Thrifting Pink

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter. We were away for the weekend enjoying Easter gatherings with both our families and I was hoping to write my pink project post Sunday night when we got home, but it was around 10pm and it just didn’t happen.
So I’m saving that post for a later date and sharing some pink thrifted finds.
Sun Collection Rose Tea cups and Saucers

This set of Sun Collection bone china teacups and saucers was a real find. I usually find one-ofs and not sets. I love the roses pattern.

Ambassador Ware Soho Pottery Plate

I have a thing for floral plates, especially when they include vivid pinks with other colours. This Ambassador Ware Soho Pottery 10 1/2″ plate is named Hampton Court.

ESD Japan plate

This sweet 8″ plate is marked ESD Japan. I love the edging. It reminds me of a ship’s wheel.

Crown Ducal Hand painted Hydrangea Plate

This Crown Ducal hand painted Hydrangea 10 1/2″ plate is signed R. E. Hague on the front, and it has a lovely relief pattern of roses and fruits surrounding the centre floral.

Colcleugh tea cups

I found these two matching Colclough teacup and saucer sets at two different times in two different thrift stores. They’re a very delicate light pink with lovely gold detailing.

The green and hot pink dish is unmarked and very striking in person.

pink and purple tote bag

And last but not least this big colourful bag is perfect for a purse planter project once gardening season hits. I can’t wait!

Thanks so much for reading and until next time…

Think Pink!

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  1. OMG! Boy, did you hit the Jackpot.
    I totally love them rose teacups and saucers. They are Gorgeous as well as your other wonderful finds.
    You sure do have great places to shop in your area the way it looks.
    All such wonderful finds. Great job

  2. Tuula, when you go thrift shopping, I think pink is calling your name: Tuula . . . Tuula . . . I'm hereeeee! What great finds!!!!

  3. So much beautiful eye candy here! Love the set of teacups, quite a find, and the delicate pair also. What is it about pretty little plates? I have a weakness myself. Yours are wonderful.

  4. The tea cups are so pretty! I found a lovely pink depression glass server and it's a new favorite!

  5. All your pink treasures are so pretty. That tote will be so cute as a planter. Have a great week ahead.

  6. I am swooning over your pretty pinks! I love the tea cups and the china plates are fabulous!

    Happy Monday, dear Tuula! Hugs

  7. Oh wow, how beautiful are those rose patterned cups and saucers. I can just imagine sitting in my garden under the rose arbour drinking tea on a warm summer evening.

  8. I LOVE those teacups. What a great find, especially the whole set. I can hardly wait to see your purse planter. I know I will kick myself when I do though as I put mine in a donation bag. A great collection of PINK!!

  9. I am a dish/ cup junkie and those are truly some of the prettiest I have ever seen!

  10. What good luck to find all those tea cups and saucers in one place. They look like they're in great condition. I look forward to seeing your purse planter, that's such a cute idea! !

  11. Thanks, lovely lady, for sharing this pretty post with Roses of Inspiration. Happy hugs being sent your way!

  12. Oh my goodness! I am simply in LOVE with all your gorgeous pink finds…wow!
    Hugs to you!