Think Pink Monday: Vicky from Life on Willie Mae Lane

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that pink is my favourite colour… so I’ve invited some bloggy friends over to do some pink guest posts. Let’s just call them the Pink Ladies.
“Pink is the word… is the  word… that you heard.
It’s got groove… it’s got meaning.
This week’s Pink Lady is Vicky from Life on Willie Mae Lane.


Hello everyone! I was so honored that the oh so talented Tuula asked me to be one of the Pink Ladies! She is so crafty and creative and I love all of her projects. I didn’t know if I would be able to come up with something worthy to share for pink Monday, but I agreed to participate. I knew I could come up with something. Well, I am happy to report I did. I actually was able to mark another thing off my to do list with this project as well. A few months ago, my sister Nancy asked me if I would donate something to her workplace for a silent auction. She is an RN and works for Hospice. I quickly agreed to come up with a project for the auction. Well, weeks passed and I forgot about it for a while. I’ve been so busy with my kindergarteners and the beginning of the school year, that it totally slipped my mind…..until she reminded me a couple weeks ago. It was around the same time that Tuula asked me to be a Pink Lady. So, a pink project it would be…:)
Here’s the unsuspecting culprit! A cute little chair I bought from Goodwill for $7. It was in excellent condition and a nice size. I saw it as a desk or vanity chair in a young girl’s bedroom, so into my cart it hopped!
The seat was pretty yucky! No problem though…I know how to recover it.

Here’s a side view. I like the curve on the front two legs.
Sadie likes it too…:)



I went with a beautiful berry pink by Rustoleum.


I love this shade of pink!


The seat got a much nicer fabric. It has a raised velvet design on it. So pretty…:) If you look closely, you will see the little flowers in the fabric match the stencil above almost perfectly.
It looks sweet sitting in my dining room…even if it doesn’t match a thing.
What do you think? Is it Pink Monday worthy? I think it turned out sweet.
And just for fun and an extra dash of pink, I will show you my costume I wore to school for the annual costume parade. I was a super hero….Kindergarten teacher. See the K in the apple. Pink glitter, pink sparkly pom poms, and pink and lavender hearts with the ABC’s and 123’s in them.
From the front in my pink and white striped shirt, pink accented mask and my pink tool caddy full of school supplies…scissors, crayons, tissues, a juice pack, and so on. The kinders liked it…:)


A friend in second grade won the costume contest in her pink flamingo costume. The second grade hall theme is pink flamingos so she dressed to match. I’d say she nailed it! It was so cute and so pink…I just had to share!
And just one last before and after look at the pink auction chair…..
Thank you again Tuula for asking me to join the fun! I hope you like my pink project.
And thanks to everyone for reading. I hope to make some new friends…
so pop over for a visit if you have time!


Wow Vicky!! I love how your chair turned out. It’s most definitely Pink Monday worthy. The black and white fabric looks so  perfect with the Berry Pink. I love that you dressed in pink and black for the costume parade at your school too. In my book teachers are super heroes. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pink project, and thanks for joining the Pink Ladies.

If you don’t already know Vicky you should pop over to Life on Willie Mae Lane. She’s very sweet and talented, and loves to decorate, craft and thrift.

Thanks so much for reading everyone, and until next time… Think Pink!



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  1. I love that pink chair! Now I want a pink chair for my craft room. Love the costume too and I think all teachers are super heroes!

  2. Hi Tuula and Vicky, I love the painted pink chair! Wow Vicky you did a great job redecorating it! My daughter would love it if you decorate her teen room! LOL! I love your pink costume too. Have a wonderful week.

  3. You really know how to make a Pink Lady happy and I'm sure Tuula is in her world!!! You did an awesome job in transforming that chair! So cute!!! I'm sure it was snatched up right away. And to see that you are the Pink Lady Super Hero . . . how cool is that! You will be in the hearts of your students forever!

  4. I'm already a big fan of Vicky's!! Love the chair and how the fabric and the stencil match. SOOOO CUTE! I also love the pink costumes! Such a fun post!

  5. As a fellow Pink Lady I am so glad we now have a super hero to protect our pink goodies! Love that berry pink chair with the dramatic black fabric. Vicky, great job finding a stencil that matches so well. I am sure it will be a big hit at the auction. Tuula, great pick for this week's Pink Lady.

  6. Well you know how I feel about teachers Vicky – Super heroes indeed !!!
    LOVE love love that little chair – the shade – the fabric – but especially that stencilled pattern – how beautiful for a little girls ( or big ) room !

  7. You are awesome Vicky! Love your superhero costume! That chair is just strikingly beautiful! I could picture it in a glamorous closet in front of a makeup mirror! You are definitely a stunning pink lady! Cheers.

  8. Thanks so much Tuula for inviting me to join this elite club…:) Thanks to all you sweet ladies for the kind words! You made my heart smile. Hope you all have a lovely evening!

    Blessings, Vicky

  9. Oh Vicky, you look adorable in your pink 🙂 And the chair….amazing transformation! I love it.

    Hugs to you and Tuula!