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Amy at While Wearing Heels is hosting a Self Portrait Challenge link party each month, and this month’s theme is “looking down”.

While Wearing Heels

I’ve been following it for the past two months and have enjoyed the posts very much. After reading Danni’s wonderful post over at Silo Hill Farm this month I admitted in my comment that I’ve been too chicken to take part, but with Danni’s “Just do it” encouragement that followed I took a break from painting a dresser in my guest room and took this photo.

I’m in my craft room/office, which I gave a complete makeover to last October when I joined the October Overhauling challenge that Amy was also hosting. Thanks to that party, which got me started, I now have a place to create that inspires me… and I have a hot pink ceiling that I love. Clearly Amy has a way of helping people get things done.

So, this is me…

wearing the green corduroy pants that I’ve had for about 20 years. 20 years?!! Wowza!!! I didn’t even realize how long I’ve had them until I looked at this photo. I gained weight in my 20’s when I quit smoking, and have pretty much weighed the same since… more or less.

These have been my painting pants for as long as I can remember. They were christened right off the bat by mistake, and then became the collector of the colour history of my decorating life.

The corduory is faded and soooo comfy. Both back pockets are torn, and the cordoroy is quite worn at the knees and shins. When I look at these pants I  see all the paint projects, the room makeovers, the furniture redos. I see the apartment above the small town main street store, the charming little house that I totally redecorated before we moved into this one, and the last 15 years of projects in this wonderful old house.

A lot of memories. A lot of painting! (The shirt I’m wearing is even more colourful… and just as aged.)

I love these pants and wear them often now… because I’m always painting something. And, yes, I have been known to wear them to the general store on occasion… when I’m in the middle of a project. That’s my story anyway… and I’m sticking to it.

There are no fashion police out here in the boonies! Only a few laughing cows, and I just happily ignore them.

The cat in the photo is Lucky, a.k.a. Funky Monkey. Even though she stunk to high heaven when we first took her in… we knew she wasn’t a barn cat. It took a few baths and a few months for that smell to completely disappear, and she has always been as sweet as can be. Even when I was bathing her!

She loves to rub her face against my pink crocs. I guess it feels good. I wear them like slippers. In the winter the floors are too cold to walk around in bare feet so I wear these instead. In the warmer months I’ll wear them outside, when I’m wearing shoes. I’m definitely a bare foot kind of gal.

This photo also shows that I always have unfinished projects to do, like my craft room floor. The green stripe you see is the outline for a painted carpet that I haven’t been able to finish because the room is too full of the great stuff that I thrifted and stored over the winter. I’m like a backward chipmunk, squirelling stuff away for the warm weather.

I need spring to stop toying with me and finally arrive already!! (OK… whew… it felt good to get that off my chest.)

So, here I go! Jumping in! Me with my painted pants… holding my breath, and my sweet Lucky. Linking up to Amy’s party for the first time.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Tuula! Look at you. I am thrilled you decided to join the challenge this month. Your paint pants are great! It's like a walking painter's palette for all the projects you've done (and redone). They certainly tell quite a story. I love that Lucky, your no longer stinky cat is in your self portrait. What a wonderful picture and glimpse into your life!

  2. A backwards squirrel! You crack me up! I'm so glad you did it! I applaud you for fitting into the same pair of pants for 20 years…wish I could! Memory should start a line! Love the pink crocs…you and Mel with your pink footwear are making me think I need something funky too!

  3. Oh, the pants are fantastic! If they ever fall apart, you'll have to frame the fabric as an inspiration piece. My Maeve was just a kitten when I took her in and she stunk for a month even after being bathed. I think it is because of whatever they ate before they found a home. I still call her stinky bum on occasion but the smell is gone, thank heavens!

  4. How is it that your pants tie in with Easter so beautifully LMHO?
    All those pastel colors!
    My painting pants are black joggers – with gray and white all over them – tells you I don't paint with much color I guess
    oh and I use an old black housecoat as a " smock " – look like an old crow when I have it on, seriously!
    HATE HATE HATE CROCS – but I may be tempted to get a pair this summer to paint in but I HATE HATE HATE CROCS lmao……………
    Great post Tuula – have a happy happy Easter weekend – you could just wear that outfit to serve dinner in really!

  5. What a wonderful story, Tuula. Those pants give us an insight into the last 15 or so years of your life! How nostalgic! I re-read your post cause I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your Easter. Spring will be here shortly.

  6. Awesome post! I enjoyed reading your story. I'd be happy wearing my paint clothes every day. And I'm definitely a barefoot girl too. Have a wonderful Easter!

  7. There are clothes that are not paint clothes? I agree with Maureen, you have to frame these for your craft room when they begin the downhill roll to ragdom. I have a pair of painting shorts which are basically a waistband with gray rags hanging down. Lucky sure is admiring those pink Crocs.

  8. Your paint pants are much prettier than what I wear when I paint. Good thing my house is set back from the road, I might scare people. Loved your post Tuula , love the name Funky Munky. Suzan's right your pants do look very Easterly , yes its a word lol. again I loved the post. hugs Tobey

  9. what a lovely story and what gorgeous pants! i love that you kept them for so long and that they now tell a story of your painting adventures!
    wishing you a beautiful Easter Monday

  10. like you, this was my first time participating in the linkup and i must say job well done! so nice to meet you and long live the paint pants!…may they continue to encourage and inspire your creativity;)


  11. i luv ur pants and their history!! i too will run to the neighborhood store right in my project clothes. ur kitty is so sweet, my maps does the same with me, she is my girl 14 yrs old now. thanks for ur sweet comments and i'm following u right back!

  12. I really enjoyed reading your post and the story behind your pants. It's so cool to be able to wear a piece of your history that holds so many creative memories. And the colors are so pretty! I have a favorite sweatshirt that is marked by several of my craft projects. There's something about wearing it that makes me feel perfectly at home. Hope you continue to participate in Amy's party.