Top 10 Projects from 2022

When the end of the year comes, I love to look back at all the projects to see what the Top 10 were according to Color Me Thrifty readers.

This past year 7 of the top 10 projects had something in common. I think you’ll be able to guess what that is pretty quick.

I hope you see some of your favorites.

Upcycled barrettes into art flowers

10. Repurposed Barrettes into DIY Flowers

When I saw some cute and colorful barrettes at the dollar store they immediately looked like they belonged in my garden.

Plastic drawer storage bin makeover with easy DIY clear sticker labels

9. Plastic Drawers Makeover with Easy DIY Labels

I loved the practicality of my plastic drawers but I wanted them to be pretty too. It was pretty easy to transform them with just some scrapbook paper and some clear packing tape.

Quick and easy upcycled denim flowers with crochet flower centers

8. Denim Flowers from Jean Seams

I always enjoy creating with unexpexted things, and some seams that I cut from some old and no longer wearable jeans were perfect for this flower project.

Easy DIY expandable garden hose wreath with floral trowel and tulips

7. Easy Garden Hose Wreath

Before I throw anything away I always have to think about whether or not I can repurpose it in some way. Like the old leaky hose used in this wreath project.

Easy felt hyacinths displayed in a vintage sifter vase

6. How to Make Easy Felt Hyacinths.

Making these felt hyacinths was easy and fun, and I used something unusual for the stems.

silver tray flowers with glass marble gems

5. Silver Tray Flowers with Glass Marble Gems

The glass marble gems used in these garden art flowers really add some extra sparkle to the thrifted silver plate trays.

repurposed Gatorade bottles into easy DIY solar light lanterns

4. Gatorade Bottles into Solar Light Luminaries

These luminaries are made from some plastic gatorade bottles that I rescued from our recycle bin, and more or those glass marble gems.

3. Upcycled Fabric Selvage Bookmarks

The look you can give these bookmarks is endless depending on the fabrics you use. The pretty embellishments at the top keep the bookmarks from sliding down inside the books.

DIY garden mushrooms using repurposed vases and bowls

2. DIY Garden Mushrooms

These colorful mushrooms were created from inexpensive thrifted glassware and they really add some fun to the garden.

And the number one project of 2022?

How to make a DIY vintage teapot wind chime with silver goblets

1. Vintage Teapot Wind Chime

I made this teapot wind chime from a slightly damaged teapot and some mini goblets. It really sounds lovely and was a super fun project.

So that’s it for 2022! Did you see some of your favorites?

Of the 10, 7 of these projects were flower-related in some way. I’ve always loved flowers, and they just seem to show up in one way or another.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what projects will bloom in 2023. I hope you are too!

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Top 10 Projects of 2022 by Color Me Thrifty

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Happy New Year Tuula! I loved all these projects but I think my favorites are the barrette flowers and the garden hose wreath 🙂


  2. Happy New Year, Tuula! I remember every one of these fabulous ideas and I’m not surprised that seven were flower related. You are the queen of cleverly creative flower art and beautiful bright colors. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2023!

    1. Thanks so much Marie! I do love flowers. I guess that’s pretty obvious. lol.