Tongue in Cheek Tuesday – Junk in My Trunk

It’s Tongue in Cheek Tuesday… and you probably noticed that it’s actually Wednesday. Ha!

Well, my guest room makeover is about 2 weeks behind so the fact that I’m only a day behind TICT is pretty darn good in my book. Usually I’m a little obsessive-compulsive about punctuality, but I’m cutting myself some much needed slack these days.

This is my first time linking up to Tongue in Cheek Tuesday. I r-e-a-l-l-y felt the need to share my greenhouse makeover, so I told myself that it’s better to arrive late to the party than not to arrive at all.

The Thrifty Rebel

Here’s my home made greenhouse… where I’m supposed to be starting seedlings in the spring while wearing lovely floral gardening gloves and a flowing straw hat. I can just picture it… very Audrey Hepburnesque.

But my gardens are overflowing with plants, and I’ll definitely need to be doing some serious splitting this year, so I have literally no room for any more. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

So what’s a girl to do with a greenhouse that has lost its purpose. Well… she gives it a makeover. From greenhouse… to garden art junk house.

If you’d like to undertake a makeover just like this, follow the very critical step in this very insightful tutorial.

The Thrifty Rebel

You have to frequent as many thrift stores, junk shops, and garage sales etc as you possibly can. I cannot emphasize this enough… it is critical to your success. And buy, buy, buy whatever whatchamacallit parts and thingies you find so you can create much needed birdbaths, bird feeders, garden flowers and any other kind of garden art creations your very overactive imagination strives to come up with. The world doesn’t have enough of these!!

The Thrifty Rebel

Trust me when I say that your constant pursuit of all things fabulous and abandoned, so you can obsessively create what you lovingly call garden art, will bring you nothing but complete and total satisfaction.

So much so that you’ll actually enjoy just sitting on the gravel in your amply filled junk house with a bottle of the cheapest finest  grapes you can tolerate afford drinking whiling away the hours just dreaming of all the things you’re going to make out of all this amazing stuff that you’ve so generously rescued.

The Thrifty Rebel

Ooops! There’s the window that should have been installed in the back wall of the greenhouse a few years ago, but it’s very stubborn and insists on staying right where it is… so I stopped arguing with it.

And there’s the laundry hamper that got spray primed last summer, but just can’t make up its mind about what colour it wants to be. Don’t you just hate it when makeover recipients constantly change their minds? Where’s the gratitude?

And my poor plate flowers… oh how they suffer… complaining to me in their lilting lily white voices that they shouldn’t be made to hibernate within conditions as horrid as this. (I imagine their voices as lilting lily white even though I don’t really know what that means). They’re my most popular post to date, and it has soooo gone to their heads.

The Thrifty Rebel

Oh… so much room for more garden art madness… some pallets are required to make more home made shelving. There’s my garden candelier and part of my vintage coffee pot wind chimes.

The Thrifty Rebel

Does anybody know where my potting shed’s gone… oh where oh where can it be? I’ve never had one… so I don’t know where it’s gone. But years ago I made a sign. Why?…. I don’t know. I guess I hoped a potting shed would follow. Doesn’t making signs make things happen? I thought that’s how it worked. Silly me!!!

And there’s Suzie Cruizie… the carved coconut face that I brought home from a Caribbean cruise. I can’t remember what drink she carried, but she kept magically refilling herself. She’s now John’s summer beer cap storage.

The Thrifty Rebel

Above is one one of my prized garden art candidates… to be seen sometime this coming summer. It’s being blessed by a rusty feline angel.

The Thrifty Rebel

Mixed about with some actual plant supplies are some drunken garden gnomes that got into some of my grapes when I wasn’t looking. Oh those pesky gnomes!

See that rain barrel? That’s supposed to be installed outside the front door of my greenhouse. It’s been sitting there for the last two years, and the last two summers have been quite droughty (is that even a word), but it refuses to drink from the “gutter” that’s required to catch the rain. Needless to say it’s very dry… and has no sense of humour.

The Thrifty Rebel

Well… at least I was able to get into my garden art junk house this winter. I reinstalled the door last summer so that it opened to the inside. It only took me three winters of snow shovelling to finally get around to doing that!! What can I say?… I’m a girl of action.

So now you know what you need to know to create your own garden art junk house. Happy whiling away!!! Save me some grapes!! 🙂


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  1. Tuula, you are hilarious and I have got to stop reading these posts while drinking coffee…because I'm going to ruin my computer! Lily white voices!!??!! You have some awesome projects ahead of you there and although you think making a sign will bring you a potting shed…I think building a potting shed will bring me some awesome projects….or at least give me a good place to sit and drink wine and commune with potential awesomeness! You can come to our party late any time you like!! Thanks for linking up girl…so funny!

  2. You are too funny Tuula! Love the drunken garden gnomes! I have a spy gnome that stands in my window with sunglasses and a trench coat on guarding the house. You have so many wonderful projects lined up and I look forward to reading about them – that is, if you can stay out of the grapes! Lol!

  3. Oh man! we have a rain barrel sitting in our garage…2 years and counting as well…maybe this will be the year we actually install it

  4. This is going to be a delicious addition to your home. I feel compelled to tell you that the radishes and carrots are rallying – ready to revolt in case you don't get it done. So make quick like a bunny and get a move on.


  5. Do I spy a chandelier in your greenhouse? It deserves a place of honor right there in the middle!

  6. Hilarious, but the problem with us is I don't see junk I see 6 months worth of blogging projects LOL. Who doesn't have a chandelier in the greenhouse 😛

  7. I love all your junk…er…potential garden art. All my stuff is in a spare room closet. I would love to see pictures of your garden, and especially of the plate flowers. I have been wanting to make some for a long time, but the plates seem so heavy when considering how to attach to the rebar? Where can I see yours?
    And the rest of your garden stuff all set out?

    1. Hi Bernice: If you go into my 2012 Project Galleries at the top of my page you can see all of my garden art projects from last year. The photos are links to those posts. I hope you find them helpful. I love making plate flowers… the combinations are endless, and you don't need to water them. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. LMHO Tuula – if signs could make wishes come true – coffee and pie would still be a quarter in my world LOL
    Great post – made me laugh out loud ( and you have some GREAT junk my friend )
    Thanks so much for partying with us!!!
    Big hugs,

  9. Wonderful! Now i know what to do with my empty greenhouse :-). Laughed out loud reading your post xxx
    ps: lovely junk!

  10. Lol, if you make a sign for it, it will come!!! I think there was a movie like that once. You should call Hollywood!!! So funny, Tuula, I'm still laughing and you have some awesome junk, the orange bird feeder is my personal fav!!

  11. What fun and your enthusiasm is contagious. 🙂

    I'm visiting today from Friday Chaos.

  12. I have wondered where all the gazing balls have gone! I only see wonderful treasures here – no junk. You just need those gnomes to get to work. I do not know how I missed seeing your garden center before today!