Think Pink Monday: Sherry from Thrift My House

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that pink is my favourite colour… so I’ve invited some bloggy friends over to do some pink guest posts. Let’s just call them the Pink Ladies.


“Pink is the word… is the  word… that you heard.
It’s got groove… it’s got meaning.


This week’s Pink Lady is Sherry from Thrift My House.


Hello Everyone, I’m Sherry from Thrift My House When Tuula asked me to join the Pink Ladies, of course, I immediately said YES! And then I panicked, PINK is the word…

What the heck am I going to make that’s pink?
And can I incorporate some chicken wire somewhere?
Oh, yes, I can, and I certainly did. I started with an 11 inch embroidery hoop. I painted it pink and added chicken wire to the middle. I treated it just like I would fabric. After I tightened the hoop, I snipped off the wires and bent them over so they wouldn’t poke anyone.
I gathered a few pink supplies.
I used pink thrifted pillow cases to rough cut long strips of fabric.
 I looped the strips around the hoop and tied each one into a knot.
I gave the bottom a little trim to get the shape I wanted.
I twisted pink twine and ribbon around the hoop to add extra interest. Butterflies and dried flowers were an afterthought.
Feathers in a bundle added to the side…
Feathers and chicken wire… classic.
 Clothespins are always a good thing.
I loosely call this a dreamcatcher.
I know! I totally broke all of the dreamcatcher rules, according to how they’re supposed to be made… but that’s what happens when you hang out with Rebels. You kinda go your own way.
Thank you so much Tuula for inviting me to join the Pink Ladies.


Oh Sherry… I love that you broke the rules and did your own thing. What an amazing dreamcatcher! I love that you used chicken wire, and the pinks and patterns you used look fabulous together. Thanks so much for sharing your pinktastic dreamcatcher Sherry… and thanks for joining the Pink Ladies.


If you don’t already know Sherry be sure to pop over to Thrift My House and check it out. She has a great eye for decor details, is a fabulous crafter, and is one of the sweetest bloggers around.

Thanks so much for reading everyone!

Until next time…. Think Pink!




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  1. You go Pink Lady, Sherry! This dreamcatcher is so adorable! What a creation! Love all the different shades of pink and the cute items you added!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous Sherry! You are going to have some sweet dreams with that above your pillow!

  3. Love it! Too cute, and so creative! Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. That is just too darn cute, Sherry!! You just might have to change your go-to color widgets. You do pink and chicken wire and feathers very well,

  5. A big pinkalicious welcome to the newest Pink Lady. Sherry, I thought immediately – it's a dreamcatcher so breaking a few rules just makes it more special.

  6. Tuula you come up with some of the most unique blog ideas. Did you know the banner to join your blog at the top comes up with a pink background? You did that on purpose right?

    Nice job Sherry!

  7. WOW I love this Sherry, You are amazing and I love how you thought outside the box designing this. I love pink too and you created a treasure!!

    Hi Tuula, nice to meet you. Sherry is a dear and talented friend and I love what she created in pink.

  8. I like it but not the feathers and I am always using feathers. I do love the butterfly's as I am more adapted to them. I think it would also look nice without the skirt. I like the idea of the circle and the loop look. I love the wire look it makes it.