This Giveaway Win is Music to My Eyes

One day recently I came home from work to find a package sitting by the door on my kitchen porch. I knew what it was instantly, and I couldn’t wait to get inside.

Donna at Distressed Donna Down Home had a giveaway a little while ago and I was one of the very lucky winners.

Christmas Sheet Music

Here’s what I found when I opened the box. A bundle wrapped in a pretty fabric ribbon and flower.

Oh my… what a fabulous sight to behold!

Christmas Sheet Music


The giveaway was a dollar value of merchandise from her Distressed Donna etsy shop or something she had showed in a post on her blog that she was planning to sell.In an earlier post she had showed a giant load of sheet music and mentioned that she’d be selling some, so I asked her if she had any that was Christmas… and boy did she. She very kindly emailed me some pics and I was ecstatic with what she chose.

Christmas Sheet Music
Even though I’m pretty much a classic rock girl I love many songs from many genres of music… including Christmas music. These little booklets are sooo sweet.
Christmas Sheet Music


It’s very hard to thrift sheet music and music books around here, and Christmas ones are even more scarce. Why? I have no idea.


Christmas Sheet Music

My mind is just spinning with project ideas.

I’m so excited to start playing!!

Christmas Sheet Music Win

Music on the page is just as beautiful to me as written words in a book.

There’s just nothing like it!

Christmas Sheet Music Win

The Messiah book is dated from 1912. How crazy is that?  I knew its condition was a little rough, but I really wanted it because I won’t feel guilty about using the pages in projects. It has 250 pages of beautifully aged perfection.

Christmas Sheet Music Win


The Hammond Organs sheet music book is from 1958, and it has 160 pages of music note beauty. I love that a few of the pages have turned corners.
Those songs must have been someone’s favourites.


Christmas Postcards


Donna also included a few fun Santa tags, and some lovely vintage Christmas post cards.

I had no idea that people used to send Christmas post cards in the old days. I love that these are addressed and have messages on them.

Thanks a million Donna. You are the rust goddess of awesomeness.

I love, love, love it all!

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  1. That is such a wonderful giveaway to receive! Sounds like Christmas morning had arrived for you! I know you will treasure each and everyone when you use them!

  2. I know the music is in good hands to make something special.. So glad you liked what I included in the package. I actually have hundreds of Christmas postcards so it was quite the thing to do early in the 1900's. Looking forward to your Christmas music projects.

  3. Way to go Tuula. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful creations!

  4. Getting packages from Donna is so fun! Looking forward to your creations with all your winnings. 🙂

  5. What a fun package! I just love Donna! She cracks me up with her funny sense of humor. Have fun with your new goodies!