Thrifting Craft Supplies

As I’ve been going through my craft room reorganization I’ve been finding things that were hidden away and forgotten about.
I realized that I’ve never done a post about thrifting craft supplies, which is basically how I get 99% of my crafting done. So I thought I’d show you just some of the crafting supplies that I’ve thrifted over probably about the last 6 months.
Until recently the closest real craft store was about 1 1/2 hours away. A big box craft store just opened in a city a little closer, but it’s still an hour away.
So because I thrift most of my supplies I have to buy what interests me when I see it, even if I don’t know when I’m going to use it… or for what.

Like these cute butterflies at 25 cents a package.



And these floral supples at 50 cents each.



These bags of glass bead thingies were 50 cents each, and since this photo I’ve added a bag of turquoise blue ones.


Everything here was 25 cents each, except the large roll of lace which was $1.


This plastic storage box came with everything you see here for $1, and there’s a few rolls of lace in the box that you can’t see.


These stencils were 25 cents each.


These packages of small gold and silver foil bags were free at a garage sale where the woman just wanted to get rid of stuff. There are 5 bags in a package.


I get all my crafting mediums by thrifting. In the past I’ve found Mod Podge, crackle mediums, glue and others that I can’t even remember. I recently found this Petal Porcelain and the Fabric Stiffener. I look forward to trying them out sometime, and I bought the coloured sand just because it looked so pretty.


These like new unopened stencils were $1 each.


More $1 stencils. I also got a bag full of previously used, but clean, stencils for $1, and there must be 30-40 stencils inside.



These letters in the basket were $1. I grabbed them without even looking at what the letters were.


When I got home I was thrilled to see that I could spell the name of my favourite city.


Here are a couple of grab bags for $1 each.  I only have a half hour for my lunch break so there’s not a lot of time to check things out in the thrift store.

These are always fun to open when I get home.


Check out all the goodies in this one. Now I’ll have to think of some trivet and coaster ideas. And I know I’ll be using that curly hair on some angel christmas ornaments.


And check out the second bag… it was full of wood goodies. All this for $1. It’s insane I tell you!!!



And this grab bag for 50 cents.

I had totally forgotten that I even had those cute bees stashed away. They would have looked great on a summer wreath. And all those wooden beads. Not sure what I’ll do with all those felt letters , but it’s fun to think about.
But next is one of my greatest finds, just for the value alone.

This set of gallery glass paints was only $5, and most of them are at least 3/4 full and there are a few not even opened. I could easily tell that the paints are still good inside the bottles.

In addition to the paints there’s also a large bottle of the leading medium, the frosted glass medium, and a small bottle of gold leading and one of silver leading. I shudder at the thought of what this would cost if bought brand new.

I did a few door windows in our house with this paint years ago, and I would so love to change them to something new. So that’s definitely a project for me over the winter.

The one thing I have to say about thrifting craft supplies is that the ideas for what I craft comes from my supplies. I don’t decide what to make and then go buy the supplies.

This might seem backwards to some crafters, but it totally works for me. It’s just a constant challenge to stay organized because I never know what I’m bringing home next, but it’s a lot of fun and I love to save money.

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. You must live near the crafting mother load of thrift stores! Once in a while I will find stuff for crafting in our local stores but not as often as I would like. My best score was an entire container of embroidery floss all wrapped on numbered cards complete with needles and pair of embroidery scissors. All for $2.97. Right now I am on the hunt for scrap yarn. It's "old lady day" at Goodwill (senior discount) so my fingers are crossed.

  2. oh my gosh; you really hit the mother load of some Great craft items.
    Wish I was as lucky.
    I do the same as you; buying stuff knowing that someday I will find a use for it. I have found; if I snooze, I loose.
    Great job on your thrift shopping

  3. I've been hoarding thrifte craft supplies for years….waiting for retirement. Six more years!

  4. Way to go Tuula!! You really found some great supplies. Gotta love those freebies, but I agree, that glass medium was an awesome score!!

  5. wow great great stashhhhhh you have some awesome supplies there no wonder you make such awesome stuff

  6. Your thrift haul is so much better than going to a craft store. I can never find anything like that. You're the best!

  7. Our thrift stores rarely have craft supplies or when they do they are higher than new in the store. You do not have a Hobby Lobby or Michael's or JoAnn's near you!?! Boy, if that were true around here, I would be wealthy on the money I could not spend on supplies!

  8. Wow that's amazing, I'm so dumb I never thought o chek those grab bag sections. I did however get a Christmas letter set which I plan on using this year for 50 cents then saw it on sale for $12 score!!

  9. Thank goodness I have a craft store much closer. Still, I can't help but pick up supplies like those with super low prices. I love it too, finding great finds like that at the thrift stores. I know I'll find something to make with them!