Thrifted Finds Challenge #1

I’m a thrifter at heart, and I’m constantly hunting for things that are already treasures, and/or pieces that can be made into something else. Repurposing/upcycling/reusing is what I most love to do, and it gives me the most project joy and satisfaction.

I’ve decided to challenge myself into getting some of the awesome things I find made into projects faster. So, starting this week I’ll be sharing some recently thrifted finds every Friday, and then I’ll use one of these items in a project and post about it on the following Monday.

We all need a little kick in the pants push sometimes, and this is mine.



This week I didn’t find a lot of things, but I’m so thrilled with what I did find.

Like this fabulous set of 3 metal baking pans. I just had to have them! They have an amazing aged patina, and their bottoms are removable.



I found these millinery flowers at a nearby flea market. (I think that’s what they’re called). They’re pretty rare in these parts and I don’t see them very often, so I had to snap them right up.



This copper platter is marked Coppercraft Guild, Taunton, MASS, and it’s reflecting a Made in Italy aluminum hammered serving dish, and a vintage still-working sifter.




Have you thrifted any awesome treasures this week?

I’ll be back on Monday to show you which item made it into my project. I can’t wait to find out myself. lol.

Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for reading.


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  1. All of your finds are spectacular but I especially like the copper platter! Anything copper is "in" at the moment and I believe you can come up with something exciting with this!

  2. Love the idea of a crafting challenge. Sounds like a great way to stretch the "crafting muscle." I look forward to seeing the end result. Happy Crafting!

  3. Millinery flowers!!! Oh, how I love millinery flowers. They are getting to be hard to find. I have been looking for graduated pans like that – I am not telling what I would make from them. I hope you will do it.

  4. Love the baking tins! I'm terrible for stockpiling things I PLAN to turn into something else and will be very interested in how you get your butt in gear and get it done.

  5. I love the copper plate and the ins, I don't get out much too hard with the little two in a stroller but so fun when I do!

  6. LOVE those cake pans Tuula – what great finds – can't wait to see what you do with them 🙂
    Catch ya later – a bad case of insomnia is allowing me to catch up on some very delinquent
    reading lol

  7. Those are some fabulous finds and it would be hard to pick just one to start with! Better keep those millinery flowers away from Donna..I think she has a thing for them!