that to the grocery store and report back asap. Do you have hot pink pumps to match?
    Now I want to make a fascinator.
    You are too fun!

    1. Fortunately….um I mean unfortunately Miss Pinky has gone to a new home. I wish I had a pair of hot pink pumps! That would be hot. Although with me in any color of pumps, I would trip my way into the grocery store and spill spider all over the checkout! Cheers Tina!

  4. Hilarious! I'd love to hang out with Karen at the dollar store! Especially if she's wearing a pink spider on her head. Love the purse, soap, spider and wheelbarrows… another fun post Tuula!

    1. We could totally hang out at the dollar store. Ill bring my spiders and you could bring your birds!! I really want chickens again after seeing your pond!

  5. You may have started a trend – pink spider fascinators for grocery trips. Welcome to the Pink Ladies. And of course chocolate is always involved in a trip to the dollar store. Where did you find the pink wheelbarrows!?! Tuula, pink is definitely the word.

    1. Hi Donna! Thanks for the welcome to the club…..I feel pretty special in pink today! Don't you love those wheelbarrows? I saw them at our local Home Hardware store. I really need one for hauling concrete! Then instead of being called Mario, they would call me Mary-ho. Hmmmm again, I think I should rethink this!

  6. Very creative! Everyone needs a pink spider…:) I get distracted in the Dollar Store too….and always end up buying stuff I don't need…lol! Those pink wheelbarrows are so cool… you think having a pretty pink wheelbarrow would make me want to work in the yard hauling things around? Most likely not…;) Have a blessed week.

  7. The Dollar Store is my nemesis…I go in there for one thing and walk out with fourteen!

  8. Wait, you bought blue felt and painted it pink? You are awesome in every way and so clever to mold it over a balloon for the perfect shape. I might have to make some of these for my girls, because they're freaking cute.

  9. You most definitely have to wear this out! I just bet you will get so many complements, someone might even try to steal it from you, it's adorable. If only they really made spiders in pink, perhaps i would be so afraid. Love!!!

  10. OH, I do so love Karen's spider creations! And pink! So what a brilliant craft project 🙂 Eventually you will be the inventor of something that prevents those dang hot glue burns. Though, hopefully you get on that sooner, rather than later. I bet I could rival you with hot glue gun burns 😉

  11. Pink is my favorite color, too. Pink anything suits me. My blog is pink, and someone had the audacity to suggest I get a new look after 7 years. Nope, I like it.

    When I used hot glue often, I usually had a Coke or glass iced tea. I would plunge the burned fingers into the icy beverage. I saved many a finger. Never, ever try to pull off a chunk of hot glue!

  12. I would wear it to grocery shopping too! 🙂 Love the fascinator, Karen! The spider is your signature piece, in pink it even looks super stylish!