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Think Pink Monday: Pink to the Rescue

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that pink is my favourite colour, so just for fun every Monday will now be pink here at the Thrifty Rebel.

To me pink is the happiest colour and it never fails to make me smile. I hope these pink posts will make you smile too, and if you’re not already a pink lover maybe you’ll be inspired to give it a try.

‘All I am saying is give pink a chance’.

Some weeks I’ll be sharing my most recent pink projects, and other weeks will showcase more Pink Lady guest posts featuring some amazing bloggy friends.

‘Pink is the word… is the word… that you heard.
It’s got groove… it’s got meaning.’

This week’s Pink Lady is me.


Here’s a peek at the after of the back of my pink makeover project.

What is it?


I’m almost embarrassed to show you. Almost. lol.

This is not the mailbox of a rebel. Sooo sadly forlorn and forgotten.

The laughing stock of the country postal routes… a damsel in rusted distress.


I do love me a little rustyness on many things, but me thinks we let the rust have its way with our roadside damsel for far too long… and a pink rescue attempt was now absolutely necessary.


Once upon a time the whole box was white with our last name on the side.

Our poor forgotten mailbox has been nameless for years. Oh the shame!


Our lovely country road deserves better… it deserves something pretty in pink.

So I set out on a quest of sweet pinkification.

After some light sanding and cleaning I used a lovely pink paint and primer combo for the first coat, but I ran out. So for the second and third coats I used the very similar Krylon Watermelon Pink.

And I left it in my greenhouse to dry overnight.


Sunday is normally our sleep in day, but a nightmare woke me at 8 in the morning. A painting nightmare that absolutely convinced me that I had painted the mailbox door shut, and I honestly couldn’t remember. Eeek!!!!

So in a panic I rushed out to the greenhouse through the dew soaked grass in my pink crocs and bathrobe to find that I had thankfully left it open.

Yay me! Boo memory.


So there I was wide awake at 8 on a Sunday morning… sitting in my slippery pink crocs and pink bathrobe in the backyard wondering what to do next.

I went back to the house and ransacked sifted through my stencil stash and found a sort of classic looking two-parter, which I applied to each side of the mailbox using a spray adhesive to hold it in place.

I taped it off and applied several light coats of Krylon black within minutes of each other. Once that was dry and before putting her back on her post I gave her several coats of Tremclad spray verathane just for a little extra protection.


And here’s our newly pinkified princess.



I also spray painted all the hardware with the Krylon black as well.


And I just winged our last name with a permanent Sharpie.


Now our princess sits pink and proud.


Here’s her before and after.



I’m sure our mail carriers will be shocked when they see her. Hopefully in a good way. I hope she makes them smile.

Thanks so much for reading everyone.

Have a great day and until next time… Think Pink!


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  1. It looks fantastic! I'm sure your mail carrier will smile! It's funny, lately, I've been noticing front doors, porches and mail boxes… the ones that look good, I wonder if the owner is a blogger which is silly because all 3 of those things at my home says… nothing. I need to beautify the outdoors. I love your pink mailbox.
    Great job Tuula!

  2. Pink and black and beautiful! I would have never picked out the rusty box as something of yours. I bet the other mailboxes on the row as now quite jealous. Why not a pic of you painting in your robe and Crocs? Love the country road photograph. Thanks so much for linking to Make It Monday.

  3. Very pretty and I love the stencil you added it made a great impact.


  4. You mailbox will be the talk of the street again, but in a good way this time! I know what you mean about the slippery, wet crocks. I slip slide my way to the chicken coop in them every morning.

  5. I think we've all had that nightmare at some time so you're in good company. I bet your new mailbox puts a smile on your letter carrier's face every time a delivery is made. Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party!

  6. your pinkified princess is gorgeous! Now I am shamed into doing something with my black, beat-up nightmare. LOL!

  7. I LOVE IT!! You are so lucky to have your own. Mine is a big shared one on an out of the way gravel road……hmmmm I wonder what everyone would think if I ran down with a few spray bombs of pink and dressed it up? You did a fab job on this Tuula! Cheers!

  8. I absolutely love it! Too cute and the watermelon pink is perfect! I need to do something to mine but it's plastic. Maybe I'll try to find a used metal one to paint and replace it…:) Thanks for the inspiration.

    Blessings, Vicky

  9. Has your postal carrier left you a note yet? She should thank you for brightening her day.:)

  10. She looks so pretty now with her new pink up do lol! I am sure your mail carriers will love seeing her pink instead of Rust.