Think Pink Monday: Tina from What We Keep

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that pink is my favourite colour… so I’ve invited some bloggy friends over to do some pink guest posts. Let’s just call them the Pink Ladies.
“Pink is the word… is the  word… that you heard.
It’s got groove… it’s got meaning.
This week’s Pink Lady is Tina from What We Keep.
It’s time for another Pink Thang @ Tuula’s Think Pink Monday.
Thanks for having me, Tuula.
This was a very fun project for me to do.

I have completely emasculated this poor bear.
He belongs to my son- or did when he was a baby.
He’s mine now- I am the Keeper of the Bears.
He’ll survive his pinkness, right?
I  had so many ideas running through my head about what to make for you.
I finally decided on using one of the antique dresses that Pink Lady Danni sent me.
(Thanks, Danni!)
The dress was white…and then magically, it wasn’t.
This sweet little dress was so delicate and fragile,
but pinking it up actually helped reinforce the fabric.
Lucky me, because I wanted to embroider a small initial on it.
This bit of crocheted trim was found in my Mamaw’s sewing machine drawer.
She had saved it for something and I thought it was perfect for Bebo’s collar.
I added a crystal button from my recently deceased cashmere sweater.
I attached it with a vintage looking pin and declared it perfect.
To replace the missing ribbon, I simply used some Hobby Lobby ribbon
that I had on hand and finished it off with a vintage earring of my MIL’s.
For Bebo’s cotton candy crown?
Threads from the fabric I dyed- a nice big tangled up mess of pink drop cloth remains.
I am so jealous of Bebo’s crown.
He may remain in his pinkness for the holidays.
All this pink was made possible thanks to the magic of Annie Sloan
~and her Scandinavian Pink.
Thanks, Annie.
For anyone wanting to try dyeing fabric with ASCP, I encourage you to try it!
It’s easy- I mixed 1 cup chalk paint with 8 cups of hot water.
You don’t need that much unless you are dyeing a lot of fabric.
I mixed up my magic potion in a large plastic bin, added my fabric and dress
and let it sit in the sink for an hour or so.
When it had reached the color I wanted, I wrung out the excess and hung them up to dry.
The dress was almost instantly transformed, the dropcloth took more time.
After drying overnight, I washed the dropcloth fabric in the washing machine with detergent
and then popped it in the dryer.
Trust me on this…there will be no paint residue in your machines.
The dress was just rinsed well and hung to dry.
I’m doing a few more projects with the dyed fabric and will be excited to show you.
Thanks for having me here as a Pink Lady, Tuula!
Bebo says he is definitely not a lady.
Dude looks like a lady to me, eh?
Have a great week everyone- and stay warm.


Thanks so much Tina. That little pink dress is so lovely. I never knew you could dye fabric using chalk paint. How awesome! I love Bebo’s crown too. Thanks for bringing your sweet little dress and Bebo, in all their glorious pinkness, for a visit… and thanks for joining the Pink Ladies.

If you don’t already know Tina you should pop over to her blog What We Keep and check it out. She’s classy and sassy, does gorgeous embroidery work, and takes amazing photographs… often reminding me that there is beauty to be seen in the unlikeliest of ways and places.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…. Think Pink!

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  1. Wow! That is so much more gorgeous now than when i sent it to you! I can see that dying the fabric would help strengthen it. I wondered if you would do some embroidery on them…glad to see you did! I think we all could use a cotton candy crown. Perfect pinkness for a Monday morning and you are more than welcome!

    1. Thanks, Danni! I am in love with it! And I agree….we should have cotton candy crowns!

  2. Bebo must be a very manly bear because he wears that crown like a true prince. I am in love with the dress. As much as I have dyed stuff, I have never used a watered down paint. Are you sure it will not come off in the washer and dryer? The dress is beautiful and Bebo should keep his crown. Welcome to the Pink Ladies!

    1. The chalk paint doesn't come off, I promise. I have done it several times- even with Aubusson Blue.
      That's why ASCP is magic. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the welcome!

  3. What a fantastic idea! Paint for fabric dye. LOVE your projects Tina! A great pink post!

  4. Thanks for my Pink Lady status, Tuula! Glad to be a part of this bunch of nuts! πŸ˜‰

  5. I've never seen a bear with a tiara before, but it sure looks cute in it's frame….and dress.

  6. Tina,
    OMGosh ok I really want to say holy crap … You totally blow me away with your embroidery (gorgeous) and your creative mind. Always impressed and yes, me too love pink! How cute the dress is and the crown – amazing!
    Happy pink Monday,

  7. I've never used paint to dye anything. It looks great. Love the soft shade of pink…so pretty on that sweet little dress! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Vicky. The chalk paint leaves behind wonderful pigment that adheres to the fabric.

  8. Tina, Bebo may not be a girl but he is a soft-hearted man and that is the best kind. What an idea for making dye. Looks so pretty in pink..Happy Monday..Judy

  9. Very sweet and creative Tina. Love Bebo and his crown. Real men or boy bears wear pink!!! So cute.

  10. i had no idea you could dye with the chalkpaint…so clever, tina! your vintage dress is a cute find and bebo, well, he may never be the same–haha! tfs!

  11. The wonders of chalk paint – your dress is adorable! Welcome to the Pink Ladies!

  12. Chalk paint?! That is the most gorgeous shade of pink and the little dress looks like it's always been that color. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! Love the cotton candy crown, too!!

    1. It is a perfect shade of pink- thanks for coming by Vickie. Hey, maybe your sock monkies need crowns? πŸ˜‰