Thrifted Finds Challenge #2

This week I found some amazing things.

I was absolutely giddy when I saw this sled sticking out of the giant pile of beaten and battered wooden things at the dump last Saturday. It speaks of childhood to me… and that’s a voice I want to keep listening to.I’m so lucky because John never rolls his eyes at me when I’m jumping up and down in my seat for a junk find… and he even asked the attendant for permission for me to take it. He’s my thrifting enabler, and he’s just the best!!


I would love to meet the person who threw it away… like it was nothing… and give them a good talking to.

But wait… no… scratch that. If they didn’t throw it away it wouldn’t be MINE… ALL MINE!!! Bwah ha ha ha!

Whew… that’s enough of that Tuula. Compose yourself now.

Okey dokey… um… moving on.

So then I found this large lot of colourful ornaments. (Not at the dump silly… at the thrift store.)


Ooooh… soooo shiny!

And speaking of shiny… check out this tin ceiling tile. I love it!



The lady at the thrift store check out told me there were three of them, and a woman took two just about 10 minutes before I got there.

Bummer! I would have snapped up all three in a heartbeat, but I guess I should be grateful that this like-minded stranger left one behind for me to find.

She did a good deed and doesn’t even know it. That’s the best kind, and I’m sending some good karma her way.

Don’t the people in the buttons below look like good deed doers? I have absolutely no idea what these button thingies are for, but I couldn’t resist the vintage scenes on them.




That said… they probably won’t be visible once I’m finished with them, but I’ll always know they’re there… underneath.

I picture this sweet pink and white casserole dish on a dining room table back when those vintage looking people sat down to eat dinner every night. P-r-e-t-t-y!




How about some homemade cabbage rolls like my mom used to make? Or some super creamy scalloped potatoes?

Oh… now I’m getting hungry.

I had peanut butter toast and chocolate milk for supper. lol.

I do actually already own cutlery to eat a real supper, but I also lucked out and won this lot of silverware (and more) at the silent auction at the local flea market. They have one every week, and this is the first time I’ve won anything.


I seem to be totally incapable of stopping myself from supplying my addiction to making wind chimes.

Oh well… we all have our vices.

I’ll see you on Monday with the project I chose from this post. I really need to scratch my itch and go make a wind chime.

Have a fabulous weekend, and thanks so much for reading!


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  1. I love that ceiling tile! Gorgeous…:) Congrats on winning the auction. I have never participated in one and it sounds fun. Looing forwad to see what treasure you create next…:) Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. Another lot of great finds! I have one of those old sleds and I have had the most fun with it over the years. Right now it is being used as a hanging shelf in my guest room! Can't wait to see what you do with these things.

  3. I can see why you're so giddy at your fabulous haul. Your items have the look of heirlooms. I'm wondering, like you, how anyone could throw out that awesome sled. I have a friend who puts his childhood sled up on the side of his house every xmas holiday. Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

  4. Such great finds! Like you and everyone else I have to wonder, who would toss out an awesome old sled? Obviously not a crafter! I'm sure you'll amaze us with what you come up with for all these treasures. Enjoy the process!

  5. There is no chance of finding a discarded sled around here. I do not think I have ever seen someone use one. On the rare occasion we have snow we use baking sheets. There once was a craft making those button pins – we had one at school to make club pins for members. Get busy!

  6. I can "hear" the excitement in your voice! I completely understand! I would love to find all of these wonderful things. I LOVE your idea of blogging something about your finds every week. I look forward to it. I might even jump on the bandwagon after the new year. Wish I'd found that canister of ornaments… I'm about DONE with making ornaments… a canister of ornaments already done… makes me happy 🙂
    Love the buttons too! They'd make cute vintage ornaments. Anyways… have a great week!

  7. Hello Tuula,
    Love that wonderful sled and it's the perfect time of the year to find it. Hop over on Monday because you will be featured at my NTT party.


  8. I love that ceiling tile…I would love to have that in the basement bar area!!


  9. Oooh the sled is cool but a bit pointless here with no snow lol, I LOVE the casserole dish so much. Yay for husbands who enable lol

  10. The sleigh is awesome!!!! Oh and those kitchen pieces and the casserole…WOW you hit the mother lode!!!! Thanks so much for sharing and hope to see you tomorrow! : ) hugs…