Turn a Pringles Container into Decorative Storage

How to create easy storage from Pringles containers

This Pringles container makeover is an easy way to create some decorative storage.

Being thrifty is not only about shopping at thrift stores.

It’s also about figuring out ways to reuse things instead of throwing them away or into the recycle bin. Like Pringles containers.

Repurposed Pringles Container Storag

I’m covering 3 Pringles containers with fabric to use as storage in my craft room. The wildflower fabric I’m using is from a pillow case I got at the thrift store for 50 cents. I’m always bringing home fabrics that I love even if I don’t know what to use them for at the time.

Cutting fabric to cover Pringles containers

Repurposed Pringles Container Storage

For this project you could also use scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, magazine or newspaper pages or whatever else you have on hand.

This is an easy project. All I have to do is measure the circumference of the container and then it’s height. Then I cut a piece of fabric to those measurements. After cutting, I iron it to make it nice and smooth.

Repurposed Pringles Container Storage

Because my fabric has a white background I decided I should spray paint the containers white before applying the fabric so nothing from the label will show through.

Spray painting Pringles containers

spray painting Pringles cans before adding fabric

After a coat of white spray paint primer and 1 coat of white spray paint (allowing drying time in between coats according to directions) I let the containers dry for 24 hours. Then I’m ready to apply the fabric.

Covering Pringles containers with fabric

covering Pringles can with fabric

I’m using a spray adhesive so the hold will be strong. I spray the containers and apply my fabric. You do have a little time to work with the fabric to get it in place correctly. If you like you can use some fabric glue or a glue gun to better secure the seams at the back.

Repurposed Pringles containers into decorative storage

I recovered my 3 containers with the same fabric but each is slightly different because of the way I cut the fabric.  The tops and bottoms could be lined with trim, beads or buttons. Whatever is on hand. I might do that later, I haven’t decided yet.

These could be used for artist brushes, knitting needles, trims, buttons etc… And they can be in full view because they look great. Also, they could be used in the kitchen also to hold spaghetti, linguini etc…

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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    1. Thanks JoAnn. I'm always looking for inexpensive ways to get more storage. It seems I never have enough. Thanks for visiting. 🙂 Tuula

  1. I use the plastic stax containers in the kitchen utensil drawer for my large knives. They hold quite a few and I can see the handle to choose one but I don’t have to deal with a blades loose in the drawer.